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Published Jan 1st 2009

The articles published on the Global FlyFisher neatly ordered by year and month


Articles published in 1995
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Go to Stacking material
Stacking material
When stacking materials it is important to consider it as consisting of more than just one process. There are several steps involved: material selection, cleaning and preparing, selecting the right tool and performing the stacking process itself. By Wayne Luallen
Go to Cleaning hair
Cleaning hair
A chapter in the article Hair Stacking and Other Applicable Stuff by Wayne Luallen.
Go to Small muddler
Small muddler
Muddlers are a type of flies that I love to tie and fish with. And they also catch fish. In my small story from the Danish summer night, you can read what this small modest muddler can do. A fly I had a fair success with
Go to Surf zone fishing
Surf zone fishing
We at GFF wish that more people made books like this: small and affordable and right on the target. Ken Hanley's small classic has been reprinted
Go to Magnus Classic
Magnus Classic
A great Danish fly for sea trout - The classic Magnus
Go to Aquatic trout foods
Aquatic trout foods
The book is actually quite systematic. Dave Whitlock deals with all important fresh water trout food species; from mayflies, caddisflies and stoneflies to fish, scuds, shrimps and leeches. Every group is descibed in detail: life cycle, which is very important to understand -- especially when it comes to insects, morphology, habitus and how to imitate them.
Go to How to dress salmon flies
How to dress salmon flies
This is a very quotable book. I like short, concentrated books, that don't waste too much time on repetitions and smalltalk. Mr. Pryce-Tannatt is a writer just after my heart, when it comes to that. He does not beat around the bush and talk in length about things that don't concern the subject.
Go to Striper Moon
Striper Moon
This small book has made me a striper fan. The subtitle gave me the first hint that this would be interesting: 'Fly Fishing Techniques and Flies for Striped Bass in Estuary, River, Bay and Surf'. Being a salt water FF'er myself, any FF-title, that doesn't include the word 'stream' is interesting. Estuary, River Bay and Surf. I fish almost exclusively in bay and surf, and this kind of fishing seems little known even says
Go to Sea trout
Sea trout
The key to success in the pursuit of sea trout in salt water on the coasts of the Baltic Sea is understanding some important aspects of the trout's behavior in respect to the seasonal changes. The sae trout i salt water can't be fished the same way all year. Some key factors here are water temperatures, currents, the wind and the trout's migratory patterns.
Go to Cod
Cod and similar species are a much underrated quarry for the fly fisherman. In places where it's very common like Denmark and Norway, they are even sometimes considered an annoying disturbance in the much 'finer' fishing for sea trout. But cod can be an excellent game for the fisher whose gear and mind is tuned in on it, and the abundance and size of fish can easily justify a more focused fishing for cod.
Go to Garfish
The garfish is a very common guest in many Northern European countries. It is normally a pelagic fish whose migration pattern is not known in detail. But one thing is for shure: these fish will return to spawn in shallow and rich areas along the coasts many places in Europe.
Go to Species to catch in Denmark
Species to catch in Denmark
Part of this section is the manuscript for chapter in a book on fly fishing in salt water in Northern Europe. The subjects covered here are also covered elsewhere on this web site. Each page contains links to all relevant pages on The Global Fly Fisher.
Go to The World's Best Trout Flies
The World's Best Trout Flies
This is a book that I bought when attending a very well set up fly tying arrangement here in Denmark just after new year, and already at the arrangement I met two of the tyers featured in the book: Oliver Edwards (UK) and Mogens Espersen (Denmark).
Go to Production Fly Tying
Production Fly Tying
The fascinating thing about AK is, that you start believing him and that many of his methods make sense. His approach is very personal, and he doesn't try to hide this.
Go to Flytyers Masterclass
Flytyers Masterclass
When you take into consideration the size and volume of this book: large format and app. 250 pages, and the fact that it 'only' deals with 20 flies, it should be obvious that each fly is described in minute details. And it sure is.
Go to The art of the trout fly
The art of the trout fly
Seriously. This is a book that I like just to touch. The print renders the photos in an excellent quality, and leaves the reader with a feeling that the flies are as textured, translucent and subtle as they actually are.
Go to How it started
How it started
A short story about the book review section.
Go to Art flies |  fly art
Art flies | fly art
There are a couple of new pictures in this section. I have once again experimented with the unknown and hidden beauty in the flies and materials that we use - aspects that can be brought out through computer manipulation.

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