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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 1999
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Derek from SA
South African friend Derek goes to the Danish coast to try some sea trout fishing. Since he always comes during Christmas, it is bound to be cold.
Go to Rangeley swap
Rangeley swap
It was inevitable that the folks on Raske's "Streamers" mailing list would eventually partake in a swap of Rangeley style streamers.
Go to Valeur's Pike Streamer
Valeur's Pike Streamer
This amazing fly is ment for pike. It's caught a lot already on the line of originator Morten Valeur who states that this is one of the few flies he can truly call his own.
Cone head flies
A few early samples of Danish fly tyer Ken Bonde Larsen's cone head flies.
Go to The South African Fly Fishing Handbook
The South African Fly Fishing Handbook
When Dean Riphagan's book, "The South African Fly Fishing Handbook" arrived at my doorstep, I could only imagine what was inside the package. Would the book contain some patterns I could use in the States? Would the book contain some tips or re-enforcing basics that everyone could use? How about pictures of trout in Africa?
Go to The road to Lake O.
The road to Lake O.
A Welshman's story about the little known Dutch steelhead fishing in Lake Oostvoorne. By Paul Slaney.
Go to A Novice Graylingfishers Abstract 1999
A Novice Graylingfishers Abstract 1999
For the last last three years, some of my friends and I have been to the southern central part of Sweden in the Malung-area. Each year we caught a few grayling, but they were quite small, about 20-30 centimeters. We blamed the high temperature, the high water, the low water, the flies everything... and at last, ourselves, but this year everything seemed to come together, at least in one of the waters.
Go to Improving fly line control
Improving fly line control
Three ways of improving your fly line control. Line control is much more than mending
Go to Hen Hackle Demystified
Hen Hackle Demystified
Hen hackles have long been the source of confusion to many fly tyers. Whether they are looking for wings for their dry flies or hackles for their wet flies, there seems to plenty of head scratching when it comes time to purchase the appropriate feathers.
Go to Spanish fly
Spanish fly
Spanish flies are different! At least the ones that are shown in this book. The flies that this book treats are not only tied in a very special fashion, but almost all use Coq de Leon feathers.
Go to The Technology of Fly Rods, by Don Phillips
The Technology of Fly Rods, by Don Phillips
Go to Goats and lakes
Goats and lakes
Imagine a serious book where the smartest dog in the world and several pack goats all named Rufus play a major role! Such a book can't be boring. Gary LaFontaine's book Fly Fishing High Mountain Lakes is excellent - educating and entertaining.
Go to 500 tying tips
500 tying tips
This book is a collection of hundreds of small tying tips gathered during Dick Stewart's career as an editor of American Angler and Fly Fish America. Read the review here.
Spring preparation
This time of year is usually accompanied by a boost in personal energy level. Though sometimes difficult to describe, we can "smell" spring in the air. As our semi-hibernation comes to a close we notice an increased desire to plan for upcoming outdoor events. By Roman Scharabun
Go to Bubble float
Bubble float
Fishing the fly with a spinning rod and a float. This is an old article. A newer version is available.
Go to Speyshal
Like most ideas... they mature slowly. It was not until late March that, during a private flytying tuition session to a talented, young colleague, I saw clearly in my mind what my Skunks would look like.
Go to Hook selection
Hook selection
Hook comparison charts are at best fickle or at worst too confusing and inaccurate to use. It is critical to remember that this chart does in no way list equivalent hooks but attempts to list hooks based on similar applications.
Go to Our kids streamers
Our kids streamers
The inspiration for this feature was the birth of the author's granddaughter, Caitlin Nicole, and collectively members of the Streamer List began to formulate and describe the uniqueness of their own children and grandchildren. It was proposed that list member's design a streamer unique to their individual child or grandchild and that was most depictive of the individual child's personality.
Go to Bassin' with Bas
Bassin' with Bas
Stripers and a church organ both play and important role in this Northeastern tale told by Bas Verschoor

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