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Our Philosophy

One of the most popular venues of our site is the Reviews section. A good mixture of product and literature reviews are a heathly addition to a global site such as ours. Without them, we would be just another run-of-the-mill flyfishing site. We are honest, frank and to the point when reviewing books, videos and other products for our site. We combine many years of fly-fishing experience from the four corners of the globe into each thought-provoking review. We aren't scientific, we are realistic. A review of your product will undoubtetly reach tens of thousands of international visitors in only a matter of weeks. Most importantly of all, the review costs you nothing!

Our Review Policy

We would be more than happy to review your flyfishing product. Each review consists of a full content summary and a no-nonsense narrative of our review staff's thoughts and opinions. We strive to remain fair and honest. The opinons reflected in our reviews are definitely ours and remain consistent from review to review. (sample a few reviews) Not everyone gets a rave review, but we always look for the best in everything. Putting pride aside is a must when submitting items for review.

Book and video reviews

We do thorough and unbiased reviews of books, DVDs, streaming videos and other publications. Click here for information regarding how to mail products for review.

  Our 6-point
visual scale
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We use a simple 6-point scale and indicate visually our composite rating. For further information on how we rate products, books and publications, click here.

What you get for having your publication reviewed on GFF

  • A no-nonsense composite review by a world-renowned staff experienced fly-fishers
  • Exposure to a concentrated world-wide marketof fly-fishers and fly-tyers
  • Free advertising!
  • The internet is used to to more pre-shopping research than ever before. you win by getting your product to the marketplace first via GFF.
What the visitor of GFF gets for your publication review
  • Exposure to the latest, most innovative thoughts, ideas and publications on the market
  • A no-nonsense, objective review by a world-renowned staff experienced fly-fishers
What we at GFF get for your publication review
  • The opportunity to promote the latest, most innovative publications in the marketplace
  • Most importantly, your review increases our site visitorship (increased traffic); in effect helping you get more readers look at your review!
As you can see, everyone (and we mean everyone!) wins by you having your book or publication reviewed on GFF!

Submission Policy

Please observe these few guidlelines when submitting books or publications for review:

  • Take extra caution in packaging your material prior to sending. Remember, we scan the actual publication to obtain a presentable graphic for use on our website. Damaged publications make for poor graphics.
  • Submit exactly what is marketed to the public. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • If your Preface or Introduction section does not address the target market or the intended use, please include a small write-up indicating so. This helps us in reviewing the publications intended purpose.
  • Contact Martin to obtain the nearest mailing address.
Also read about our privacy policy

User comments
From: MALCOLM TYTELL · mflytier331·at·  Link
Submitted December 15th 2006

Hello Martin. I have yet to see a review done about this "shady book" You told me at the end of Oct. that you'd get to it. I've seen reviews on other media that have been out for less time. I'd like the public to get a reputable report about this

GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted October 28th 2006


I have had that book on my bedtable for a while, and have read most of it. A review is on the way. It is in many ways a fine book with lots of good advice, but at the same time both the book itself and the marketing of the book is really more like some manual for a pyramid scam than a fishing book. I will bump the review in the pile and get it published as soon as possible,


From: MALCOLM TYTELL · mflytier331·at·  Link
Submitted October 28th 2006

I am an avid nymph fisherman. I am kind of puzzled as to why I have not yet seen one review in any fly fishing publication or on any ff website of the book that has been advertised online for probably close to a year entitled "Why Some Guys Catch All The Fish". This book is advertised on a site called The advertising of this book just seems kind of shady to me and other anglers I've spoken to. I won't consider spending any money on this book until I read reviews of it in a major ff mag or one of the well known websites.

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