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The Global FlyFisher Network (GFFN) is a partnership relationship of a select few quality flyfishers or flytyers who are recognized as experts in their field. Acceptance into the GFFN is by vote only of existing GFFN members. The GFFN will operate at minimal cost in a non-profit mode of operation. The fact being that when money is involved, priorities change and the site will have ‘gone commercial’.

The GFFN and its partners will be the overall guiding body for the direction of GFF.

The GFFN will attract a select few individuals that are recognized as leaders and visionaries in flyfishing and are dedicated to the sport, recreation and art of flyfishing and flytying.

The GFFN will be recognized as a highly desirable network in which to be affiliated. The GFFN will be recognized as the first affiliation of it’s kind within web-based or print-based flyfishing media.

The GFFN will act in unison towards the betterment of GFF. Goals can be widely dispursed as long as each member of the GFFN acts and publishes in the same consistent manner that will help GFF to achieve it’s vision and mission. The GFFN itself will own nothing; Partners of GFF own their respective copyrighted share.

Becoming a GFF Network Partner
Simplistically, to be considered a GFF Network Partner, you must have significant content contribution to the site at regular intervals, you must be 100% responsible for content and representation of content on the site, you must be ultimately responsible for all design work within the GFFN framework. You must exhibit that you bring added value to the GFFN in technical work, design work, layout work and flyfishing/flytying knowledge. The goal is to have a limited number of partners as this dilutes overall equity GFFN. Typically, GFFN Partners are solicited by unanimous decision of existing Partners.

Dismissal From GFFN Partnership
By the unanimous consent of the GFFN members, existing partners by be asked to leave the GFFN. Possible reasons: representations in content that radically differ from the GFFN principles, inflammatory remarks against race, creed, nationality or color, politically-incorrect illustrations and graphics, etc. This is a very subjective yet serious decision made to uphold the highest level of quality on GFF.

Detailed Organizational Description and Ownership Rights of a Partner in GFFN
The partner owns the copyright of the material, illustrations, photographs and look, feel, navigation. The partner is responsible for HTML development work and layout consideration. GFFN will provide template guidelines as a requirement for contributions on the site. GFFN is allowed unrestricted non-profit use of the partner material in site promotion for the betterment and growth of the site.

One guiding fundamental principle of the GFFN is non-profit orientation, even though our URL ends in a ".com". First and foremost, those GFF Partners who contribute financially to the site get reimbursed dollar-for-dollar up front. Remaining financial proceeds goes towards investment of advertising, site promotion and new site technology If there are other proceeds remaining, each GFF Partner receives his/her share based on site ownership equity.

Site Ownership
Each partner in the GFFP owns 100% his/her own contributions to the GFF site. For example, Partner "A" may have a section of the site dedicated to salmonfly tying whereby he/she becomes the primary GFF network Partner in developing the content for this area of the site. All material ported in from previous websites and any new material copyrighted by Partner "A" remains property of Partner "A". The site known as GFF will act only as a "house" (one URL) for this type of material.

Discussion of Personal Websites
GFFN Partners may have a personal website(s) as long as there are no conflicting or competitive flyfishing-related articles and viewpoints. GFFN Partners may also keep existing websites in place prior to becoming a Partner in GFFN. No anti-establishment viewpoints will be tolerated. GFF is apolitical. This is grounds for dismissal from GFFN.

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