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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 2002
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Go to Realistic Flies
Realistic Flies
Realistic flies are not only for the display case. As Steve Thornton shows us, realism can also be applied to practical and effective fishing flies. Trout and grayling beware!
Go to Monic Light Green
Monic Light Green
Cold weather lines are slowly becoming as common as the special lines for tropical fishing. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has fished one from Monic and liked it very much.
Go to The Curtis Creek Manifesto
The Curtis Creek Manifesto
Ever read any of Robert Crumb's underground comics? Or Gilbert Shelton's Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers? Liked them? Then you will probably love this book too.
Go to Eddie Bourma
Eddie Bourma

Go to Flyfishing for Perch
Flyfishing for Perch
Perch is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite sportsfish. They are splendid to see, they're aggressive fighters and you can waylay them with light equipment.
Go to Lamar Reel Seats
Lamar Reel Seats
Andy Dear hits a home run with his custom reel seat spacers and complete reel seats. It's a rare thing for a product to get a "Global Class" GFF rating, but Andy's woodworking skills earn him that high honor easily.
Go to Venneri's Reel Seats
Venneri's Reel Seats
Recently, GFF partners Bob Petti and Steve Schweitzer had the chance to visit Bob Venneri at his house and get a look-see into his workshop and how his seats are made, by hand, one at a time.
Go to Screwhead Matuka
Screwhead Matuka
GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been fooling aruond with Bidoz Products brand new Kameleon Heads. These aluminium heads screw onto almost any straight eye hook - such as the one on the Screwhead Matuka.
Go to The Making of a Prize Rod
The Making of a Prize Rod
The grand prize for the Flymeister 2001 contest was a custom built fly rod made by Neal Hall, owner of Classic Destiny rods and president of the Custom Rod Builder's Guild.
Go to Fabulous British videos
Fabulous British videos
These videos are the best fly tying and fly fishing videos I have ever seen, period! Oliver Edwards is an extraordinarily good fly tier and instructor, but first and foremost is he an extremely entertaining and pleasantly knowledgeable person to listen to.
Go to Cheap & fun little book
Cheap & fun little book
Want a great and affordable gift for a flyfisherman… or a little treat for yourself? Here is good suggestion: a fun little book, written by a man with stories to tell and a big heart for humour, fishing and rod building. And the book is only 10 US dollars!
Go to The Mörrum Circus
The Mörrum Circus
Fishing for huge atlantic salmon in the Swedish River Mörrum is an experience that makes you urge for more. GFF partner Martin Joergensen went there for four days in June 2001 and cannot wait to return.
Go to Pacific Inshore
Pacific Inshore
Compared to Hanley's previous Fly Fishing Afoot in the Surf Zone, this book has a lot more volume and a lot more content. Built along the same lines: instructive, insightful and well written. The new title manages to get around more types of fly fishing for traditional as well as almost unknown species.
Go to Advanced Kreh
Advanced Kreh
I wouldn't expect to see the definition of double taper or weight forward lines in an "advanced techniques" book. That is pretty basic stuff. Would I expect to see a discussion of the merits of a large arbor reel vs standard arbor? Yeah. In this book, however, we got the former but not the latter.
Go to Fly line anatomy
Fly line anatomy
My fly line doesn't understand me! And I don't understand it... This article tries to put things straight: tapers, densities, coatings, memory and all the other terms that manufacturers use for these expensive pieces of string.
Go to Kim Conrad
Kim Conrad
Danish photographer and publisher
Go to Kreh on casting
Kreh on casting
If, while fishing, you have to deal with wind coming from various directions, you have to make a quick cast to a specific target, change direction, or cast for a bit of distance, this book by Lefty Kreh will teach you a thing or two.
Go to Fishing - Kayak flyfishing
Fishing - Kayak flyfishing
You have the kayak. You have the rods. You have all the gizmos and gadgets. Now you want to use them. Well, preparing for a flyfishing trip in a kayak is much like preparing for any flyfishing venture. Gather your stuff, make sure you brought everything and set out.
Go to Safety and preparation
Safety and preparation
This is fun but no game. Accidents happen every day to small vessels, and taking the right precautions will keep you out of these sad statistics.
Go to Selecting a kayak
Selecting a kayak
I have seen many recommendations - many different recommendations - and I must admit that I personally hesitate to recommend any particular type, make or model of kayak.
Go to Kayak flyfishing
Kayak flyfishing
My kayak endeavor actually started in a float tube. Fishing from places other than the shore or shallows gave me a taste for moving more about when I was fishing. I wanted to get out too. The tube was neat, the kayak is ideal.
Go to Kayakfishing
Author Ken Daubert has written an excellent and enthusiastic book on kayak fishing with all necessary information on kayaks, safety and lots of fishing fun.
Go to New and better!
New and better!
Global FlyFisher has been updated with a new and better publishing system, which will not only give you a better site, but ease the process of finding articles - new as well as old ones.
Go to Quick-Seine
"Where have I been? Why didn't I use this before?!". The Quick-Seine is not a new product on the market as it won the Top Ten new product award at the 1996 International Fly-Tackle Dealer show,
Go to Bamboo part 6
Bamboo part 6
Now that we have our strips of bamboo tapered into sections for our fly rod, the next step is to glue these strips together into whole rod sections.
Go to John Randolph
John Randolph
If you want to know who's who and where's where, John Randolph is the guy to learn from. If there's anyone he hasn't fished with, and anywhere he hasn't fished, I'd be mighty surprised. But can he write?
Go to Catch that fish!
Catch that fish!
With a subtitle such as "The essential guide to fly fishing tactics" and cover texts such as "When to fish and where to cast" and "How to match the perfect fly" the promises are piling up in this wonderful book from 1999.
Go to Rainshadow Xcel
Rainshadow Xcel
Not only do all the major rod companies sell their blanks, there are several companies that produce and sell only blanks. Where to begin? Rainshadow might be one choice. Great, afordable blanks.
Go to Tough rod!
Tough rod!
You do not get to fish a 12 weight one hand rod every day. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has had the pleasure of field testing a Sirrus 12 wt - an impressing rod at a very good price.
Go to Comparadone!
Comparaduns are one of the most versatile mayfly patterns in existence representing a low-riding mayfly to near perfection. However, many tiers shy this simple pattern due to the perceived complexity of tying the deer hair wings. Learn to master the technique with GFF partner Steve Schweitzer.
Go to Drag-Free Drift
Drag-Free Drift
"I must say - I was surprised to encounter a pretty wide ranging set of topics in a book about drifting flies, and more gory detail than I thought possible" GFF partner Bob Petti reviews a book entirely about leaders.
Go to Making grips II
Making grips II
There are two basic strategies for building a cork grip for a fly rod. The first involves gluing the rings directly onto the rod blank and then shaping the grip. Another way involves gluing the cork rings together off the blank, and then shaping the grip in a lathe setup before reaming and fitting to the rod blank. That process is described by Bob Petti in this article.
Go to Float'n'tote
I am not one much for buying a lot of flyfishing accessories, so when the HSI Float-n-Tote rod holder arrived at my front doorstep to review, I was sceptically intriqued. I have never had much use for a float tube rod holder since most of my float tube fishing is done in litle ponds and near shore on lakes. However, the perfect trip was coming up to test out the rod holder system.
Go to Build a Grip Lathe
Build a Grip Lathe
As we've alluded to in other articles, making your own grips from cork rings is an important part of building a custom rod. "Staying with the cost-effective strategy, I decided to try and build my own cork lathe using common materials and a drill." Read more of Jon Jenkin's article.
Go to Lines...
"This is a wonderfully well written book, with a fascinating mix of adventures and characters. Do yourself a favor - get yourself something to drink, go plop in your favorite comfy chair, and open up to the first page. You won't be sorry."
Go to The Beaverkill
The Beaverkill
Take this virtual outing to the Beaverkill and Willowemoc - the cradle of the Catskills. Global FlyFisher partner Bob Petti had his camera out during his last visit and brings you this portfolio with streams, bridges beautiful landscapes and gin clear water.
Go to Lamiglass Ti2000
Lamiglass Ti2000
A rod with a titanium section built in! Strange maybe, but the reviewer's verdict is clear: "All I know is that it's better than most other rods I have fished with." Read the review here.
Go to Shrimps&Speys
"It continues page after page. Shrimps, grubs, Speys... shrimps again... more speys. Modern ones. Classic ones. I have always loved these particular types of flies, and there I am. Kid in a candy store... Dracula in a blood bank..." Read martin Joergensen's review of Shrimp & Spey Patterns.
Go to Big Fish!
Big Fish!
"A good book, filled with practical information gathered from years of research and discussions with fellow anglers. If you want to know more about trout, this is a terrific resource." says GFF partner Bob Petti about this book devoted to catching big trout.
Go to Bonefishing!
Randall Kaufmann sets new standards within contemporary fly fishing literature with his masterpiece on bonefishing. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has taken a virtual daydream trip to all the greatest bonefish destinations in the world. Read his review.
Go to Pop Fleyes
Pop Fleyes
"When reading this book, you get the impression that the authors are proud of their work and they know that they have written an above-standard-book". Reviewer Kasper Mühlbach honors Bob "Pops" Popovics' and Ed Jaworowski's book with the best grade: Global Class. Read the review here.
Go to Copper Frede
Copper Frede
Combine the Danish killer patterns Frede and Copper Bully with a Wooly Bugger... Not surprisingly a deadly combination
Go to Splayed-A-Live
Pike fishing requires large flies, and they are not nice to cast! GFF partner Martin Joergeensen has improvised over some well known salt water patterns and made them into a fly, which is light, large, easy to tie and still acceptable to cast on a 7 weight rod.
Go to The Locofoam Story
The Locofoam Story
Harrison Steeve's story about a brand new foam material for terrestrials and many other flies. "You guys are crazy to spend so much time messing around with that loco foam." Needless to say the name stuck. Read the whole story here.
Go to Saved soles
Saved soles
Felt is great for soles on wading boots. But while it overcomes slippery rocks it does not overcome waer. But luckily it is easy to replace the worn down soles. Buy some felt, som glue and 
Go to Wash-n-Dry Dubbing
Wash-n-Dry Dubbing
Make your dry fly dubbing in bulk quantities while washing your clothes! It's that easy! Harvest the fibers that come from you tumble dryer and prepare it for fly tying. Read the whole story by Steve Schweitzer here.
Go to Production leaders
Production leaders
What is production leader tying? Tying more than 2 leaders at a time! But, if you are like me, you find out that tomorrow you may go fishing, so you scramble to tie just enough leaders (usually 2) to handle the day and go on with life.
Go to Fox swap
Fox swap
The first swap of the winter tying season, the Arctic Fox Pattern Swap Page hilights the latest creations/conversions by Streamer List members. All of the patterns in this swap utilize Arctic Fox as a major component.
Go to The Gold Nugget
The Gold Nugget
This little pattern will sink just like a beadhead and will imitate the colors a golden stone nymph has, almost to perfection. Follow the tying sequences in the article to make your own! Steve Schweitzer has created another killer!
Go to The Universal Nymph
The Universal Nymph
It's a beadhead, no, a hare's ear, no... How about a flashback pheasant-tail... could be sort-of-a prince nymph, maybe a copper-john-alike or a biot-bug; whatever it is, it's versatile!. This is the Universal Nymph by GFF partner Steve Schweizter. Read the step-by-step tying instructions here.
Go to Hot melt glue
Hot melt glue
Epoxy is out! Hotmelt glue is in! When it comes to tying eggs and MOE blanks, this stuff is the new hot way to do it! Let our own Mad Scientist teach you more...
Go to Advanced Fly Tying
Advanced Fly Tying
"What's really cool is that even if you disagree with him, he forces you to think about why you disagree with him and you end up learning something anyway. You can't really ask for more than that". Review by Bob Petti.
Go to Jungle Cock Repair
Jungle Cock Repair
Prime Jungle Cock necks are rare to come by. Learn how 'upgrade' fishing quality JC necks in this article.
Go to Brush eyes
Brush eyes
Shrimp patterns are always fun to tie. These salt water imitatoins are easy to do and fish well. Martin Joergensen has once again pursued the art of imitating these salt water arthopods - this time utilizing his family's hair brushes! Read the story and find the patterns here.
Go to Big Mike's streamers
Big Mike's streamers
Truly influential fly tyers are rare. Mike Martinek is such a tyer. He has been the initiator and a major contributor to the revival of the American streamers. Read Bob Petti's article about Mike's beautiful, classical streamer patterns.
Go to Carrie's Challenge
Carrie's Challenge
I have never used a vise; I have never seen anyone tie a fly and noone has ever seen me tie one. I have never read or had any fly tying instructions. Said by Carrie Stevens in a letter to Jospeh Bates. The words of a trailblazer. How fortunate we are to reap the benefits of a road paved by innovators before us, such as Mrs. Stevens.
Go to Bamboo part 5
Bamboo part 5
Harry Boyd teaches us the tools and techniques required to turn strips of bamboo into tapered sections of a fly rod in Part 5 of his continuing series - Planing to Taper.
A tube fly is different - a muddler is me - a tube muddler is a perfect choice. Tube muddlers are not unknown to me. I have tied and fished a few in my time, and I like them... so do the fish by the way.
Go to Edwards' Little Ant
Edwards' Little Ant
Ant patterns are usually a bit of foam and a chaotic dry fly hackle. But why not tie it more imitative? It's quite easy.
Go to Bamboo part 4
Bamboo part 4
Split cane: In the fourth installment of Harry Boyd's series on bulding bamboo fly rods, he describes the tools and processes of binding strips together and then heat-treating them in some sort of oven. Read more in Part 4 - Binding and Heat Treating
Go to Grizzly Streamers
Grizzly Streamers
GFF co-webmaster Bob Petti coordinated an effort to share Grizzly Streamer Patterns by members of the Streamer List.
Go to Bamboo part 3
Bamboo part 3
This is the third section of Harry Boyd's continuing bamboo rod course. Here we begin to mold the raw bamboo into something that approaches the shape and form of a fly rod, and the real fun begins. Read more in Part 3 - Staggering Nodes and Rough Planing.
Go to Small and large flies for sea trout
Small and large flies for sea trout
I highly recommend using small flies for fall fishing for sea trout and rainbows in salt water. The fish have been feeding all summer and can be picky and veeery slow and reluctant to take any fly offered to them.
Go to Orvis Fly Tying Guide
Orvis Fly Tying Guide
Beginners: The Orvis Fly Tying Guide continues the tradition of Orvis "guide" books aimed at helping those new to the sport get a head start on a lifetime of learning. Read Bob Petti's review here.
Go to Jim Warner flies
Jim Warner flies
Guest writers Mike Martinek and Chris DelPlato have teamed up to write, the Jim Warner - A New England Classic which hilights the contribution of this well known New Hampshire angler to streamer anglers.
Go to Bamboo part 2
Bamboo part 2
Part II - Select, Prep, and Split Bamboo: Harry Boyd continues his series on the construction of bamboo fly rods with a look at selecting, preparing, and splitting your culms of tonkin bamboo. See the article here.
Go to Bamboo part 1
Bamboo part 1
Harry Boyd tells us "Since Hiram Leonard and the earliest days of fly fishing in our country, the allure of fine spilt bamboo rods has been part of the magic of our sport." Read Harry's introduction to his series of articles on building bamboo fly rods.
Go to DIY Rod Tubes
DIY Rod Tubes
You have one extra rod with no sock and rod tube. You've been putting off buying a tube...why don't you just make your own?! With $4.00 and about a 1/2 hour's time, you'll have a DIY rod tube. These won't win beauty contests, but they work just as well as any retail version. Read here how to DIY.
Go to Striper anthology
Striper anthology
My knowledge of the American striper heritage is not very profound, but I trust that the representatives of the literature that Waldman has chosen for his book Stripers, An Angler's Anthology are adequate. Read the full review here.
Go to Sirrus Co-Matrix
Sirrus Co-Matrix
"While the mention of modulus does continue to pop up from time to time in advertising, most anglers, and indeed most rod and blank manufacturers, have gotten over their numbers fetish.". Read Bob Petti's review of the excellent and interesting Sirrus Co-Matrix 9' 2pc 6wt.
Go to The Bjarke
The Bjarke
Bjarke is a fly that I primarily designed to make use of these very webby feathers that always seem to be left over on the necks and saddles, when all the 'good' feathers are used.
Go to 10 ways
10 ways
Become a better fly fisher by attending to these 10 easy ways of improvement. They are simple and logical, but many people do not even consider them in their day-to-day fishing.
Go to The Overlooked Asset
The Overlooked Asset
When fly fishing, your prime assets are not the hardware you are using or the new, neat casting style you learned - it is something far less physical.
Go to The Match Shrimp
The Match Shrimp
Matching the hatch is rarely the item when fishing for sea trout in the ocean. The fish are rarely selective and you're sometimes surprised by which flies they are willing to take. But on a few occasions it can be important to imitate the small animals eaten by the trout.
Go to Midwest Hatches
Midwest Hatches
Don't be fooled by the title! This hatch chart encompasses 46 different 'hatches' that are applicable to the entire US. It's ready to print out and keep by your tying desk for ready reference (Web, PDF and Excel formats). It's the most complete hatch chart on the net!
Go to Preston Jennings' flies
Preston Jennings' flies
Preston Jennings was one of those rare individuals who saw things differently than most folks. It would certainly be in our best interested to learn more about his work and his thoughts on color separation when we design our own flies. Bob Petti shows you a few patterns in the Streamer Section.
Go to Pete's EZ Hopper
Pete's EZ Hopper
"...once they broke the surface film, the butts would tilt down and the head and shoulders would be the only part of the grasshopper above water. They neither rode high in the water, nor lay in a horizontal plane. My thought was to design a hopper that would duplicate that presentation." Read more about Peter Frailey's EZ Hopper.
Go to Hoppers with Foam
Hoppers with Foam
I'll warn you now; the hopper is my favorite pattern. It's big, I can see it, it's fun to cast and present it with a plop, I have fun tying them and the fish just adore the big, juicy, summer delight. It's perfect for my less-than-perfect casting habits. The pattern presented in this article is non-typical in my cache of fly patterns, however. This one uses a glued-on, pre-shaped foam body. Hence, the thesis of this article.
Go to The killer fly
The killer fly
How about a fly which has caught tuna in the tropics, salmon and trout in Russia, cod in Denmark and a number og other fish in Global destinations? Claus Bech-Petersen's simple Tinsel Fly is such a fly. Read Claus' article with history, patterns and fishing methods.
Go to Waddington shanks
Waddington shanks
Classics in a classic way. These flies may look like something of today, but the concept of Wadington shanks is old as Methusalem. Danish fly tyer Niels Have has converted four classics to effective flies for early salmon and sea trout fishing. See the pictures and patterns.
Go to Shooting heads
Shooting heads
In this article I will try to cover some advantages and disadvantages of the shooting head over the WF line, and I will thoroughly describe the way you can configure a good shooting head system for your rod. The article will teach you how to calculate, make and trim a shooting head. It will also tell you how to cast it - just on the introductory level.
Go to Belize it!
Belize it!
Read web site partner Martin Joergensen's report and see the fantastic pictures from his spring trip to Belize after bonefish, tarpon, barracuda, jacks, snappers, permit - and everything else that swims in these warm, turquoise waters.
Go to Belize it! Picture gallery
Belize it! Picture gallery
All the pictures from the article about fly fishing in Belize
Go to QwikCalc
Want to use LeaderCalc but don't have access to MS-Excel? No problem! We at GFF recognize that many of you have been missing out on the extensive capabilities of LeaderCalc in helping you design your own tapered mono leaders.
Go to Summer 2002
Summer 2002
A few pictures from the fishing of GFF partner Marting Joergensen in the summer of the 2002 season
Go to Salty pike
Salty pike
GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been fishing for pike in the ocean. Did you know that was possible? Yes, pike do go into the ocean - as long as it is brackish enough. And the southern coast of Sweden is.
Go to Lake Erie Shiner
Lake Erie Shiner
Lake Erie Shiner is a Killing Bucktail from the vise of Floyd Franke
Go to Digitizing flies, saving
Digitizing flies, saving

Go to Digitizing flies, photographing
Digitizing flies, photographing

Go to Digitizing flies
Digitizing flies
This is the most complete lecture on digitizing flies you will find on the net. Its aim is to teach you all the techniques needed for making good fly pictures online. By web master Martin Joergensen with supplementary text and photos by web master Steve Schweitzer.
Go to Fly gallery 2002
Fly gallery 2002
A few fly portraits for your sore eyes
GFF staff tips
Pick the brains of the GFF staff
Go to Digitizing flies, scanning
Digitizing flies, scanning

Go to Cluster Egg Fly
Cluster Egg Fly
As you probably know the egg was way earlier than the chicken. This article show you how to make The Cluster Egg Fly (pom-pom eggs) - a very popular type of fly for steelhead and salmon.
Go to Lamiglas Perigee
Lamiglas Perigee
In the world of fly fishing in the 21st Century, Lamiglas is making some of the best blanks available to anyone, anywhere, for any price. In this review by GFF Partner Bob Petti we look at the Perigee blank, which is only available to custom rod builders. He concludes: "People like rods made from Perigee blanks simply because they make excellent fishing rods." Read Bob's Review.
Go to Irish pike
Irish pike
Dutch Ad Swier is a well known pike fisher, who amongst other things shaped one of Partridge's pike hooks. He has extensive experience with pike, and here is a story and some pictures from a trip of his to Ireland: "A one foot fly amidst the lily pads"
Go to Spring 2002
Spring 2002
Some pictures taken in Denmark during the early season of 2002. By GFF partner Martin Joergensen
Go to Digitizing flies, editing
Digitizing flies, editing

Go to Pike fishing
Pike fishing
My good friend Asger invited me to go pike fishing on his favorite lake. I accepted, naturally. The days before had been rough and cold, but we were lucky enough to choose the one single day that brought some mild weather and a calm evening and night.
Go to Fly gallery 2002
Fly gallery 2002
Just some flies that passed by the table and lens of GFF partner Martin Joergensen. No strings attached, no patterns, just nice to look at.
Go to The Cowboy Way
The Cowboy Way
"Them Department of Evironment bears don't eat no cows!" was the curt answer of Dave, our outfitter, to my question on the wisdom of cattle grazing 7500 feet up in Wyoming's Beartooth Mountains. Read Eric Arbogast and Jean-Marc Klees' fascinating story about Trouting the Cowboy Way.
Go to The last Fly Fair?
The last Fly Fair?
...we hope not! Every second year in May a small Dutch town called Zwolle is invaded by hordes of fly tyers and fly fishers from the whole Globe. This year's show was as good as any - but might be the last of its kind. Read about it and see the pictures in Martin Joergensen's extensive report from
Go to The Lab
The Lab
Strange ideas from fly tyers who think differently. This is the melting pot of many new - and some useless - patterns
Go to Our link policy
Our link policy
We plain just don't have a link page! This is not meant to deliver a snobbish attitude towards fellow webby's who are proud of their work as we are. It's meant to take a bite out of the workload a site this size encumbers upon us
Go to Pike streamer
Pike streamer
This colorful fly is an almost neutral density pike pattern that fishes in, or just below the surface. It is excellent for summer pike fishing in shallow waters.
Go to Merrimack River
Merrimack River
During my self-introduction to flyrodding the salt, I went elsewhere. When I did, I looked to one place. The Merrimack River was that place. For me, that river has produced more decent fish and more exceptional fishing memories than most places on the east coast.
Go to Fishing New Zealand
Fishing New Zealand
In this article I will give an in depth explanation to why people fly half way around the earth to fish for trout. Besides that I will offer advice to people who have speculated about going there on a fishing adventure. The reasons why New Zealand is considered the prime destination when it comes to trout fishing are many...
Go to Permission to copy
Permission to copy
We often recieve mails asking permission to use material from this web site. We are genuinely thrilled that visitors like you think so highly of our material that you wish to use it elsewhere. Since, however, contributions come from a network of staff editors, we are obligated to keep a watchful eye on the material found on this site.
Go to Smooth as silk
Smooth as silk
Rod builder Dave Lewis of Performance Flyrods teaches you how to finish a cork grip. Dave covers the whole process from selecting cork over glueing to the final shaping.
Go to Copyright policy
Copyright policy
This site consists entirely of copyrighted work and is published for personal use and enjoyment. From time-to-time we notice work from this site used in unauthorized manners.
Go to On bite tippets for pike flies - Global FlyFisher
On bite tippets for pike flies - Global FlyFisher
Stiff piano wire has definite advantages over other sorts of pike shock and bite tippets.
Go to Hello Austria!
Hello Austria!
Austria is much more than skiing and climbing The Alps. The fishing in the clear streams and beautiful mountain lakes is far better than Martin Joergensen expected. Read about his fantastic trip, the clear, fast water, beautiful strong rainbows and delicate seiblings.
Go to Golden shiner
Golden shiner
This is a well know species that is easily identified. Key characteristics are the strongly compressed rather elliptical body, a small pointed head, strongly downward curving lateral ling, a long sickle-shaped anal fin, and a thin scaleless keel on the midline of the belly behind the pelvic fins.
Go to My Fly Box
My Fly Box
This is my fly box. The very box that I carry in my chestpack when I go fishing on the Danish coast. It's a hand made Schweitzer mahogany box, if you're interested - the most stylish type of fly box I have ever owned.
GFF screensavers
Great screen savers with fly fishing themes. Nice pictures on your monitor when you are doing nothing.
Go to Flash tail
Flash tail
This simple method is also applicable for many other materials and situations. One that immediately comes to mind is the precise placement of tinsels or floss.
For attaching your fly line and backing -
Go to The Bumble Bee
The Bumble Bee
This pattern was originally made one evening when I was tying with some friends. My friend Henning had some light SLF left over from one of his flies. I scavenged the SLF and started a fly on a heavy Tiemco hook. The tail was casually made from some natural bucktail that I had brought.
Go to Woodchuck
Now is the time of year to experiment with new materials. If you haven't had the pleasure of using groundhog/woodchuck, I recommend you give it a try.
Go to Lake Erie Shiner
Lake Erie Shiner
Those of us fortunate enough to live in the Mid-Atlantic states of America's East coast are lucky enough to have at our disposal a free publication named The Mid-Altantic Flyfishing Guide. It was in this magazine that I first saw the Lake Erie Shiner.
Go to Muddler mania - Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler
Muddler mania - Full Metal Jacket Nutria Muddler
A conehead muddler/zonker
Go to Harry Boyd
Harry Boyd
GFF's own bamboo rod expert and maker of these beautiful rods. Best known for his extremely popular series on making your own bamboo rods.
Chris Del Plato
Chris is a streamer afficionado who contributes to GFF.
LR Dyer
Peter Frailey
Go to Jean-Marc Klees
Jean-Marc Klees
Interests focus on: Firearms, Horses, Literature, Magazines, Scuba Diving, Whitewater Canoeing. I'm definitely a fan of Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey, not to forget the Whiskies of the World!
Go to Muddler mania - Small Polar Muddler
Muddler mania - Small Polar Muddler
A small muddler
Go to Lee Wulff
Lee Wulff
Lee Wulff was a quintessential fly-fisherman. From earliest childhood growing up in Alaska, Lee and the outdoors were two intertwined threads in the pattern of a long and accomplished life.
Garret Booth
Go to The Rocket
The Rocket
During a recent gettogether with some Danish flyfishers I hauled out some of my cod flies. One of them was this one - The Rocket. They were quite excited about the fly - first of all because it's a light tube fly, second because it's very durable. They saw in it not only the cod fly that I had made, but also a pike fly, a fly for pike perch and a universal fly for all kinds of deep fishing for larger fish.
Go to The Orange Silver
The Orange Silver
A fly which is just a piece of imagination created one evenning in march. I have been fooling around with a plain type of steelhead or salmon flies this last year. These are all signified by simple feather wings and the use of classic materials like floss, tinsel and plain feathers
Go to Turbo Block
Turbo Block
Siman Ltd. has taken the Turbo dubbing twister a step further with this tool, which enables you to easily make your own dubbing brushes - stiff or soft and from almost any dubbing material.
Go to Fly fishing leaders and tippets
Fly fishing leaders and tippets
Leaders fall in several categories. These all serve the same purpose: transmitting the energy fra the fly line to the fly in a gentle, yet firm way. The different types each have their advantages and disadvantages, and selecting one is often a question of compromises.
Go to US North West fishing
US North West fishing
These are some pictures from my visit to the North West - Seattle, where I had the pleasure of fishing with some very nice people in the early winter 1995.
Go to The High Sierras
The High Sierras
Join webmaster Martin Joergensen on a hectic trip through the Northern California fishing for stocked, wild and native trout 'with his friend Rich Lobrowich
Go to Yellowstone
On horseback into the pristine areas of Yeallowstone in pursuit for cutthroats. Read Hamilton Brocious' fantastic story from a wilderness fishing camp with ready access to wild native cutthroat trout. So isolated that you won't see any other fishing groups during your whole stay.
Go to Trust me, Mon!
Trust me, Mon!
How would you like a story that features blue sky, clear water, bonefish galore - not to mention The Mother of all hangovers and the greatest fishing spot on the face of this earth? Well, you get it all here in Paul Slaney's fantastic three piece story from the Bahamas. Trust me, Mon!
Go to Whip fisnish with your hands
Whip fisnish with your hands
Whip finishing without a tool is not at all difficult. Lots of people use and praise the whip finishing tool which comes in many variations.
Go to Muddler mania
Muddler mania
It should be no secret that I'm a great fan of muddlers. These functional, characteristic and very beautiful flies that I connect directly with my favorite kind of fishing: night fishing for sea trout in the ocean. The technique used for tying them has always fascinated me, and although I do tie a lot of them, I still have a lot to learn in respect to spinning deer hair.
Go to Good floss work
Good floss work
I've developed a habit instilled in me by my salmonfly tying mentors. When evaluating the salmon fly dressings of others, I look at the floss work first. It is a key characteristic that determines and shows the skills of the cream of the crop.
Go to Thread control
Thread control
If you ever saw skilled tyers tie, you'll probably have noticed that many of them keep spinning the bobinholder more or less vividly every time the let go of it. If you didn't notice, try looking the next time you see a 'pro' tie.
Go to Knots for the fly fisherman
Knots for the fly fisherman
The discussion of knots seems endless. We probably never will know exactly which knot is the best, and the ultimate knot has not yet been tied. We list the following knots in a knot table and show how to tie them one by one -- with a little comment attached.
Furled leaders DIY
The following description on how to make your own twined leaders was given to me by Henk Verhaar from Holland. Henks description fascinated me so much, that I made the first set of three leaders already the first night after having recieved the description.
Go to Streamers
Our streamers section with New England streamers, Carrie Stevens patterns and flies from the hands and heads of Stewart and Leeman, Ray Bergman, Mike Martinek, Herb Welch and many more.
Go to GFF speaks
GFF speaks
Contact us about speaking at your next outing, meeting or event. We utilize state-of-the art imaging technology to present multi-media and animated slideshows covering a wide-range of topics. When presenting flytying, we tailor the discussion to the group's interest and actively involve everyone.
Go to Privacy policy
Privacy policy
We at GFF will strive to protect your privacy on the net. We do not register your presence here in any other way other than by the use of weblogs generated by our server. Simply put, we do not know who you are, we just know alot about your visit patterns with us.
Go to Jan Renier's Gallery
Jan Renier's Gallery
Dutch Jan Renier's flies
Go to Waterworks ULA reel
Waterworks ULA reel
Larger arbor reels are much touted as the best thing since sliced bread. A reel that's designed and tooled like the ULA reel just might be - but not because of the large diameter spool.
Go to Hyperclomplete guide to fly tying
Hyperclomplete guide to fly tying
There are many intended uses for this guide, namely as reference to ensure you have a fairly complete compendium as to what you will need to get started in flytying or to use when dropping the perfect holiday gift hint. But more importantly, it is meant for the budding fly tyer, in hopes that the years of wisdom gained through trial and error from myself and my tying buddies will steer the newcomer down the right path
Go to Dalby Revenger
Dalby Revenger
This was one of the first flies I tied with a rabbit skin I got dyed with picric acid. The innovations found in this pattern are limited - to put it mildly - not much new under the sun here. The color is also far from any color found in food items digested by sea trout.
Go to Loch Dhu Salmon
Loch Dhu Salmon
A Welsh pattern for salmon in the summer dusk. A salmon fly inspired by the Scottish pattern named after the lake Loch Dhu
Go to St. Croix Legend Ultra
St. Croix Legend Ultra
St. Croix has long been known for superior spin-fishing rods... until know. Read the review here.
Go to Distant Waters
Distant Waters
You'll be enchanted and tempted by R.Valentine Atkinson's book with pictures of fly fishing destinations all over the world and thrilled and entertained by the accompanying texts written by the greatest contemporary writers. Read the full review here.
Go to A Perfect Book
A Perfect Book
For the first time ever we pass out a score of 6 in a review. Ken Abrames' book "A Perfect Fish" is pure Global Class! A wonderful journey through fly tying, art, poetry, facts and fishing methods. A book that can inspire all fly fishers - not only those who fish for stripers. Read the review here.
Go to Beyond beauty
Beyond beauty
"Land of Little Rivers, A Story in Photos of Catskill Fly Fishing" by Austin McK. Francis scores a Global FlyFisher Global Class mark in Bob Petti's review. Read about the book whose beauty is only exceeded by the majesty of the subject.
Go to Rod building
Rod building
Tom Kirkman's book "Rod Building Guide" is a cover-to-cover brain dump of the author's experience building all manner of fishing rods. He doesn't tell the reader as much how to do things, as he does why, and almost as importantly, why not. Read Bob Petti's review here.
Go to Beginner's luck
Beginner's luck
European authors Chris Mann and Terry Griffiths angle for a new spin on beginner flytying books. With barely a photograph and just a small piece on materials and tools, see why this book gets a rare score on the GFF Review scale. GFF partner Steve Schweitzer reviews the book.
Go to Anatomy of a salmon fly
Anatomy of a salmon fly
Although each salmon fly pattern may call for its' own proportions and components, the following diagram and table identifies the standard anatomy and proportions used in salmon fly tying.
Go to The Paraloop Way
The Paraloop Way
I believe the highest complement one tyer can pay to another is to add the other's patterns to their own working set of flies. In that respect, I will be honoring Mr. Moutter many times this season and for years to come. Bob Petti passes along a global class score.
Go to Inspiration
A few muddlers as inspiration
Go to Tying a muddler
Tying a muddler
The most important step in preparation is getting the right kind of hair. Buy your hair at a reliable source. Good spinning hair patches are dense and have little underfur. The single natural hair should be dull and light at the base, slightly waved at the root, and have a short tapered tan/black tip section.
Go to Tube Muddler
Tube Muddler
A great looking tube fly
Go to Monster Muddler
Monster Muddler
A large muddler for pike
Go to Salt Water Caddis
Salt Water Caddis
A muddler pattern
Go to A portable fly tying kit
A portable fly tying kit
In the most simplistic terms, a flytying kit must only have the tools and materials necessary to tie the flies you may use on a single trip or a single river. However, like most of us, a travelling flytying kit consumes more space than 26 high-schoolers crammed in a Volkswagen Beetle.
Fishing in the North East
The International Fly Tyers Symposium brought me to The North East corner of USA, and I had the chance to fish a couple of days with some of the other international and local tyers and fishermen.

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