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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 2003
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Go to New Zealand Trophies
New Zealand Trophies
It is the season for arm chair fishing and what better destination than New Zealand? GFF partner Martin Joergensen reveiws two excellent New Zealand videos which more than live up to their title: New Zealand Trophy Waters.
Go to Bonefish Bitters
Bonefish Bitters
Martin started using the Bonefish Bitters while fishing on his own in Mexico. He writes: "I continued using my Bitters and caught many more fish on them the following days. After two weeks of fishing I felt like a champion and was very satisfied with myself."

Go to Prince Nymphs
Prince Nymphs
Mike Hogue drops by and offers us some variations of one of the all time popular trout flies - the Prince Nymph. By adding "a little flash and glamour", we have a few new things to try the next time we're getting skunked and want to try something different.
Go to Lamiglas Appalachian
Lamiglas Appalachian
On your knees, casting to a small spot fifteen or twenty feet away. Float the line behind you and then "flick" the line foward. Man, I love this rod for that kind of fishing. It's like it knows what I want to do and casts a perfect narrow loop with impressive speed.
Go to Contemporary Saltwater Flies
Contemporary Saltwater Flies
David Klausmeyer is the latest author of a book on tying flies for saltwater fly fishing. His book, Tying Contemporary Saltwater Flies, offers excellent fly tying instruction as well as an impressive reference of fly patterns.
Go to Imitative Fly Tying
Imitative Fly Tying
Ian Moutter is back with a followup to "Tying Flies the Paraloop Way". Consider this an applied fly tying book, as you not only learn how to tie the flies, but also how they were designed, why they were designed, and how they may be fished.
Go to Fly Rodding the Coast
Fly Rodding the Coast
No doubt that Ed Mitchell is an authority on coastal fishing. His 2002 book "Fly Rodding the Coast" is a large volume on the art of fishing from the shoreline. It covers close to all aspects of this type of fishing.
Go to End of the rainbow
End of the rainbow
In Denmark fishing for escaped sea farm rainbows is possible when a cage breaks. The sport is good and you can catch - and kill - several prize size fish in the 50-60 cenimetre or 20-24" range in a day, helping removing them from nature.
Go to Blog Creek
Blog Creek
Like many of you we're chained to our computers, thinking about fly fishing. This webblog is our outlet to keep our heads from exploding.
Go to C&F tube body tool
C&F tube body tool
The C&F extended tube body tool is more than two darning needles in a fancy holder. If you - like Dutch Henk Verhaar - like doing it yourself, this might be worth looking into. The flies tied with extended bodies can become very realistic and still be simple to tie.
Go to River Mandal
River Mandal
"I hate to ask you, but do you want to go salmon fishing for a week?" The voice of GFF partner Partin Joergensen's friend Ole sounded sincere enough and Martin went with him to Norway to fish for small salmon. But the outcome turned out to be a lot larger than standard grilse.
Go to Spring 2003 pictures
Spring 2003 pictures
Fishing on the Danish coast during the spring months - March, April, and May - can be a true blessing. Many species are about, but particularly sea trout and garfish can be plenty and easy to catch. This small gallery shows some scenes from Denmark this spring.
Yep! It's yet another one of that Danish madman's muddlers. This time with an even longer name: The Short Heavy Chicago-Zürich-Copenhagen Delayed Nutria Tube Muddler or SHCZCDNTM for easier remembering!
Go to Bert Quimby
Bert Quimby
Another entry in the continuing series of features highlighting the flies of the founders of the art of streamer tying. Bert Quimby is not as well known as many, but his flies are just as beautiful and original.
Go to Colorado camaraderie
Colorado camaraderie
Things to do near Denver -- not when you are dead but actually when you are very much alive and ready for some fishing adventures. Follow Kasper Mühlbach and GFF partners Steve Schweitzer and Martin Joergensen on a trip.
Go to Trout from Small Streams
Trout from Small Streams
Fishing for trout on small streams is not about big fish, big hatches, and big money. It is about intimacy. It is about stealth and caution. Dave Hughes tells us that and much more.
Go to Mike Martineks Rangeley Streamers
Mike Martineks Rangeley Streamers
Internationally known streamer tyer Mike Martinek shares some of his flies
Go to LL Bean Book
LL Bean Book
The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing is comprised of three previously published books - Dave Whitlock's Fly-Fishing Handbook, Macauley Lord's Fly-Casting Handbook, and Dick Talleur's Fly-Tying Handbook, all well known L.L. Bean publications.
Go to Great rod gizmo!
Great rod gizmo!
The Magnetic Rod Guard from Tight Line Enterprises will solve more than the problem of keeping your rod out of harms way while you finish up by your car. A neat and simple product to solve a very common problem.
Go to Taking Trout
Taking Trout
This isn't an all-encompassing book on trout fishing. It won't take a beginner from choosing equipment to the first trout. Instead, it is a diverse collection of essays on varying topics that are meant to stand alone as individual lessons in the art of "Taking Trout".
Go to Flyline Maintenance 101
Flyline Maintenance 101
Maintaining that expensive string coated with plastics and polymers is the best medicine for adding years of life your flyline. Consider cleaning flylines after every 3-5 uses or when the water is particularly dirty.
Go to Stalcup's Mayflies
Stalcup's Mayflies
Shane's book is devoted to imitations imitations of each major stage of mayfly development - nymph, emerger, adult, and spinner - top to bottom as he says. For each section, he offers up several patterns, each with a introductory essay, step-by-step tying instructions, and a list of variations.
Go to Better-Winged Olives
Better-Winged Olives
A recent tying binge left me with a few thoughts on how to tie a quicker and better blue-winged olive mayfly. The ideas aren't necessarily new, but they certainly are worth sharing.
Go to Baby Buggers
Baby Buggers
Wooly buggers are one of the all time most effective fish catching flies. However, if you think you need heavy tackle and lots of lead to get them to work - think again. Peter Frailey tells about his "Baby Buggers", and how well they cast and fish.
Go to Gentlemen’s Society
Gentlemen’s Society
At only 126 pages, this quick read will have your mind absorbed in the genesis and exodus of The Gentlemen's Society of Angling. "It will have you quickly realize that flyfishing is a life's sidebar that oftentimes guides innocent trouble aside and level sets our daily grind."
Go to Montana Trout
Montana Trout
Craig Fellin, owner of Big Hole Outfitters in Montana, tells how a first time flyfisher can spend a week working with an experienced guide learning most aspects of the sport at his or her own pace. "By the end of the week, you should have a mastery of the sport" he writes.
Go to Millenium flies
Millenium flies
The intent of the book "Dry-Fly Patterns for the New Millenium" has been to capture the state of fly tying as we turned the calendar to a new century. Word spread about this effort, resulting in a huge variety of flies being submitted from literally every corner of the globe.
Go to Goddard's reflections
Goddard's reflections
John Goddard's A Fly Fisher's Reflections is a compilation of his many magazine articles and essays published between the mid 1960's and the present day. Presented essentially unchanged from their original form, will these articles feel dated to today's readers?
Go to Flies with CDC
Flies with CDC
We owe Leon Links a debt of gratitude for putting down in print the history of CDC in his book "Tying Flies with CDC". American tyers in particular owe Stackpole Books a similar debt for bringing this book, originally published in the UK, to our shelves.
Go to Grayling trip
Grayling trip
A small trip for grayling in the southern part of Denmark. Not something that will go over in history, but certainly a nice trip with beautiful sights and beautiful fish.
Go to Tying Flies the Paraloop Way
Tying Flies the Paraloop Way
My first thought was probably the same as yours - what is "paraloop"? Paraloop is part technique, part style. Take a piece of a parachute, a bit of a thorax dun, and some thoughts of a comparadun, mix, and you'll arrive at a paraloop.
Go to Wallpapers
Want a wallpaper with a sunset, a stream, a beautiful coastline, bonefishing or salmon fishing? We we are continously updating the wallpaper section with new pictures. Check in regularly. And by the way: We passed 110,000 downloads of our beautiful pictures.
Go to Real Enough!
Real Enough!
A bunch of quite realistic flies by a bunch of well known and unknown international tiers. These fantastic flies are not super realistic imitations, but they certainly look real and convincing enough to fool both men and fish!
Go to Choice pike fishing tool
Choice pike fishing tool
The Sirrus COMATRIX 9 wt. is in many ways the perfect pike fishing tool - able to lift and cast large and heavy flies, and with one serious butt section. Dutch Henk Verhaar test fished it in his favorite pike waters and was very pleased.
Go to Fall Streamers
Fall Streamers
Looking for some juicy streamers to swing in your favorite trout stream or pond in the coming Fall? Check out these attractive flies from a streamer swap hosted by Scott Daskiewich.

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