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We at GFF will strive to protect your privacy on the net. We do not register your presence here in any other way other than by the use of weblogs generated by our server. Simply put, we do not know who you are, we just know alot about your visit patterns with us.

Use of email forms on our site
You will see forms on our site that ask for your email address. If your email address is provided to us, that is the only piece of personal information we know about you. We create these forms to begin a dialogue with you. Emails garnered from forms on this site will not be used in any commercial nature; only the use specified on the form.

Use of email addresses
We do not sell or redistribute any email address gained via the use of email forms on our site. Your email remains private with us.

GFF uses cookies—little harmless pieces of information stored on your machine and only visible to you and our server—to keep track of a few things, including which pages you have visited and information you might have entered in comment or picture submission forms.
We use this information to service you as well as possible. We create and show you lists of articles, which are relevant to you and make it easier to you by prefilling forms with your information when relevant.
GFF will work fine without cookies, but you will just not get the extra benefits.
More about cookies and privacy here.

What do our logs tell us?
Our server logs tell us information about your visit to our site. That is very important to us. By analyzing traffic flow we can create a better site for you.

Whether you know it or not, each time you visit a webpage, your browser sends off a stream of information about your visit. Do not confuse this as being "a cookie". This stream of information is standard web operating protocol decided upon by those that created "the web", probably many years before you even knew what the internet was. There is nothing harmful in the stream of data nor does it provide even an ounce of information as to your identity.

Our logs tell us:

  • what browser type you use
  • (helpful in designing pages to fit the majority of browsers used)
  • what operating system you use
  • (helpful in designing pages to fit the majority of platforms used)
  • what pages you visited
  • > (helpful in determining what articles are interesting or not)
  • how long you stayed
  • > (helpful in determining if the content is interesting or not)
  • your originating IP address
  • (your ISP's server address; in case you defraud our site, we can contact your ISP and track you down. This is an industry standard procedure. We contact your ISP via the email address: abuse @[your.ip.address])
  • the URL of the site you came from
  • (helpful in determining what links and search engines are being used to get to our site)
  • what errors are generated on the site
  • (useful to determine malfunctioning pages or programs)

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