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The history of GFF

The Global FlyFisher started as a stroke of luck, a flap of a butterfly's wing, a mere coincidence - more than 10 years ago.

By Martin Joergensen

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GFF Timeline

Aug 19th 1994
Midwest FlyTyer goes online via the URL:
 Now defunkt
Jan 1st 1995 is born
 Steve creates the MidWest FlyTyer home page
Oct 10th 1995
Fishing Denmark is born
 Martin's newsletter-like mail document on fishing in Denmark, which he has been mailing to people, gets transformed into a web page
Apr 1st 1996
The first GFF blog starts
 Called "Fishing now" and most likely the first fishing blog on the web and one of the first blogs at all - before the concept of blogs was really known, actually
Nov 15th 1996
Martin and Steve meet for the first time
 GFF's founding fathers meet at the International FlyTyers Symposium in New Jersey
Jan 1st 1998
Raske's New England Streamer page is born
 History, patterns, swaps and tricks - all about NE Streamers
Aug 10th 1998
Martin visits with Steve in Chicago, IL
 They both tie at a local fly show
Jan 1st 1999
Raske creates the Streamers list at Mint
 The mailing list still exists. It now runs as a Yahoo! group.
Apr 20th 1999
GFF Grand Opening
 The announcement is made. GFF as we know it is born.
Nov 1st 1999
Raske joins GFF with the Streamers page
 He is on the lookout for server space. GFF provides it through the partnership
Dec 15th 1999
Bob P joins GFF
 Bob has already contributed articles to all three sites and is a natural fourth partner
Dec 25th 1999
First GFF E-greetings service on the air
 It would later die because of technical problems
Jan 1st 2000
The wallpaper page aires
 This is the single most succesful activity on GFF
Jan 8th 2000
GFF is heading for 1000 visitors a day
 We're roaring! We usually have a bout 6-700 visitors a day, but these last days we have slowly grown to close to a thousand! The 5th was 928, the 6th 911. Let's get it up there! A thousand a day - every day!
Jan 19th 2000
All four GFF partners meet at The Fly Fishing Show 2000
 Until this day (mid July 2005) the only time all four have met physically
Feb 1st 2000
GFF venture into banner ads - and out again
 Administration vastly surpasses potential advantages - not to speak of income (or lack of same)
Mar 20th 2000
Steve Visits Martin in Denmark for the first time
 And goes to Bornholm
Jun 23rd 2000
The first GFF newsletter goes out
 Number of subscriptions grow to 300
Sep 8th 2000
Martin visits with Steve in Parker, CO
 Fishing and GFF planning is done for a couple of weeks.
Nov 29th 2000
The last newsletter leaves GFF - subject is: Newsletter Glitches
 The newsletter shuts down due to technical problems
Jan 22nd 2002
We get the first order into our online shop
 We sell caps and shirts
Apr 2nd 2002
Steve Visits Denmark for the second time
 And goes to Bornholm again
Nov 17th 2002
A new automated system goes online
 Consistent section front pages, keywords and sitemap is introduced
Aug 15th 2003
GFF's weblog goes online
 We also want a blog - now we have Blog Creek
Sep 18th 2003
We get the last order into our online shop, which has actually already closed
 It's hard to make money on the web. Our expenses, particularly to postage, are significantly larger than the income.
Jun 8th 2004
GFF now has an RSS feed
 Want GFF on your site?
Apr 10th 2005
A new server is installed
 The old 350 MHz Pentium retires
Jul 12th 2005
GFF Celebrates its 10th birthday
 Somewhere arond this day GFF crossed into its 11th year of exeistance
Aug 1st 2005
GFF Pix launches
 We open a section where users and visitors can upload their own pictures to share them wit others
Jan 14th 2006
Kasper becomes a partner
 Kasper Muhlbach, a Dane living in Sweden is let in to the inner circle of GFF
Jan 16th 2006
GFF Podcasts start
 Martin starts creating sound reports from his fishng trips
Sep 14th 2006
GFF Summit 2006
 The first GFF Summit takes place on Fyn in Denmark with a whole bunch of crazy fly-anglers joining from all over Europe
Sep 22nd 2007
GFF Summit 2007
 The second GFF Summit is arranged. Again on Fyn in Denmark and with lots of fish and anglers
Sep 12th 2008
GFF Summit 2008
 The third and until now last GFF Summit again held on Fyn in Denmark
Sep 18th 2008
Another server move starts
 GFF is now on its way to a web hotel with the large US web provider Hostgator
Feb 18th 2009
GFF on Twitter
 GFF now tweets new articles on this short-text-style social network
Jun 25th 2009
1000 articles
 GFF reaches the one thousand article mark - and that doesn't even include a number of older articles
Dec 10th 2009
Video section opens
 The GFF video section opens offering online fly-fishing and fly-tying videos
Jul 8th 2011
GFF on a virtual server
 Thanks to immense growth in size and traffic, GFF has had to move to its own server again - this time a virtual one, but with enough capacity to handle the load
Aug 10th 2011
2000 articles
 GFF rounds 2K articles in the article system, but 800 of these are videos, which are registered as articles for technical reasons
Oct 28th 2011
GFF redesign
 GFF gets a redesign after having looked the same for a decade
Feb 16th 2012
GFF on Facebook
 Yes, GFF goes on Facebook, mainly to post articles to whose who want alerts through this large social media site
Mar 28th 2012
Visitor record
 On this particular day we have 13,544 visitors during 24 hours, a record which still stands late 2012
Oct 1st 2012
GFF store opens
 The second ever GFF shop opens - now with mugs, prints, T-shirts and more

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