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The history of GFF

The Global FlyFisher started as a stroke of luck, a flap of a butterfly's wing, a mere coincidence - more than 10 years ago.

By Martin Joergensen

We don't usually blow our horns - at least not very much - but since the 10 years with GFF has brought so many great comments from so many great people all over the world, we though that this might be the time to pull out some of the thousands upon thousands of nice comments we have had from our visitors during the years.

Below you will find samples. Some are from well known people in the fly fishing community, some from totally unknown anglers. Some are from beginners, some are from the really seasoned old curmudgeons. A few are from people who now passed away and we take this opportunity to think of them and remember them with fondness. At the same time we at GFF take this opportunity to thank all those who have sent us comments on the site during its many years in existence. Your writings have always been very helpful and inspirational to us. If you want to comment on something, please feel free to do so on the comments page.

Some of these comments have been edited slightly, but in most cases to trim out more personal or less commonly interesting material. The places are indicated with [...].

You can read more about the history of GFF here.

Before the GFF era, back when it was Fishing Denmark:

Tue, 02 Apr 1996
I enjoyed reading your Fishing Denmark files. I had overlooked it for some time because who would have thought it contained so many interesting pieces with that somewhat obscure title!

Chet Mathis, USA

Sun, 30 Jun 1996
[...] I'd like to compliment you with your excellent homepage. It is very readable and has a lot of information about (fly)fishing. I'd like to ask you some further information about fishing in Denmark [...]

My best regards

Jep Riedstra, The Netherlands

Fri, 14 Feb 1997
Just a quick note again to let you know how much I appreciate your web page. I enjoy browsing through your fly patterns - very inspirational.
I think your new Flea is going to be quite effective on my home waters [...]

Bob Petti, USA (yes, that Bob Petti!)

Tue, 10 Mar 1998
I've been looking over the site, and once again I am impressed beyond words!
For a "non-commercial" effort, your's out-does virtually every ffing site on the net. I don't care which one you care to point to, your's beats it hands down.
Everything about it - content, delivery, layout, imagery - is simply outstanding.
It's so good, that you should be taken out and shot for making the rest of us look so bad <VVVBG>!

Have a good one!

Chaz Clover, USA

Fri, 19 Feb 1999
This is absolutly one of the best fishing pages I have seen. Your page is Bookmarked on my screen. I enjoy fly-fishing a lot not the tying so much but to catch fish with your own fly is somthing special. So therefor I also tie flies as I like to catch the fish on them.

Tight lines,

Michael Schneider, BC, Canada

Tue, 06 Apr 1999
Surfed by your fishing page and just wanted to say THANKS!!!!
What great tipes before the fishing season

Greetings and skitt fiske from

Mikael Tuneskog, Sweden

Fishing Denmark had other than plain visitors notice it. This little feature is from the British newspaper The Guardian.

The listed URL is not valid anymore, but most of the content can be found in the Global FlyFisher's Denmark section and scattered around the rest of the site. Thanks to Alistair Jones (London, England) bringing this to our attention back in 1999.

Grand Opening, when the Global FlyFisher first saw daylight

Sat, 24 Apr 1999
Global is a great new site! I look forward to checking in regularly [...]

My best,

Dave Engerbretson, USA

Sat, 24 Apr 1999
Good luck with your new endeavor in conjunction with Steve. I'm sure that you will both continue to enjoy the success that you so richly deserve.
Thanks again for all of the fine content. It's great to have a place where you learn from so many experts in their respective fields.

Richard Ross, USA

Sun, 25 Apr 1999
Congratulations on your new website. I haven't had a chance to look through it all yet but what I have seen is outstanding [...]

Roman Scharabun, Canada

Back to the daily grind

Thu, 23 Sep 1999
As a absolute newcomer to the sport your site is a brilliant resource and I expect to return to it often. Your willingness to share information in the way they you have is very much appreciated.

Alan Barrett, Australia

Tue, 3 Oct 2000
First of all, you have the best web site on the internet of any subject. It is the page that loads when I turn on my computer. But I would like to see a couple of things.
When displaying a picture of a fly, I would love to see more than one angle. Is there any way to show one side and either a front, back, or bottom view? I think you do this in a couple of places, but I think it should be mandatory as part of a pattern explanation.
Also, I would like to see more attention paid to how to fish different flies. Illustrations, again, are always fun. Such as a view of the river, fisherperson, fish, current, line mend, etc.
You don't have to do anything more to be the best, but I think this would make you even better.

Thanks for listening.

Josh Freivogel, USA

Fri, 3 Nov 2000
Just wanted to convey how impressed i am with your website. This was my first visit. I throughouly enjoyed the large variety of flys, and the tips and techniques to improve my tying.


Jed Khalid

Wed, 3 Jan 2001
this website is fantastic! the more i learn about flyfishing, the more i need to know. i have loved this sport for 20 years and have taught myself casting, tying and reading streams and rivers. keep up the great work!

Kurt Wissman, USA

Fri, 19 Jan 2001
Thanks for a great site. I haven't seen this much good usable infomation in one place in the 28 years I've been fly fishing and tying.

Miles Goodman, USA

29 Nov 2001
A super site
Just visited your site for the first time and wanted you all to know how impressed i am. I'm self taught flyfisher/tyer from Florida and was looking for instructions on salmon and spey flies. It's the art of the flies that impassions me.
Thanks again for the tremendous amt of info offered... Will be a freq visitor...

V. Brent Eilts, USA

10 Jan 2002
I think you have a great website! Your information regarding flyfishing is great!
You guys are the Harvard of Flyfishing! I really appreciate a website like yours!

Thank you,

Christopher J., USA

Tue, 15 Jul 2003
I really enjoy this website and all the hard work and research that goes into it. It covers a wide range of topics. I log into the website almost daily hoping to see the next change. AS I live in Maine, I really enjoy the streamer section. very informative. I was lately considering buying a fly tying book but I did not as this website has more than enough patterns to try.
Scott Gould, USA

Wed, 07 Jul 2004
This really is the best Fly Fishing site there is... great photos too :-)

Chris Girardet, Germany

Tue, 28 Dec 2004
Very good site!
I just bought a new rod mainly for trout fishing... but after seeing this site i will be heading out at a local lake for some perch action. Very good site and nice fish! P.S. I will be tying up some of those flies :)


Sun, 20 Mar 2005
Wow....what a great website!!
Thank you for creating a really special site. I spent the past 2 hours just wandering around, viewing the spectacular photos and reading great articles....I have several to-dos now, from cleaning my fly line and prepping it to making a few big decisions on my next "extravagent" trip... stimulated by your photos!
Keep up the excellent work, I hope I may be able to contribute myself one day.

John H., USA


GFF was top rated in Craig Buddo's book on the best fishing web sites. We were of course very pleased...


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Your blog is very interesting

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