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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 1997
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Go to International Fly Tyers Symposium 1997
International Fly Tyers Symposium 1997
The New Jersey area is not the worst place to be in November. This is the story about a lot of fishing and fly tying done in that area in the fall of 1997.
Go to The Floating Shrimp
The Floating Shrimp
One of Hanafi Saleh's patterns is the "HS Floating Shrimp" which is very suitable for fishing just above the bottomweeds, or just above the bottom without the risk of getting snagged at underwater obstacles.
Go to My summer salmon fishing
My summer salmon fishing
My salmon fishing is different from most everyone else's. At least, that's what I'm told. And since the literature around salmon fishing is based on "everyone else's" salmon fishing, I thought I'd tell you a little about mine. Optimally, my kindred spirits out there will read this and feel right at home.
Go to Fisker tube tool
Fisker tube tool
This Danish tool might be an alternative. In spite of some minor drawbacks, it's a very good tool at a very reasonable price.
Go to Visiting Partridge of Redditch
Visiting Partridge of Redditch
It is now more than a year ago since Mustad took over Partridge of Redditch. And I thought it might be of interest to you to have an update on the status...
Go to The Gladiator
The Gladiator
The Gladiator started as a joke but one with a lot of thought behind it's origins. By Bob Kenly
Go to Picric acid
Picric acid
Dyeing with picric acid yields colors between a gorgeous olive and an electric yellow.
Go to The Flex Hex
The Flex Hex
The fly that did the Limbata as told by Jim Hauer By John Nebel
Go to Doing the Limbata
Doing the Limbata
I apologize to you in advance for the disappointment you will feel upon learning that this article is not about a hot new dance step from south of the border and will not contribute to your romantic relationships or skills on the dance floor. By Jim Hauer
Go to Coney Snowbugger
Coney Snowbugger
This streamer fly is actually a variation of the well-known Woolly Bugger. It imitates a small baitfish.
Go to Pictures
Danish Fly Festival 1997, Gallery The Danish Fly Festival attracted both 'actors' and audience from many places. Here are a few pictures with impressions from the successful arrangement. All the pictures were taken with a digital camera and many were put online on the web during the Festival.
Go to The Danish Fly Festival 1997
The Danish Fly Festival 1997
This web page contains pictures and information about The Danish Fly Festival 1997 which took place May the 3rd and 4th 1997 in Kolding Denmark.
Go to Chilli Pepper Flies
Chilli Pepper Flies
So you thought that chilli pepper was a small, strong, spicey fruit? Well, it is... but it's also a seemingly popular name for fishing flies. In the past I have come over no less than three patterns with the name Chilli Pepper.
Go to Coney flies
Coney flies
The flies on this page are all well known patterns which have all been juiced up a bit - many with some modern materials, but all with cone heads. By Bas Verschoor
Go to EZ quintet
EZ quintet
EZ flies - that's what they are in the genuine all-American-marketing-way. Five classics with their patterns modified to be fairly easy and fast to tie - not least because of the simple body construction using braided tubing.
Go to Flies from the Flyleaves of my Diaries
Flies from the Flyleaves of my Diaries
Preben Torp Jacobsen's book Flies from the Flyleaves of my Diaries, subtitled "And further Notes of possibel Interest!"
Go to Magnus Muddler
Magnus Muddler
This muddler is tied on a small stainless Mustad hook using orange deer hair, orange dyed grizzly hackle and natural rabbit dubbing with a bit of orange flash mixed in. A small beauty indeed and sooo easy to see at night.
Go to Foam flies for panfish
Foam flies for panfish
I purchased a copy of Skip Morris' book on tying flys for bass and panfish and another of his books on foam flies. His books are excellent and I recommend them above all others for beginning tyers. The pictures and instructions are superb!
Go to Charles Garwood, USA
Charles Garwood, USA

Chris Helm, USA

Go to Selecting deer hair
Selecting deer hair
Choosing the right hair will make your deer hair flies - Comparaduns, EHC's, Muddlers, bass bugs - much easier to tie. By Chris Helm
Go to Miss Ring
Miss Ring
The name and appearance of this fly owes a bit to the New Zealand Mrs. Simpson flies in which a couple of feathers are roofed on each side of the fly. These flies are also known as Killer flies or tied by the Killwell style.

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