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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Go to X-Factor
South African summer is here and the fish are rising. And the X-factor fly makes them even keener to go for the surface fly
Go to What is...
What is...
This new section of small articles is aimed at the absolute beginner or the one who doesn't fly-fish or tie flies, and has no idea about the concepts of casting or fishing a fly.
Go to Feather Brain
Feather Brain
Drew Chicone's book is a book right after my heart: great thoughts about fly-tying and designing flies for saltwater use.
Go to About 2013
About 2013
It's become kind of a tradition for me to do these yearly status posts when we get close to Christmas and New Year. So how was 2013 on GFF?
Go to The 50 most read articles
The 50 most read articles
A graphical overview over the twenty most visited sections on The Global FlyFisher in 2013.
Go to The 20 most popular sections
The 20 most popular sections
A graphical overview over the twenty most visited sections on The Global FlyFisher in 2013.
Go to Wanna tie a big fly?
Wanna tie a big fly?
This is not an article about a pattern called The Big Fly, but some general advice on tying big flies, running through several methods of growing your flies into something that can lure a large predator.
Go to Never fish with a broken hook!
Never fish with a broken hook!
Am I dumb or what? Who would fish with a broken hook? Well, a lot of people do, actually. I do now and then, although rarely on purpose.
Go to 5000 fly-fishing videos!
5000 fly-fishing videos!
Yes that's right! Our video channel has passed the five thousand video mark, and this article covers the state of this hugely successful section on the Global FlyFisher.
Go to DIY stick-on eyes
DIY stick-on eyes
Make your own large eyes for pike and saltwater flies using inexpensive materials and a little time. Some adhesive marker dots, a handful of waterproof pens and some LCR and you can start your own stick-on eye factory.
Go to Neguinha Fulô
Neguinha Fulô
This fly is very simple to tie, very good for beginners, and uses very few tying materials. A lot of people in the Brazilian forum Fly Fishing Brasil really enjoyed it.
Go to The Founding Flies
The Founding Flies
It has been said about fly fishing and fly tying that everything that needs to be said has been said already. "Founding Flies" tells us when and where it was said, under what circumstances it was said, and then goes on to tell us some stories about who said it.
Go to Paul Kalbrener
Paul Kalbrener
US angler living and fishing in Europe
Go to Micro Tarantula Crab
Micro Tarantula Crab
A small and mobile crab fly designed with big, wary bonefish in mind. The fly is developed by the professional fly tyer known as Peter Xtremefly
Go to Ultimate Fishing Adventures
Ultimate Fishing Adventures
Henry Gibley is an angler and photographer who has been around - literally! This is most likely just a selection of the places he has fished in his career, and the 100 selected spots are indeed very tempting and appetizing. A very nice book with some excellent photos.
Go to Silver Tip Fly Company
Silver Tip Fly Company
Canadian Silver Tip Fly Company makes printed fly-tying materials with a high degree of realism and can supply wings, shells and much more, ready to tie with. We asked some questions.
Go to Wet Flies
Wet Flies
A beautifully illustrated book covering the classic wet flies with a detailed picture and materials list for each and a large tying section with fantastic step-by-step illustrations of several patterns. text in both Japanese and English.
Go to Fishing Copenhagen
Fishing Copenhagen
This article will help the angler visiting in finding interesting fishing spots, shops and other activities that can be worth spending time on time while traveling
Go to Classic Michigan Flies
Classic Michigan Flies
A beautiful little book with 16 selected Michigan patterns, including such well known patterns the Adams, Griffith's Gnat and Rusty's Spinner. Illustrated with excellent illustrations by Joe van Faasen
Go to Rubber band tool
Rubber band tool
A super simple and inexpensive home made tool to hold hackle and other materials while tying.
Go to Easy Shrimp Eyes
Easy Shrimp Eyes
The fly-tying market is brimming with prefabricated materials, and Danish Easy Shrimp Eyes is one of the companies who are making them. We have talked to the guys behind the products.
Go to Pike Duster
Pike Duster
Inspired by some large, colorful saddles and an ordinary feather duster, this pike fly is voluminous and voluptuous, easy to tie and easy to cast.
Go to The strike
The strike
Once a fish has taken your fly there's a number of different ways to react. This article will try to help you hook more fish by adapting your strike or hook set.
Go to Mart's CdL Hen <br />Caddis Emerger
Mart's CdL Hen Caddis Emerger
Martin Westbeek's Coq de Leon Hen Caddis Emerger has soft contours and soft materials that suggest the movements of an insect struggling to break free.
Go to Postcards from the Swiss Alps
Postcards from the Swiss Alps
Fly-fishing dreams, a thought about Eve and some postcards from the Swiss Alps
Go to Right hand or left hand?
Right hand or left hand?
The debate about whether to use the right hand or the left hand on the fly reel is almost as old as fly-fishing itself. Let's look a bit rationally on the issue at hand...
Go to Where Reality Collides With Fantasy (Part Two)
Where Reality Collides With Fantasy (Part Two)
People in Alaska say there are two seasons, winter and the visiting season. Part two of Bob Kenly's story from Homer Spit, Alaska
Go to Glitter John
Glitter John
While keeping the profile of the Copper John but using fewer and different materials the Glitter John came about.
Go to Fly Fishing with Solo Canoes
Fly Fishing with Solo Canoes
Mike Hogue bought a new solo canoe this summer. After fishing and using his solo canoe for awhile, he is now wondering why he waited so long to buy this boat.
Go to Trout (of the World)
Trout (of the World)
A simple concept. Fish paintings of single trout flat on on their side on a white background. How can such books be Global Class? Simple answer: James Prosek.
Go to North Country Flies
North Country Flies
A classic book on soft hackle flies first published in 1885 and now photographically reprinted in high quality with a great foreword on its history.
Go to Fly Fishing in the Himalayas
Fly Fishing in the Himalayas
A brief summary of the fly fishing experiences on streams and rivers of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand states in the Indian Himalayans.
Go to The Best 30 Minutes
The Best 30 Minutes
When I turned to see where the small voice came from, I saw a youngster, half a century different in age and his Dad on the bank just slightly behind me.
Go to F&K Caddis
F&K Caddis
This caddis pattern has a great profile and an hot spot that can attract fish. It's been very successful for the originator, South African Korrie Broos.
Go to Better pictures: <br />shooting the sun
Better pictures: shooting the sun
Even though I consider sunrises and in particular sunsets as subjects more suitable for teenage bedroom posters than for fishing pictures, I have to admit that I have shot my fair part of them
Go to Catskill Tube Flies
Catskill Tube Flies
The cradle of American fly-fishing in the Catskills and tube flies isn't something normally connected, but fly-tyer Richard Katzman ties tube flies to be fished in these hallowed waters.
Go to Where Reality Collides With Fantasy
Where Reality Collides With Fantasy
Find yourself in the parking lot of a bar and restaurant surrounded by three hundred and sixty degrees of the prettiest country in the world.
Go to River Limay
River Limay
Another great trout river of Argentina - the River Limay in Patagonia. The Limay is a big freestone river, which offers fishing for trophy trout and rainbows.
Go to The Super Pupa
The Super Pupa
With such a name a fly has to be good. And this one is. The Super Pupa is a killer pattern! Different, simple to tie, and very efficient.
Go to Letter From Scotland
Letter From Scotland
Gordon McCallum, a wonderful, happy guy sent us this letter just to give you readers of GFF a slight taste of Scottish fishing. Lean back and dream about lochs, hoppers and droppers and water, which may be used for whiskey...
Go to This fly is NOT called Europe!
This fly is NOT called Europe!
The name of this renown fly is Europea 12 - with an a - oftentimes just called E-12. It's a true European classic, a great caddis imitation and even easy to tie.
Go to Bronze Ides
Bronze Ides
When the water reaches a comfortable temperature to go swimming, fishing gets slower. However, some species like the tropical feel and may surprice you now and then. Tie some small gammarus and dry beetles and get out in the calm August evenings.
Go to Buying Marabou
Buying Marabou
In nature the marabou is a stork. In fly tying it's a very versatile and popular type of feathers from other birds than the marabou.
Go to Streamers 365
Streamers 365
An impressing array of streamers from Darren MacEachern's one-streamer-a-day project Streamers 365. Beautiful images of each day's streamer with pattern description and materials collected in three books.
Go to Gapen's Muddler Minnow
Gapen's Muddler Minnow
This is an article about Don Gapen's original Muddler Minnow - a fly that is tied in countless versions and has inspired thousands of patterns, but only few that resemble the original
Go to Double Legs
Double Legs
While browsing fly patterns on the web I found this interesting and buggy looking Swedish Caddis pattern, and discovered that its history actually traced back to a GFF seatrout pattern.
Go to Sexy Crab
Sexy Crab
A crab pattern tied with a solid structure using extremely resistant materials but at the same time keeping it naturally looking and full of movement
Go to Pedro Pablo Yaņez Duran
Pedro Pablo Yaņez Duran
Chilean Pedro Pablo Yaņez Duran AKA PeterXtremefly is a professional fly-tyer with a big heart for saltwater flies.
Go to Perminator
This rabbit zonker fly imitates a mantis shrimp, a very important food resource for big permit and bonefish, and utilizes the mobile zonker strips to induce life in the fly.
Go to One Mallard Shrimp
One Mallard Shrimp
As a Baltic sea trout angler you can never get enough shrimp patterns, and this one was tied as a result of access to some really fine mallard feathers.
Go to Byske's Baltic Salmon
Byske's Baltic Salmon
The river Byske runs in the northern part of Sweden in a thick forest landscape. It is definitely one of the best salmon rivers in Sweden and the size and profile of the river is ideal for fly fishing.
Go to Jock Scott
Jock Scott
Some might consider it a bit mad or even crazy, but when Danish Niels Have ties full dressed, classic Jock Scott salmon flies, he ties them by the dozen... and then he fishes with them!
Go to Genner Bug
Genner Bug
There's absolute nothing original or innovative about this fly. On the contrary: it's super simple and has probably been tied in a gazillion variations before. It was inspired by some nice mallard feathers brought to one of our fly-tying and fishing trips.
Go to The Chicken or Pasta Fly
The Chicken or Pasta Fly
Too much about airplane food... and too little about fly tying and fly fishing. An ancient pattern from the Illustrated Pattern Swap year 2000.
Go to Buying Soft Hackle
Buying Soft Hackle
The soft hackle is supposed to be - as the name implies - soft. Soft hackle can come from many birds. Chickens, gamebirds like partridge, grouse and quail, pheasant and even crows and jackdaws.
Go to Rio Grande
Rio Grande
The Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego is one of the great trout rivers of Argentina. In this large and windswept river you can catch some of the largest sea run brown trout in the world.
Go to On a white background
On a white background
This article is another photo article, this time teaching you how to get pictures of your gear or your flies on a clean, white background.
Go to Buying Dry Fly Hackle
Buying Dry Fly Hackle
Learn what to look for when buying feathers for dry fly hackle. How to choose the right saddles or necks and get the most and the best feathers for your purpose.
Go to Buying Deer Hair
Buying Deer Hair
In this chapter of our series we look at what to look for when buying deer hair for fly tying. Get the right material whether you are going to use it for caddis wings or for spinning bass bugs.
Go to Buying Bucktail
Buying Bucktail
What to look for when buying bucktail, a cheap and easily accessible and very useful fly tying material. Learn how to get the best quality for streamers, saltwater patterns and pike flies.
Go to What to look for when byuing...
What to look for when byuing...
This article will give some tips on buying tying materials, and go through different groups of common materials like hackle, bucktail, skins and other fly-tying supplies.
Go to Ken's Incredibly Simple Shrimp
Ken's Incredibly Simple Shrimp
Shrimp flies are very much en vogue in the Baltic region, and keep on getting more and more complex. This one is simple and dead easy to tie - and still a very good imitation.
Go to Peter A.S. Miles
Peter A.S. Miles
Argentinian angler and GFF contributor Pedro Alfredo Miles tells a bit about himself.
Go to Tom's Line Winder
Tom's Line Winder
Build your own line winder for maintaining your fly lines and getting them on and off the reel. Tom Biesot considers the line cleaning process and use and construction of your own line winder.
Go to The Fly Fisher's Playbook
The Fly Fisher's Playbook
This book is good and useful for its intended purpose and just may be the ticket you need to retool your bad fly fishing habits. This book is for the serious-minded nymphing-oriented angler wishing to dissect, analyze and improve his or her technique.
Go to Fishy photos: <br />Pasi Visakivi
Fishy photos: Pasi Visakivi
Finnish photographer Pasi Visakivi has been interested in photographing from very young age but is still learning new important things almost every day.
Go to Matching Major Eastern Hatches
Matching Major Eastern Hatches
Henry Ramsay has given us a peak inside his fly box and shared with us his rationale for how and why he has developed his fly patterns. To a fly tyer, that is pure gold. It is chock full of good ideas, sound angling theory, and easily digestible fly tying concepts. There are flies in here that I will try.
Go to My first flies
My first flies
I honestly don't remember exactly how many years ago I started tying flies, but a rough calculation says about 30 years. A lot has happened since then - luckily!
Go to Duck's extended body
Duck's extended body
Roger Duckworth shows an innovative and extremely easy technique to make durable extended bodies for mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies, and he shows a way of hackling the dry flies so that the hackle is under the body but above the hook so that it supports the fly more like the natural.
Go to Yves Laurent
Yves Laurent
Canadian Yves Laurent does beautiful wood carvings of fish and other animals - and flies. His work is meticulous and detailed and even the stones are carved in wood!
Go to Mickey Finn
Mickey Finn
The Mickey Finn is one of the all time classic streamers. Simple, beautiful and fairly easy to tie - and a catcher.
Go to Reflections
Well placed reflections can add tremendously to an otherwise ordinary picture, and since we often have the reflective surface: the water, why not utilize this more in our images.
Go to The Bat Fly
The Bat Fly
To tie Andrew Herd's Bat Fly, you will need a packet of Polo mints, a pair of shears and a full-bore rifle.
Go to Goldmine Crab
Goldmine Crab
A weedless crab pattern with lots of flash and color, yet with a discrete landing suitable for finicky fish. Tied for redfish and other warm saltwater species
Go to Adriano Manocchia
Adriano Manocchia
A mail ticked in: "One of our clients thought that Adriano Manocchia's art would be a nice addition to your art gallery section." And true enough. Manocchia's beautiful, almost photo realistic art would certainly be a nice addition to our Fishy Artists series.
Go to Streamers 365
Streamers 365
The Streamers 365 project has delighted streamer aficionados worldwide by delivering a new and beautiful streamer photo online every day. We have talked to Darren MacEachern, the man behind the project.
Go to Classic Salmon Fly Patterns
Classic Salmon Fly Patterns
Michael Radencich has created one of the most comprehensive and valuable reference books ever written for the tyer of classic salmon flies. With over 1700 patterns and 1000 photographs, there is a lifetime of exploration between the covers.
Go to Sam MacDonald
Sam MacDonald
Sam MacDonalds art may at first glance look like paintings, but is actually 3D sculptures made from metal, with a very particular character that lends itself very well to fish and underwater subjects. We confronted him with our usual questions.
Go to The Test Tube
The Test Tube
A weird and futuristic construction from the archives. Really easy to tie... eh, make... uhm... construct... Metal, plastic and glue.
Go to Super simple fly photos
Super simple fly photos
This is the über simple lightweight guide to taking pictures of your flies - finished flies or for step-by-steps - even with your phone!
Go to Roy Lopez
Roy Lopez
Aspiring guide and biology student Roy Lopez is happy to call southern Texas his home.
Go to Tight Line Shrimp
Tight Line Shrimp
A go to shrimp fly for tailing redfish from Laguna Madre based fly fisherman Roy Lopez. Easy to tie and perfect for the reds as well as a bunch of other species.
Go to Ramiro Garcia Malbrān
Ramiro Garcia Malbrān
Argentinean Ramiro Garcia Malbrān searches for pike, carps, black and sea bass and other fish wherever he can.
Go to Malbran
Malbran is the fly that catches everything. Created by Ramiro Garcia Malbrān and tied with simple and cheap materials it's the ideal fly for fierce predators like dorado, pike and bass.
Go to Peeete's Pheather'<br />n'Phlash
Peeete's Pheather'n'Phlash
AKA Peeete's Welded Wide Body Tunnel Hull Pheather'n'Phlash Tube Phly. The name is complex, but the fly is simple, showing how to build a large baitfish imitation with few and easily accessible materials - and Pete Gray's neat welding technique.
Go to Eddy Arenas Jr.
Eddy Arenas Jr.
Eddy Arenas Jr. is a Texas based fly fisher, fly tyer and aspiring guide and captain.
Go to Redfish Puff
Redfish Puff
Lead dumbbell eyes, a bit of flash, marabou and some deer hair and and you have a deadly fly for fish prowling the flats for shrimp and crabs. It's the Redfish Puff, and it catches more than redfish.
Go to Fishing in New York
Fishing in New York
A friend of mine once said that New York is an outdoorsman's paradise. For those who live outside the state, that may seem hard to believe, but it's true, at least from a fisherman's perspective. There is an amazing diversity of freshwater gamefish available able anglers year around. Over the past ten years, I've accumulated quite a few digital images of NY fishing that I thought it would be fun to share.
Go to Fishy photos: <br />Michael Jensen
Fishy photos: Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen is a Danish writer and photographer whose images are widely used in fishing books and magazines. Michael is a very creative person who has also written children's books and short stories and not least he's an avid rock musician.
Go to Dicentrarchus labrax
Dicentrarchus labrax
The European sea bass is a worthy target for fly-fishers, and in spite of being a lot less common than its American kin the striped bass, it's quite common along the North Sea and Atlantic coasts in Europe.
Go to David Miller
David Miller
UK artist David Miller has long been on our wanted list for the Fishy Artist series, and now we can feature some samples of his impressing art and some answers to a few questions.
Go to The tube fly needle
The tube fly needle
If you are embarking on the tube fly tying journey and don't have the tools, don't despair. A simple and inexpensive tapered needle is all you need - or maybe a couple.

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