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Published Jan 1st 2009

The articles published on the Global FlyFisher neatly ordered by year and month


Articles published in 1998
See the Global FlyFisher heartbeat

Philatelic phlies
Do Postal Services have notions of flyfishing? Do flyfishers have something in common with stamp collectors? By Bas Verschoor
Denmark right now (not updated)
Older outdated reports from the fishing in Denmark
Go to The Flee
The Flee
This fly was made as an imitation of a very numerous and common group of small crustaceans/isopods, that are present on the menu of sea trout. The animals are very small - a few millimeters - but still the trout will eat them in great numbers. This is especially in the late summer and autumn.
Go to Fall 1998 Gallery
Fall 1998 Gallery
A few really old images
October 1998 pictures
A bunch of images from the infancy of GFF
Go to FFF Conclave 1998
FFF Conclave 1998
"World's best coming to Idaho Falls" ... "1998 International Fly Fishing Show ... More than 100 seminars set" screamed the headlines of local Idaho newspapers. TV Channels 3 and 8 with day-today coverages of the event.
Go to Smelt swap
Smelt swap
The intent of this swap was for each member to provide a dozen streamers which represented the Rainbow Smelt in casting sizes. Some of the entries were "recognized" patterns, but many were original dressings.
Go to Kluting
Kluting, a bottom seeking fly for pike, cod, pike perch and many other fish.
Go to Mullet
The mullet I will be discussing here is commonly known as the grey mullet or the thick-lipped grey mullet. This fish is normally known as a Mediteranian fish, but has been known to travel to Denmark and the Baltic Sea in spite of the big difference in salt levels. The fish are even known to enter streams and rivers.
Go to Fishing the Muddler Minnow
Fishing the Muddler Minnow
The muddler can double as a serviceable grasshopper, cricket or even damselfly nymph. One can fish it dry and doped up, damp, wet and sunk.
Go to Euro flyfishing
Euro flyfishing
A project such as this excellent book is often referred to as a soup stone project. This refers to the fact that it's built from scratch by contributions from many people.
Go to Copper swap
Copper swap
A discussion on the New England Streamer List began on the merits of copper as a material in streamer tying. It seems the consensus was that copper has always been a productive "metal" in the pursuit of landlocked salmon or trout in New England
Go to Wet fly hackle
Wet fly hackle
Learn to tie a really classical wet fly hackle.
Spring 1998 Gallery
Pictures from the Danish coast during the 1998 season taken by GFF partner Martin Joergensen
Go to Carpe diem
Carpe diem
A matter of the gravest importance
Go to IQ Dawn series
IQ Dawn series
The purpose of the IQ Dawn Series is to cover most variations you can encounter at a salmon river. And hopefully catch a Salmon Salar, king of fish! All flies can easily be made to spey flies - just change the hackle to heron feather instead, in the same color.
Go to Banderillas
The tube fly - or tube fly system - you can see on this page - is called the Banderillas. The name comes from the Spanish name for the sticks the the bullfigther uses during the fight. The body sections of this fly has some resemblance to these sticks.
Go to 'Merikan tales
'Merikan tales
Always wonder... what do I have with this country - the US of A? Country of extremes, land of great beauty and enormous diversity, offering such a wide range of things to see and do.
Go to Cheapskate Heron
Cheapskate Heron
I came upon an idea. Actually I combined two incidents into one idea. First of all I was going through my heron feathers (yes, I have more than one) and found some butts that I had saved after having tied whole body hackles. I wanted to use these feathers, which still had a lot of useful and long barbs, but unfortunately a very thick stem.
Go to Cod on a flyrod
Cod on a flyrod
How to get cod on a flyrod - the once so common Gadus morhua - Danish inshore species.

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