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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Go to King of the moonfish
King of the moonfish
Moonfish are odd but fascinating creatures, and I have the honor of having been called king of the moonfish during a family trip to Florida.
Go to Mangrove tarpon
Mangrove tarpon
I was never really taken by tarpon fishing. I've done it a few times and caught a few tarpon, but never felt the thrill that I see people get from fishing for these fish.
Go to Summit opener
Summit opener
This was one of those days where things just worked out, and I took advantage of it and behaved slightly out of order.
Go to Jewel of the Rockies
Jewel of the Rockies
Little jewels of the mountains, greenback cutthroats cruising along the shore, easily visible from the rocks and eager to take almost anything offered.
Go to My float tube <br />is a sputnik
My float tube is a sputnik
I enter the water... I enter another universe. My tube is a sputnik suspended in the space above a lunar surface of sand and stone. I'm the astronaut. The clear water is my vaccum. I turn on my mental time lock and make the first cast.
Go to The man with <br />the silver waders
The man with the silver waders
This is about a steelhead - a sea run rainbow trout. We don't have wild rainbow trout here, so all rainbows we catch are escaped hatchery or sea farm fish. And most are butt ugly. But not this one.
Go to My most recent <br />decent fish
My most recent decent fish
Oddly enough the first fish I thought of when I started writing this series was my most recent decent coastal sea trout, which I'm ashamed to say was caught more than four years ago.
Go to I remember <br />that fish
I remember that fish
In spite of having caught quite a few fish in my life, some stand out. Not the biggest, not the most spectacular, not the most difficult... just some...
Go to Saltwater Flies
Saltwater Flies
A nice book with a wealth of very different saltwater fly patterns from the Gulf coasts of the US. With contributions by a large number of well known and not so well known tyers.
Go to Das große Trockenfliegen-<br />Buch
Das große Trockenfliegen-Buch
A beautiful German language book on dry fly fishing, which takes a complete look on dry fly fishing - with a slight European perspective.
Go to Selectivity
A book about fishing for fussy trout, steelhead and salmon, which systematically covers theory, practical fishing methods and fly patterns.
Go to Takes
South African Korrie Broos has developed this "Chart of takes" to classify the takes and different methods to employ to fish for the takes or to trigger the take.
Go to Trading Tales
Trading Tales
Author Dominic Garnett went on a fly fishing trip in London with magazine editor Garrett Fallon
Go to Steelhead Dreams
Steelhead Dreams
A very thorough introduction to fishing for steelhead in the great lakes area in the US by renown steelhead guide Matt Supinski. Covering tactics, gear and flies as well as seasons and locations.
Go to Fly-Fishing's Final Frontier
Fly-Fishing's Final Frontier
A large, beautiful and well-illustrated book on fly-fishing for anything but trout covering techniques and fly-patterns. A great intro to the alternative quarries of the US.
Go to Vintage Streamers
Vintage Streamers
I saw a post by Ted Patlen on a fly tying bulletin board. It was a simple post - a photo of a group of flies and a short statement stating his intention of tying the flies as close as possible to the way the originator tied the flies. His post stuck with me for awhile, before I got up the gumption to send him an email asking if he would be interested in submitting his flies to GFF for an article
Go to Fishing in Grayling Paradise
Fishing in Grayling Paradise
A very good read if you are planning a trip to the Czech Republic or enjoy reading fly fishing stories about other interesting places.
Go to Fish Flies I and II
Fish Flies I and II
An impressing couple of books. An encyclopedia of fly patterns, history and tying methods. Huge and with enormous amounts of material.
Go to Threading a bobbin
Threading a bobbin
Considering how simple the goal is: to get the thread through the tube of a bobbin holder, there's a surprising number of ways to do it.
Go to Dorado
Locally it is known as "el tigre de los rios", the tiger of the rivers, and Argentina's famed Dorado is a popular and sought after gamefish.
Go to Flyfishing for Coarse Fish
Flyfishing for Coarse Fish
I have fished for roach, bream, chub and of course pike and always wanted to try to target carp and tench. This is a book for me and any fly-angler who wants to venture beyond simple trout fishing.
Go to Take the Fly
Take the Fly
A very different fly-fishing book and a book right after my heart. Poetry, watercolors... and the F-word!
Go to Bobbin holders
Bobbin holders
Most people use a bobbin holder when they tie flies. In spite of being a simple tool there are some pretty advanced models out there. 
Go to Kayak Fishing
Kayak Fishing
An excellent all-round kayak fishing book, richly illustrated and with lots of useful information on everything from kayak choice to rigging the kayak and - of course - fishing from it.
Go to Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques
Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques
Over 1,000 color photos is both the strength and the weakness of Jim Schollmeyer's nymph book from 2001.
Go to Kayak fly-fishing - the sequel
Kayak fly-fishing - the sequel
I have been fishing in the ocean from a kayak before, but these days my motivation is not mobility but rather immobility and my needs are different.
Go to Biking and Fly Fishing
Biking and Fly Fishing
Having a hard time finding new fishing locations is a common complaint. How about using your bike to go new places? Mike Hogue introduces you to the combination of biking and fishing.
Go to Rising Salar Q&A
Rising Salar Q&A
The DVD Rising Salar takes a different approach to doing a fishing video and we have talked the the three guys behind it.
Go to The Rising Salar
The Rising Salar
A fun and different fishing video with lots of salmon caught in beautiful Norwegian settings.
Go to Fishy photos: <br />Lukas Bammatter
Fishy photos: Lukas Bammatter
Swiss photographer and fly-fisher Lukas Bammatter lives in Zürich not far away from beautiful trout and grayling waters with both fishing and photo opportunities.
Go to Braid a worm
Braid a worm
Sometimes a fly-tyer thinks out of the box, and suddenly the complex and difficult becomes very simple - like tying a great clam worm fly.
Go to Don't tie flies
Don't tie flies
This is in reality a declaration of love to the art and craft of tying fishing flies with lots of tips for the beginning fly-tyer.
Go to Northern New York Getaway
Northern New York Getaway
The highlight of every fishing season is the trip to a small lake in northern New York where my buddies and I leave our trout gear at home and chase the king of the warmwater lakes - the largemouth bass.
Go to A Danish fishing lodge
A Danish fishing lodge
Lodges are found on many fishing destinations around the world, but in Denmark they aren't common. We have talked to the owner of the first dedicated fishing lodge in the prime coastal seatrout destination in the world.
Go to Jesper Fohrmann
Jesper Fohrmann
A Danish fly fisherman with a passion for Atlantic Salmon on dry fly
Go to A Newfoundland Adventure
A Newfoundland Adventure
When Danish angler Jesper Fohrmann was a child, he had the book The Atlantic Salmon by Lee Wulff on the shelf next to Batman and Donald Duck. Ever since then he dreamed of one day visiting the rivers that Lee Wulff fished.
Go to Mart's Peccary Paraloop Emerger
Mart's Peccary Paraloop Emerger
This emerger is great for smaller, slower streams and has proven a very successful pattern for the author. It's tied the paraloop way with no hackle under the hook.
Go to Lough Conn trout fishing
Lough Conn trout fishing
Irish Lough Conn is a huge lake full of wild trout and a very decent number of salmon. Fishing in it is free, and can be fantastic. And the Kelly Kettle was born on its banks.
Go to OSA Nymph
OSA Nymph
A generic nymph that can do equally well as a stonefly or mayfly nymph as it can a waterboatman or backswimmer
Go to Sea Trout Secrets 5+6
Sea Trout Secrets 5+6
Danish Niels Vestergaard as upped the ante and outdone himself in the latest two videos in the Sea Trout Secrets series - one on spin fishing and one on fly-fishing.
Go to Sea Trout Munker
Sea Trout Munker
Inspired by Kim Sorensen's salmon fly the Munker I set out to make a sea trout variant for the salt
Go to Salt
A large and beautiful book about fly-fishing US coastal waters from north to south and east to west.
Go to The Munker
The Munker
A very successful Danish muddler tube fly developed by Kim Sorensen for salmon and sea trout, particularly suited for slow water.
Go to Fly Tying Thread Table
Fly Tying Thread Table
A large sortable table comparing more than 90 fly-tying threads.
Go to Fly Tying Thread Charts
Fly Tying Thread Charts
The nerdy look at tying threads plotting their thickness, Denier and breaking strength in scatter charts to show correlation. There is none!
Go to Fly Tying Thread Blues
Fly Tying Thread Blues
The old aught system for tying threads (6/0, 8/0, 10/0) isn't really good.
So the newer Denier system is much better, right?
No, not really!
Go to Merging two fly lines
Merging two fly lines
Splicing lines together using thread and glue can be replaced by another method if you are using coated lines. See how easy it is to weld lines togeteher using shrink tubes and a heater.
Go to Sid’s Fin Hack
Sid’s Fin Hack
Modifying float tube fins with better straps normally used on snowboard bindings. This article shows how you can easily modify the fins yourself.
Go to Sydney Opera Mouse
Sydney Opera Mouse
A crazy foam construction that looks very little like a mouse and a lot like an opera house
Go to Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen
Danish writer and photographer
Go to Meet the Booby Fly
Meet the Booby Fly
A top producing outlaw with a catchy name. An excerpt from Michael Jensen's newly published book "Tying and fishing The Booby Fly"
Go to Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly
Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly
A book solely on tying and fishing the (flam)buoyant booby flies. Originally a UK style of fly, but very useful for other applications. Available as an ebook.
Go to A spring trip
A spring trip
I have been going on these fishing trips twice a year with a bunch of friends for more than a decade. These days it's more trip than fishing for me.
Go to Rio Grande Revisitado
Rio Grande Revisitado
Argentinean fly-fisher Pedro Alfredo Miles has visited that most famous of all South American rivers again - Rio Grande.
Go to Foam Caterpillars
Foam Caterpillars
Caterpillars aren't the most common type of fishing flies, but like a good ant or beetle pattern they can be killers by an overgrown stream bank on a warm summers day.
Go to Mouse flies
Mouse flies
Somewhat an oxymoron - a fly that's a mammal - but still a fun fly to tie, and not least to fish when the large fish are tuned in on a mouse menu.
Go to A World of Pike Flies
A World of Pike Flies
Truly a remarkable gathering of pike flies, and another very personal view on pike fishing and pike fly tying from Dutch pike angler and artist Ad Swier.
Go to Wet Flies
Wet Flies
Wet flies are once again very popular, but most we see are tied for presentation and not so much for fishing. Bob Petti enjoys tying wet flies and tries to style his after the fishing flies that are popular in the UK using colors and materials that work well in the water.
Go to Welding your loops
Welding your loops
A simple 7-step guide will show you how to make small, neat loops on your fly lines. Just like the pros - just neater.
Now you can finally say goodbye to big clumsy loops, acetone, glue and sewing processes. Doing it this way will give you, small, smooth and round loops.
Go to Beaver Kill River
Beaver Kill River
The Beaver Kill River is one of the very famous US rivers and an important part of the history of US fly-fishing
Go to What is a switch rod?
What is a switch rod?
There's single hand and two hand rods. The one in between should be the switch rod, right? This article is about how salmon guide Nils Jorgensen sees it.
Go to FlyOn tube fly system
FlyOn tube fly system
A simple idea for switching tube flies lightning fast without cutting the leader or tying any knots.
Go to Preserving Feathers
Preserving Feathers
A simple method of preserving bird skins from birds like ducks. If you hunt or know hunters, there's a rich supply of materials, almost for free
Go to Casting That Fly
Casting That Fly
A set of excellent casting DVDs that will appeal in particular to the beginner and medium advanced fly angler who wants to get started with more advanced casting and not least shooting heads
Go to Why I Fly Fish
Why I Fly Fish
This book features 25 well known fly fishers and each has a six page chapter, which follows the exact same template: A full page photo, a three page portrait/interview, another full page photo and a small bio.
Go to Casting Arm Blues
Casting Arm Blues
I have traditionally published a collection of images before the season to heighten the Cabin Fever, and this year's Casting Arm Blues also gets a stimulus package
Go to Fishy photos: <br />Rudy van Duijnhoven
Fishy photos: Rudy van Duijnhoven
Dutchman Rudy van Duijnhoven is a well known freelance photographer in the northern European fishing community delivering photos and articles to many European magazines and websites.
Go to The Oscar Fly
The Oscar Fly
First there was The Collie Dog, then the less famous Charlie Fly and now the Oscar Fly. A traditional palmered wet fly in greyish colors - with a secret and rare smoke colored body. See how to tie it and why Flemming prefers them in small sizes.
Go to Fly Photography
Fly Photography
One day last year I was thinking about how best to illuminate flies for photos when I thought of using a LED flashlight as a sort of spotlight. They were very cheap - $3 at the checkout of any office supply store - but pretty wimpy. I started checking to see what other options were available and was surprised to find that LED lights are already very popular among photographers.
Go to Richard Katzman
Richard Katzman
Richard Katzman resides in the Catskills of the US state New York and ties tube flies for his fishing
Go to Tributaries
A very nice 20 minute video that emphasizes how similar the life and philosophy of three very different fly-fishing guides actually is.
Go to Fishy photos: Nikola Novovic
Fishy photos: Nikola Novovic
The global scope of GFF is once again confirmed as we present Montenegrian fishy photographer Nikola Novovic
Go to Portrait of a fishing dog
Portrait of a fishing dog
I've had a dog for close to ten years now, and he has been with me on almost every single fishing trip I've been on since I got him.
Go to Henning's Setup
Henning's Setup
This shooting head setup for coastal fishing is both inexpensive, easy to make yourself and very easy to cast.
Go to Thai Mahseer
Thai Mahseer
The jungle rivers in southern Thailand can offer some amazing Mahseer fly fishing adventures.
Go to February Red
February Red
Many Finnish fly fishermen wait impatiently throughout a long and dark winter for some exotic dry fly fishing in the middle of ice and snow
Go to The Tube Fly
The Tube Fly
A beautiful, large format book about tube flies with 300 patterns listed with materials and exquisite images. A handful are illustrated with step-by-step instructions. In Sawada's usual gaudy tying style and colors accompanied by Japanese text and his quirky English translations.
Go to What is a fly rod?
What is a fly rod?
Fly rods are fishing rods built specifically for fly-fishing and are similar to any fishing rod in many ways, but also very different.
Go to GFF might have ads!
GFF might have ads!
We're breaking the oath that we have sworn so many times. GFF needs money and might soon start having ads.
Go to Advertize with GFF
Advertize with GFF
We have started accepting banner ads.
Go to Stripers <br />on the flats
Stripers on the flats
Chasing striped bass in the shallow water - the flats - can be a lot of fun as Swiss fly-angler Lukas Bammatter can attest to.
Go to What is fly-fishing?
What is fly-fishing?
This article tries to explain in simple terms what it is to fish with a fly - fly-fish or flyfish.
Go to 2500 sea trout!
2500 sea trout!
If you want to lie about your catches, you might as well do it properly. Here's a story about how not to do, and a tool to help you.

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