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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 2004
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Go to GFF e-cards
GFF e-cards
A long time ago we had a very popular eCard service on GFF, but due to technical changes we had to shut it down. Now we have a new and better service up and running with plenty beautiful pictures for you to mail off to friends and loved ones on the Internet.
Go to Biological Time
Biological Time
Have you ever wondered why the newspaper has those solunar tables in the outdoor section? Do you fish for migratory fish and wish you could predict when they would be in the river and be willing to take a fly? If so, you might enjoy this book.
Go to Innovative Saltwater Flies
Innovative Saltwater Flies
US based master fly tyer Bob Veverka has gathered together a whole bunch of very creative fly tyers to create a book that will appeal to all fly tyers, not just those who want to chase salty fish.
Go to A smart spooler
A smart spooler
The Smart Spooler is one of those gadgets that you didn't know you needed before you got it. The Smart Spooler is aimed primarily at aiding fly anglers in cleaning their lines, but the neatly designed and sturdy tool has several other purposes.
Go to Great Waters
Great Waters
The title of Dan Blanton's new book "Fly Fishing California's Great Waters" indicates it might be interesting to a limited audience. Limiting the scope of a book to one US state might seem like a very tight limit. But when that state is California things change dramatically.
Go to BC in B/W
BC in B/W
GFF partner Martin Joergensen recently returned from a trip to British Columbia. Although he has promised to write up some text about the trip, his pictures are just too pretty to stash away for much longer. A lot more will follow.
Go to Rio Piratos
Rio Piratos
Rio Lagartos is a small town on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico which is an excellent starting point for a tarpon trip. GFF partner Martin Joergensen's trip there didn't bring the big 100 lbs. tarpon, but many decent ones - plus the odd jack and snook.
Go to New Stuff
New Stuff
It all started when I had to toss my bottle of Pharamcist's Formula in the trash. Scanning the net for a suitable replacement, I found a husband and wife team that are producing a bunch of interesting products for fly fishers and tyers.
Go to Behind Private Doors
Behind Private Doors
It's for the trade only. Joe Q. Public can't get in. Before any trade magazine, before any other internet webzine... let GFF be THE FIRST take you on an EXCLUSIVE tour of this invite-only show. See who hobnobbed at the show and 
Go to Rod Magnets
Rod Magnets
"Your fly fishing life really first starts when you get a magnetic rod holder". Those are the words of GFF partner Martin Joergensen, who has used a set of Tightline Enterprises rod holders during this season, and has been very pleased.
Go to Hornbergs
The Hornberg can be cast out upstream and drifted as a dry fly. It can be pulled under the surface and stripped as a streamer. Is it a caddis? Stonely? A minnow? In early '01, a bunch of guys swapped their favorite Hornberg patterns.
Go to Spey Fly book
Spey Fly book
I have admired Bob's tying for quite some time - as I always considered him one of those rare tyers whose flies are museum quality beautiful, yet they have the sleekness and symmetry of a well tied fishing fly
Go to Chubby Fishing
Chubby Fishing
Kasper Mühlbach started fishing for chub with small lumps of dough as a kid, but has since developed flies and techniques to take this query on a fly rod. His chub patterns are simple and will most likely catch you roach and bream too if they are around.
Go to Bamboo part 7
Bamboo part 7
Follow along as Harry Boyd takes us through the process of trimming the bamboo blank to the proper length, preparing and mounting your ferrules, and adjusting the fit of the ferrules. Many thanks to Harry for this well received series of articles.
Go to Tying Small Flies
Tying Small Flies
Ed Engle has given us a real gem of a book on the art and science of small flies and small fly tying. Bob Petti thinks this is one of those rare books that will stand the test of time and be a major influence on fly fishers and fly tyers.
Go to The Zuddler
The Zuddler
Question: What to you get when you combine elements of a Muddler Minnow and a Zonker? Answer: A Zuddler - an excellent steelhead fly. Joe Emery and John Rode have combined a zonker strip, a muddler head and a cone head into a killer pattern.
Go to Spotless fly
Spotless fly
The two spots in the name of this fly comes from the bait, which it is supposed to imitate: the twospotted goby. Gobies - which are much like sculpins - are an extremely common kind of fish in the shallow parts of all bodies of water - fresh and salt, still and running.
Go to Tooth & Nail
Tooth & Nail
Mark Dysinger presents a pair of pike flies that can take a beating - the Prince of pike and the Poxy Bunny. Large, durable and easy to tie as pike flies should be. Mark has used them extensively for his own Northern pike fishing
Go to Hillbilly Copper John
Hillbilly Copper John
The most sought after pattern on GFF's search page is John Barr's more than excellent nymph pattern the Copper John. Martin Joergensen describes his version here: how to tie it and fish it. And adds its hillbilly kin the much simpler Copper Joe.
Go to Tour de France
Tour de France
GFF partner Martin Joergensen has let one of his favorite sports events, the bicycling race Tour de France, inspire a way of tying flies. He argues why tying many identical flies can be a good thing - and can be better than tying many different flies.
Go to Stillwater Fishing
Stillwater Fishing
Paul Marriner's Stillwater Fly Fishing can be recommended to any stream fisher who wants to expand the available fishing waters by orders of a magnitude - turn featureless discs into interesting fishing water. One of the best books on the subject.
Go to Welsh, mate!
Welsh, mate!
A week of fishing in Wales and southern England: reservoir, lake, stream - chalkstream! GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been visiting Welsh Paul Slaney for a week of fun and fishing and meeting other Welsh friends.
Go to 1000 best sites
1000 best sites
If you had asked GFF partner Martin Joergensen a while back, he'd have answered that a book on web sites is a stillborn idea. End of story. Print stuff on web sites is bound to be outdated before the ink is dry. This book changed his mind on that.
Go to Leaders&Tippets
This small article is a selection of questions and answers about leaders and tippets accumulated over the years. Martin Joergensen has harvested the most popular questions with the assistance of his fellow GFF partner Steve Schweitzer.
Go to Danish gallery
Danish gallery
A few photos to give you an idea of how GFF partner Martin Joergensen spent his domestic fishing days in the first part of this year - primarily in pursuit of his beloved sea trout, but also out to get some pike and other species.
Go to Soft-Hackles
This is the book that soft hackled aficionados have been waiting years to see. Not only is it chock full of wonderful patterns and photos of well tied flies, but it contains summaries of all the classic soft hackle texts.
Go to Tying Emergers
Tying Emergers
Three hundred and forty four pages of emergers in this new title by Jim Schollmeyer and Ted Leeson. GFF partner Bob Petti concludes that if you have an interest in emergers, get a copy of this book. Leeson and Schollmeyer have done it again, as he writes.
Go to Rising Star
Rising Star
The Austin blanks from All Star Rods are quickly gaining a reputation among custom rod builders as being among the best performing blanks on the market, regardless of price. Bob Petti had a chance to build and fish a 4wt recently.
Go to GFF on your site!
GFF on your site!
Through a standard called a web feed or an RSS feed you can now integrate GFF stories on your own web page. We automatically provide an updated list of new stories on GFF. This service is free for all interested web masters!
Go to Three in Norway
Three in Norway
A great book about Victorian Englishmen hunting and fishing in Norway. This edition with the original drawings - with map and fifty-nine drawings on wood from the original sketches by the author, as it says on the title leaf - is global class!
Go to Salmon, Trout & Charr
Salmon, Trout & Charr
A book called Salmon, Trout & Charr Of The World - A Fisherman's Natural History containing lots of tantalizing pictures and plenty text to have you reading for many a day at a bargain price. What more can you ask?
Go to Little Devil
Little Devil
An article on the Welsh classic The Diawl Bach and on the intriguing and intimidating concept of fishing a team of three flies on a very long leader. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been to Wales and this is the first article from that trip.
Go to Going deep
Going deep
This is the second article in the series "Nymphing From Top-to-Bottom: The Untold Secrets". This article covers ways to get a fly to fish deep in the water by adding weight or using different lines and casting or mending techniques.
Go to Strike Indicator Scientology
Strike Indicator Scientology
This article is the premier in a new series: "Nymphing From Top-to-Bottom: The Untold Secrets". Starting on top, strike indicators aren't just flyfishing bobbers; they do much more, if you know the secrets! Learn an exclusive trick from GFF partner Steve Schweitzer along with
Go to Bornholm
Martin Joergensen's annual trip to the Danish island Bornholm is coming up. This year without GFF partner Steve Schweitzer by his side. Steve here tells the story of the 2002 trip, where they both indulged in fish, good food and friendship for a week.
Go to Danish Pastry Fly
Danish Pastry Fly
This fly recently changed its name from The Copper Camel to The Danish Pastry Fly for reasons that are revealed in the article. It's an efficient and simple pattern for sea trout, but is very likely to be just as able to catch bass, bonefish and many other species.
Go to O'io Boy'o!
O'io Boy'o!
The flats of Oahu in Hawai'i, harbor some of the largest bonefish in the world... although, Hawai'i isn't your typical bonefishing destination. Read why, how to do it and what you will catch
Go to Bumpy Mexico
Bumpy Mexico
GFF partner Martin Joergensen took on the Mexican bonefish during a two week stay in Punta Allen north of Ascension Bay last winter. It wound up being a trip that was bumpy in more than one sense - both on and off the water. But with plenty bonefish.
Go to Iceland, 5½ days
Iceland, 5½ days
Iceland is best known for its salmon fishing, but the island has some of the world's best brown trout fishing too... and arctic char... and sea trout. So GFF partner Martin Joergensen and his friend Asger Olesen had 5½ great days of fishing the summer of 2003.
Go to Backgrounds
The fly photo article series continues with a section on selecting a proper background for your fly photos. It might seem a trivial task, but trust us: it is not! The background can be everything from a uniformly colored surface to all kinds of materials in strange hues.
Go to Simple Streamers
Simple Streamers
Ray Bergman is the originator of these three simple mixed wing streamers. The three were included in the updated version of Col. Bate's wonderful book "Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing". The combination of materials, the overall shape and color of the streamers really caught Bob Petti's eye.
Go to Digital Flies
Digital Flies
A digital camera with a good macro facility is the perfect way to take good fly pictures. GFF partner Martin Joergensen has updated his now classical Digitizing Flies article with a whole new chapter on selecting and using a digital camera for fly photography.
Go to Black Funnel
Black Funnel
This fly is kind of a coincidence. An idea. A fad. But it works. It is a funnel dun, Deveaux, Joergensen kind of pattern, which will imitate a hatching mosquito - albeit a very large one in the original version. It consists of two materials and is very easy to tie.
Go to Czech nymphs
Czech nymphs
Does anyone remember the early to mid 90's? The rage in the US, at least among tyers of trout flies, was Polish woven nymphs. Fast forward to the dawn of the new century and these articles and flies have all but disappeared? Were they a fad? What happened?
Go to Oldies
Some patterns on GFF are really old. Read about them here.

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