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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 2008
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Go to River Wolf
River Wolf
A fascinating journey in pursuit of the River Wolf - Taimen - the potentially huge Asian trout found in Mongolia and other faraway Asian countries. The Fish Bums (previously Trout Bums) are at it again with hair raising driving, fantastic fishing and videography beyond what we're used to see in fishing videos.
Go to Running down the man
Running down the man
Extremely short, but very entertaining story about a bunch of half crazy anglers that hunt for roosterfish from the beach of the Baja Mexico. Made in a contemporary, fast paced and action filled manner with only little emphasis on facts and fishing methods but a lot of emphasis on the rush of chasing and catching these magnificent fish.
Go to Tabou Daddy
Tabou Daddy
Steve Schweitzer is at it again. He just can't stay away from those chick-a-bou feathers. Maybe it's because chick-a-bou is so versatile and incredibly buggy looking. After tying up four variations of a crawdad pattern, he finally found what worked best. See what he caught on his latest addition to the Tabou Series of flies and
Go to 10 Ways to Fish Green
10 Ways to Fish Green
Fly Fishers are the original "green" advocates. We are active in conservation. We advocate catch-n-release. We support stocking programs. We even save the lives of bait(!) But there's more we can do.
Go to Jiggy
A jigging fly for almost any predatory fish originated by Bob Popvics. After a trip to Danish island Bornholm in 2007 Kasper Mühlbach wanted to tie and try this successful pattern and ordered a special color. But someone else came first and bought his custom dyed bucktail.
Go to The Omoe Brush
The Omoe Brush
This fly is originally meant to be an imitation of a small clamworm like a small Nereis, but can be considered a generic pattern more than an exact imitation of these polychaetes. It takes its vantage point in the red body feathers of the Golden Pheasant.
Go to Take me back
Take me back
Join Thomas Weiergang on a road-trip in Chile. The only thing to worry about, is when to fish again. When he planned the trip, he marked down some likely looking blue lines on the map, but nothing could prepare him for this: The opportunities are vast -  
Go to The Graphite Fly Rod
The Graphite Fly Rod
A nicely produced DVD set (2 discs) covering in depth all aspects of building a graphite fly rod featuring Russ Gooding of Golden Witch Technologies. Gooding builds modern rods in the bamboo rod style. Very thorough and very instructive.
Go to Patagonia on a Budget
Patagonia on a Budget
A tour de Budget to one of the world's roughest and most famous parts when it comes to steak, emus, sea trout and the biggest pumped-up rainbows you can imagine. Follow the Lithuanian gung-ho team from planning to river fishing to Jurrasic Lake.
Go to Thomas Weiergang
Thomas Weiergang
Thomas is known from the Danish magazine Sportsfiskeren. At a recent editorial meeting, Thomas brought a bunch of framed reproductions of his drawings, and GFF partner Martin Joergensen immediately grabbed him and lured him into participating in our Fishy Art series.
Go to Winter fishing
Winter fishing
No matter which season we are in the fish are there in the water, even in the winter. They do not migrate to Africa along with the swarms of swallows and storks, they just tend to change their location looking for shelter which protects them from the coming frosty, chilly weather and they keep on feeding.
Go to Measuring the temperature
Measuring the temperature
Is this just for nerds or do you as angler get something out of knowing how accurate you can measure the temperature? For some, knowing the temperature may change the day from a disaster to success.
Go to The Grey Fred
The Grey Fred
A true classic on the Danish coast and a very universal small fish imitation, which has not only caught thousands of sea trout, but would very likely also be able to catch almost anything that has scales and swims.
Go to Green Machine
Green Machine
The Green Machine is a classic salmon fly from the Eastern part of Canada. It's fished as a wet fly in spite of being tied with deer hair and a hackle like a bomber. This article shows you step by step how to tie it and shows an alternative and easier way to create the green body.
Go to GFF Summit 2008
GFF Summit 2008
Swedish Frederik Odelberg thinks back on this year's Global FlyFisher Summit in Denmark, and has penned down a few thoughts on the venue. Read his story and see tonnes of pictures from the successful meeting amongst happy anglers.
Go to Très Bien
Très Bien
This is another bright tube fly for clear water designed by Danish fly tyer Ken Bonde Larsen. And another one that uses a cone to add weight to the front of the fly. And another one, where the metal cone can be replaced by a common head or a plastic cone.
Go to The Dirty White
The Dirty White
We continue our series of tube flies tied in the Scandinavian style. This fly is another subdued yellow, white and gray fly, well suited for bright light and clear water. It uses a mallard hackle to create a nice, closed shape.
Go to The Overtaker
The Overtaker
A small black tube fly inspired by the classical Undertaker and flies like the Green Butt. This small fly shows that bube flies do not have to be large. It's petite, it's black and it's sexy with a small hotspot.
Go to Bon Aventure flies
Bon Aventure flies
Do you know what flies to tie for clear water and how to tie them? Follow the Danish flytier Ken Bonde Larsen carefully tie some attractive and yet not too visible flies for the Canadian salmon. Tubes are his favorite and some with new plastic discs.
Go to Chinese White
Chinese White
A bright tube fly for salmon in clear water created by Danish Ken Bonde Larsen. Tied in the Scandinavian style with a large and soft hair wing made of several layers. Easy to tie and impressive both in and out of the water.
Go to Small Fry, 11
Small Fry, 11
Author ron P. swegman writes: "When thinking about reading and writing, I am also drawn to the home of the book: the library. This institution has been a constant throughout my life." and ends his story with a list of further reading. 
Go to Bon A(d)venture-Day 2
Bon A(d)venture-Day 2
Follow Kasper Mühlbach on his second day on Bon Aventure. A day of which he did not expect the big catches but the day turned out to as good as the first. Clear water, white tails, ospreys and 
Go to Staring Sunray Shadow
Staring Sunray Shadow
Ray Brook's classic the Sunray Shadow can hardly be outdone by any variation of this simple yet very efficient fly. But some people still like to add little details to killer patterns. This version of the Sunray has a body and eyes.
Go to Bon A(d)venture-Day 1
Bon A(d)venture-Day 1
Two days of fishing in one of the world's clearest salmon rivers, Bon Aventure, Gaspé, French Canada. Follow Kasper Mühlbach for two days on this renowned river, famous for it's fantastic dry fly fishing for salmon but also known for plenty of grilse and larger atlantic salmon.
Go to Small Fry, 10
Small Fry, 10
"Did you get a brownie?" The voice the author heard was young; a girl's voice that floated gracefully over the soft, almost melodic, water tumble of the creek. He was releasing a small brown trout that had patiently watched his patterns float by for close to half an hour.
Go to Trout Flies for the 21st Century
Trout Flies for the 21st Century
As first entry in the new "Fly Tyer" library of books, Dick Talleur gathers up new assortment of trout flies - a mix mash of classics and contemporary patterns, some well known some quite obscure. You'll find a classic Grannom wet fly and a Royal Wulff, as well as flies with names like "The $3 Dip".
Go to LaFontaines Legacy
LaFontaines Legacy
With LaFontaine's Legacy, Al and Gretchen Beatty close the book on one of the most creative and innovative fly tying minds we've ever known. Gary wanted to publish one more work, capturing the new and changed flies he invented, but his illness would not let him. Al, Gretchen, and other friends took it upon themselves to finish what Gary started.
Go to Fly Fishing and Fly Tying II
Fly Fishing and Fly Tying II
Many people complain that there is nothing new to say about fly fishing - that new books are just updates to old ideas. That may be true if you read only about fishing in your area. This book was written by anglers in the Czech Republic, and it was chock full of good advice and fresh ideas.
Go to Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying
Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying
Charlie Craven is no stranger to the online fly tying community, so the announcement of his new fly tying book was warmly received. Most of us have seen his online tutorials and could not wait to get our hands on an honest-to-goodness solid flesh-and-blood book of his tying.
Go to Small Fry, 9
Small Fry, 9
Knots have challenged author ron P. swegman all his life. When he was a preschool boy, he demanded his mom buy him "buckle shoes" because he just could not get the hang of shoestrings.He reflects further over knots in this latest chapter of the online novel "Small Fry".
Go to Sharks!
When two friends go down the road, for a late afternoon fly fishing session on the reefs, and take their #14 and #15 rods... You know that there is something radically wrong, upstairs. This is the story of the two friends Jacques Visser and Jimmy Eagleton who have taken on the South African sharks.
Go to Small Fry, 8
Small Fry, 8
Light gear is best for little fish for two big reasons: first, light or ultralight outfits provide the most sport by giving these fish their best fighting chance; second, lighter outfits make fly fishing possible in unforgiving casting situations that leave little room for human error.
Go to Small Fry, 7
Small Fry, 7
More than a sport fish, the brook trout has, throughout its range, become a barometer for the environmental health of North American rivers and streams. It seems fitting in this context that a little fish plays such a big role.
Go to Mullet? Not!
Mullet? Not!
In this the first pocast in months Martin goes scouting for mullet and sea trout after a long summer which has been sunny and calm or cold and windy. It developed into a nice day at the beach with little fishing and no catching at all.
Go to Small Fry, 6
Small Fry, 6
The father of English fishing literature, Izaak Walton, devotes two chapters of The Compleat Angler to chubs (or "cheven" in the archaic plural), and in one scene his Piscator takes pleasure in catching the largest one of a school of twenty to the amazement of his companions, Venator and Auceps.
Go to A Pheasant Under Glass
A Pheasant Under Glass
Two seemingly unrelated events led tube fly tyer par excellence Bob Kenly to this method of tying and to discover a coloring system that I have never tried before: dyed Lady Amherst tail feathers and a note requesting something different to be thrown in the water for salmon in New Foundland.
Go to Small Fry, 5
Small Fry, 5
The white perch is actually an anadromous silver bass in the fish family Moronidae. This game panfish is the little cousin of the striped bass and shares much of the same habitat: the brackish tidal estuaries and adjacent rivers of the mid-Atlantic and New England states.
Go to Small Fry, 4
Small Fry, 4
I have been an amateur musician for many years, comfortable on both keys and strings, and to use an analogy from that facet of my life I will state that, to me, the rock bass is akin to a punk rock song - It hits you hard, is pugnacious and tough up front, and though it doesn't last too long, it is undeniably a strong, clever, and classic rocker.
Go to Small Fry, 3
Small Fry, 3
Lepomis auritus, the redbreast sunfish, does not receive the front-page press of its cousins the bluegill, the crappie, and the black bass. This species deserves increased specific attention, though, especially from fly anglers who prefer to fish flowing water, because the redbreast is the stream sunfish.
Go to GFF Summit 2008
GFF Summit 2008
It's time for the yearly gathering of GFF-readers. Once again we invite you to participate in the Global FlyFisher Summit, which as usual will take place in September in Denmark. The list of participants is already filling up, so read more about the arrangement here and sign up ASAP.
Go to Bob White
Bob White
Bob White is probably best known for his illustrations for John Gierach's long running column in the printed magazine Fly Rod and Reel. Here he tells a bit about how it all started, how he works - and that he also guides and has done so through 27 seasons from south to north, home and abroad.
Go to Small Fry, 2
Small Fry, 2
The smallmouth bass is the headliner of small coolwater venues and that fact is understandable. Micropterus dolomieui bends fly rods and performs top water acrobatics throughout the course of the fishing season, even during the hottest dog days, as long as the human on the other end of the line knows his or her art and craft.
Go to A Celebration
A Celebration
Personally Martin Joergensen has always carried a certain portion of envy when he leafs through books like this. Why isn't it him who has been to all these classical and historical places? After a while the enjoyment takes over and in the end the contemplation wins as he starts start reading the texts.
Go to ron P. swegman
ron P. swegman
Author and GFF contributor.
Go to Small Fry, 1
Small Fry, 1
Perfection is as illusory in fishing as it is in any other aspect of life, yet practice brings with it certain plateaus of near-perfection. Such stages in a fly fisher's practice provide a good time and opportunity to branch out.
Go to Small Fry, intro
Small Fry, intro
A treatise on small fish and small waters; an eclectic collection of classic fly pattern variations; a survey of some of the better literature on the art and sport of fly fishing; a portrait of the angler as a young man... All of these descriptions apply to "Small Fry: The Lure of the Little" brought to you by ron P. swegman.
Go to Niels' flies
Niels' flies
If you thought that silk lines, split cane rods and full dressed salmon flies was something people used a century ago, you may want to read this article about Niels Have who fishes his classical flies on a Phoenix silk line wound on a Hardy Perfect reel mounted on a Highlander two-hand split cane rod.
Go to Jan's Emerger
Jan's Emerger
Another new pattern from Jan Grandal-Johansen, this time a buzzer emerger that fishes well on the reservoirs in the UK. Those hackle tip wings are just killer.
Go to Two for one
Two for one
The follow up to the "Early Morning" pocasts. Not everything works out as planned. The early morning trip planned in the latest podcast worked out to become a full night's fishing - evening and morning. And as a bonus I recorded this podcast on the following trip, so you get a lot more than promised.
Go to Early Morning
Early Morning
Martin is planning to go out fishing at sunrise, and recorded a few thoughts on how to prepare for such an early morning fishing. He has to be very meticulous in his preparations, because if he's not, he will forget something...
Go to Mart's Parachute Ant
Mart's Parachute Ant
During the warmer months of the year, they are just about anywhere... Ants. Martin Westbeek shows an easy way to tie a good ant imitation that will sit well on the surface and hopefully lure trout or grayling.
Go to Writings
Section: Words and writings
Go to The Visitors - Day 2
The Visitors - Day 2
Two days. Two teams. Six fly fishers. Very different and difficult circumstances. Kasper Mühlbach was invited by a Lithuanian and a German team to go fishing with them. Their role was to catch and pose. Kasper's role was to photograph.
Go to The Visitors - Day 1
The Visitors - Day 1
Two days. Two teams. Six fly fishers. Very different and difficult circumstances. Kasper Mühlbach was invited by a Lithuanian and a German team to go fishing with them. Their role was to catch and pose. Kasper's role was to photograph.
Go to Tobias Renkawitz
Tobias Renkawitz
Tobias fishes alpine waters throughout the world. His specialties however are the streams and rivers of southern Bavaria and Austria where he spends most of his free time. His scientific curiosity motivates him to continuously test modern tackle materials and innovative designs in fly fishing.
Go to Pete Gray
Pete Gray
Pete Gray lives in Massachusetts in the eastern US and fishes the salt there.
Go to Not really fishing
Not really fishing
A short podcast from a fruiteless February trip to the cold Danish coast. It was an extremely beautiful day, and a lot of time was spent lying on the back in the sand, staring into the blue sky and the blazing sun.
Go to The Bad Beginning
The Bad Beginning
German Kai Nolting caught his first sea trout in his second cast for this silver bullet of the ocean. It would take three years before he caught the second one! In this article he thinks back and analyzes why this happened and draws some conclusions that may help others be a bit more lucky.
Go to The Pink Pig - Pattegrisen
The Pink Pig - Pattegrisen
You have probably heard about and maybe even watched The Pink Panther. If so, you also know the soundtrack. Put that on and take a look to see what a Pink Pig is, and if it has anything in common with the panther or if there is more Miss Piggy in this fly tied for tarpon, bonefish and trout.

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