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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Articles published in 2006
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Go to Nymph-Fishing
Rick Hafele's been the entomology columnist for American Angler magazine for years, co-authored "The Complete Book of Western Hatches", and did the video "Anatomy of a Trout Stream". With "Nymph-Fishing Rivers and Streams", he brings it all together with an excellent textbook and a 72 minute DVD.
Go to Diane Michelin
Diane Michelin
Canadian watercolor artist Diane Michelin has been painting for 15 years. "Basically, in each painting, I try to tell a story that represents the day to day events that fuel our passion." as she says in this article presenting her paintings.
Go to Thin Blue Lines
Thin Blue Lines
Lithuania's 758 rivers, streams, and brooks cut like thin blue lines across the map offering a wealth of fishing opportunities. British Ripley Davenport married a Lithuanian girl and this opened his eyes to the Blatic state's potential.
Go to Yellowstone Ties
Yellowstone Ties
Bob Jacklin is one of a handful of true legends in Fly Tying, and certainly needs no introduction here. In this DVD, he ties six of his favorite flies for fishing western trout waters - Grey Wulff, Royall Wulff, March Brown Nymph, Green Drake, Platte River Special, and Great Western Stonefly.
Go to Asp Parade
Asp Parade
Some refer to the asp (Aspius aspius) as the "poor man's tarpon" but according to Hungarian Vilmos Varga it's a quarry onto itself, worth pursuing with a fly rod and a bunch of large streamers, giving you a lot of fun and something new to catch.
Go to Practical Fly Patterns
Practical Fly Patterns
In this two volume set of DVDs, Charlie Meck, one of the most prolific writers in all of fly fishing, and Eric Stroup, professional guide and fly tyer, demonstrate some of their favorite patterns for fishing the famed spring creeks of Pennsylvania.
Go to Eyes of Epoxy
Eyes of Epoxy
Tired of buying eyes, that make your shrimps look great? They are expensive and yet it is hard to find the color you want or the right size. It is not complicated and a good pursuit during winter time. Make your own in all sizes and colors you want.
Go to Honey Shrimp
Honey Shrimp
There are thousands of shrimp patterns in the world, made from the same template. This pattern is a time consumer, but it makes it more interesting tying shrimp flies. The eyes, proportions and legs gives this pattern some kind of magic.
Go to Morning podcast
Morning podcast
A podcast recorded on a quiet October morning on the Danish coast where GFF partner Martin Joergensen talks about getting up early - advantages and drawbacks - and a lot of other things of course. He even managed to get out again later the same day and did catch a few fish.
Go to A Passion for Steelhead
A Passion for Steelhead
Dec Hogan is well known in the fly fishing world as a master of the two-handed fly rod, but until I picked up "A Passion for Steelhead" I did not know much about Dec Hogan the angler. 313 pages later, that surely has changed.
Go to Bergman
Converting a fly from one form to another is certainly an educational process, as it requires you to look at materials in a new way, especially the wing materials. A wet fly that calls for a wing of mallard flank or mottled turkey has no obvious equivalent in a hairwing.
Go to Streamer Flies for Trophy Trout
Streamer Flies for Trophy Trout
Kelly Galloup, author of "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout", brings us a new DVD where he ties some of the flies from his book. With each fly, Kelly takes the time to explain the materials and techniques used to construct the fly, and we see every step along the way.
Go to Fishys Favorites
Fishys Favorites
Jay "Fishy" Fullum is no stranger to readers of Fly Tyer and other flyfishing magazines. In fact, he's recently been named as the "artist in residence" for that magazine. It should come as no surprise, then, that Fishy's book relies on his art to tell the story of his flies.
Go to The Underwater World of Trout
The Underwater World of Trout
There is simply too much information in these DVD's to condense in a single review. If a picture if worth a thousand words - then how much is a couple hours of moving pictures like these worth? More than I can guess.
Go to Chuck-n-Duck
Chuck-n-duck fishing isn't for everyone. Morality aside, it is an effective angling technique, one worth learning if you find occasionally find yourself in a situation where drifting a nymph along the bottom of a distant lie is the difference between catching and casting practice.
Go to Woolly Wisdom
Woolly Wisdom
A whole book about woolly Worms and Woolly Buggers! Whoa! And a good book too. And it has flies both by GFF staff and friends of GFF in it. That can't bad... Gary Soucie's Woolly Wisdom has more than 400 Woolly patterns on some 230 pages.
Go to Streams of Consciousness
Streams of Consciousness
It is with due caution that I compare Jeff's writing in "Streams of Consciousness" with the classic "A River Runs Through It". I don't want to embarrass Jeff by comparing him to the great Norman Maclean, but I finished both books with that same feeling. "Wow".
Go to Summit Podcast
Summit Podcast
The second installment of the GFF Summit report is this collection of sound bits recorded during the weekend on Fyn. Not concentrated on any subject in particular, but just whatever hit the microphone during this great weekend. As usual hosted by Martin Joergensen.
Go to GFF Summit
GFF Summit
The first meeting amongst GFF fans and contributors took place on the Danish island of Fyn in pursuit of sea trout. People of many nationalities met and fished for a nice September weekend, and had a fabulous fishing with a large number of fish caught.
Go to Martin Westbeek
Martin Westbeek
Tying has become as much a passion for Dutch Martin Westbeek as fishing, and Martin is a regular tyer at shows and fairs in Holland, Germany, Denmark and Britain, and also tied in the USA.
Go to Mart´s Bibio
Mart´s Bibio
A nice thing about this Bibio is that it's versatile. Play with it, use lighter of heavier hooks, fish it with or without floatant, wrap a thinner or denser hackle, and so on. But make sure you have some Bibios in your flybox spring suddenly is here.
Go to Hen Hackle
Hen Hackle
Awhile back, I received a shipment of hen necks and saddles from Whiting Farms. The saddles struck me with their intense colors and solid web, then necks with their stem length and shortish barbs. These feathers were perfect for the wet flies I was working on.
Go to Underexpose
This might sound like a strange piece of advice, but GFF partner Martin Jorgensen writes: "Trust me: you generally want to underexpose your digital images. Almost every single one of them. "
Go to Slinkies
One of the most effective methods of drifting a fly through deep pools in Great Lakes steelhead rivers is to use a slinky. You can buy slinkies from a shop, but you will pay a premium. The components are pretty cheap and they are very easy to make at home.
Go to Fall Colors
Fall Colors
Autumn is my favorite time of year. All summer long I look forward to that first crisp morning where it feels good to put on a fleece shirt even though there is not a cloud in the sky. This past weekend, the weather was about as perfect as one could expect.
Go to S&L's Lost Flies
S&L's Lost Flies
Dick Stewart and Bob Leeman's book "Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon" has inspired fly tyers for the 24 years since it's publication in 1982. Here, finally, we get to see some of the patterns listed in the back of the book that did not have supporting photographs.
Go to Trout Bum DVD
Trout Bum DVD
The Trout Bum Diaries marks a change in fishing DVD's as far as double reviewers Michael Smith and Martin Joergensen can see. They take their turns in reviewing this fast paced and extremely entertaining DVD. They agree that it may not be to everybody's taste but both love it.
Go to Networking
A podcast about helping foreign friends and visitors to get a better experience and helping yourself to better trips abroad by networking. And a podcast about fishing a small stream with a cane rod. Spoken by Martin Joergensen by the stream.
Go to Nothing...
Sometimes trout and grayling sip "nothing" from the surface. You have tried the smallest parachute in your fly box - size 18. What they are taking is much smaller. You look again into your fly box, and right - there is no "Nothing" there.
Go to TMC Wingburner
TMC Wingburner
Tired of making wings with too many divertions from time to time? See if the new tool from TMC can help you burn the wings perfectly every time or if you still have to fold and cut like an used hair dresser.
Go to Messy Pike Fly
Messy Pike Fly
Not one of Martin Joergensen's usual pike flies. For that it is way too complex and has too many tying steps and too many different materials. He doesn't like complex pike flies. "I spend dozens of minutes tying one, and a pike spends seconds shredding it!" he says.
Go to Rod Sutterby
Rod Sutterby
Rod Sutterby gave us a taste of his beautiful paintings in the book Atlantic Salmon done in cooperation with Malcolm Greenhalgh. In connection with a new series of articles about "Fishy artists" here on GFF we contacted the artist.
Go to Macro
Most fly anglers will find that using macro in their photography can be truly thrilling. A lot of what we are interested in is small, and many will appreciate being able to capture small things. This article in the series about fishing photography covers macro photography from an angler's perspective.
Go to CDC Mayfly
CDC Mayfly
A small mayfly, which may be (mis)taken for a dun during the sometimes the concentreted hatches on late August and Septemper evenings. It uses a hollow extended body, parachute hackle and wings of cdc stems to float high.
Go to Wasp Year
Wasp Year
It has been a hot and dry summer in Scandinavia. Wasps have been a plague in many areas. They have been in every apple, every drink and every house. Some of them may have crossed a stream or river, winding up on the surface before continueing the rush. Some of them never left again.
Go to The Italian Job
The Italian Job
Is it possible to combine a hotel with swimming pool, enjoy the company of your family and yet fish for grayling and trout? Tuscany offers plenty of activities for the ones not fishing. This report is for those who do fish... Read Kasper Mühlbachs story from a hot day in a cold Italian river 
Go to The Plipper
The Plipper
One of the strangest fly-contraptions ever to see daylight in GFF partner Martin Joergensen's vice (which has seen some strange flies). It's a tube fly. It uses one basic material. It's tied without thread. It's ugly, but it works. It's a popper with a lip - a Plipper.
Go to Mullet fever
Mullet fever
Danish Brian Kjaer has condensed his knowledge about the thick lipped mullet into this DVD, which is one long drive through a great type of fishing with lots of action, lots of tips and lots of sheer fun in fishing. After having watched this DVD you will definitely want to go fishing.
Go to Salmon flies
Salmon flies
To review this book is like kicking in an open door - a door, which was opened a few decades ago. So many people have praised it before me, and its influence has been so phenomenal that anything but a Global Class score would make little sense.
Go to Casting trio
Casting trio
Internationally reknown salmon guide Henrik Mortensen is your tutor in these three DVD's on casting and salmon fishing, which are quite an odyssey in the subject and at the same time a journey almost as far around the world as you can come.
Go to Michael Smith
Michael Smith
Michael Smith is a computer security geek living in the Washington, DC area. During the work day, he designs security monitoring systems. By night and weekends, he aspires to catch every fish within 200 miles of "The Beltway".
Go to Favorite Dad
Favorite Dad
In Virginia, the rivers are full of crayfish. Author Michael Smith AKA Rybolov went last week to the South Fork of the Shenandoah, and in a meter-square area along the shoreline, there had to be at least 30 crayfish. That may be why Skip's Dad works so well there.
Go to GFF Summit 2006
GFF Summit 2006
Meet other Global FlyFishers at this fish-in for GFF staff, readers and friends, which will take place in Denmark mid-September. We will mainly aim for coastal fishing, but there will also be stream and lake optoins.
Go to Faults & Fixes
Faults & Fixes
For those who have seen Mel Krieger - either in real life or on video - this is not new: the man is a one-man theater! Not only is he enthusiastic and entertaining, but he also takes on the role of the different types of casters.
Go to Measure tape II
Measure tape II
Jari Wiklund participated in the Danish Fly Casting Championships and finished second. Read his report from the event and his reflections about casting for the sake of casting and (almost) not a word about fishing. He quotes Lefty Kreh who said:
Go to Night fishing
Night fishing
Night fishing for sea trout is one of Martin's favorite types of fishing. In this podcast he will take you on a night fishing trip and let you get some of the impressions that he got during the dark hours of a night on the Swedish coast.
Go to Jump!
Getting a picture of a jumping fish is not as easy as you may think. You need preparation, skill, timing the right gear and some luck too. Read more about catching fish in the air in this latest article on better fishing photos.
Go to Near & Far
Near & Far
GFF partner Martin Joergensen has been lucky enough to fish quite a lot of places in this world, and generally consider himself a well-travelled fly fisher. He feels that he lives up to the name of this site This book makes him humble in that respect.
Go to South Swedish Sea Trout
South Swedish Sea Trout
Every year fishermen from all over the world visit the swedish shores and rivers, hoping their exertions will be rewarded with one of the large sea trout. Spin fishing is popular and effective. Is fly fishing possible or is it "Guru Meditation #8400001 - Unknown method"?
Go to Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic Salmon
The subtitle for this book is "An illustrated natural history", and that is exactly what it is. Author Malcolm Greenhalgh's text has all the facts you ever wanted to know about the Atlantic salmon and Rod Sutterby's illustrations are exquisite and his fishing pictures are fabulous.
Go to Cheap Lazy Bastard
Cheap Lazy Bastard
Named the Cheap Lazy Bastard because the originator, Joe Kissane, uses cheap materials whenever possible, takes shortcuts (because he's lazy) and the fly is a bastard - the original pattern mated illicitly with the body of any number of famous nymphs.
Go to Miscellanea Emerger
Miscellanea Emerger
The idea of Joe Kissane's Miscellanea Emerger is based on the idiom of "throwing in everything but the kitchen sink; however, he couldn't justify the length of "everything but the kitchen sink" for a pattern name, and someone told him that the name Kitchen Sink was already used 
Go to Tango Trout
Tango Trout
Author Joe Kissane got an unexpected and generous offer when a friend called from Buenos Aires to invite him to Patagonia on a fly-fishing trip to the Rio Manso Lodge in the shadow of the Andes Mountains. He was told that the waters were relatively untouched - and full of trout.
Go to Use a tripod
Use a tripod
If you want really sharp fishing images there's no avoiding some kind support for your camera. A steady tripod is the best solution and the one that you see pros using, but there are other ways of supporting your camera as GFF partner Martin Joergensen explains here.
Go to Knots and ©
Knots and ©
Since we have been quite annoyed by the copying of site content from GFF lately, Martin decided to to talk about that in this podcast. But in order not to let down the listeners completely, he also talks about knots and a bit about fishing.
Go to Wingless Wets
Wingless Wets
On a shelf in the shop was a little book that was propped open. It was Leisenring and Hidy's The Art of Tying The Wet-Fly and Fishing The Flymph. Inside, I found a treasure of patterns and some fishing instructions and I suddenly switched gears and began fishing these great little flies.
Go to Glorious light
Glorious light
Another round of good advice for getting better fishing pictures. This time about the few moments during the day where the light is particularly exhillarating—namely around sunrise and sunset. This article tells you how to get the most from these often few minutes of great light.
Go to 1000 garfish
1000 garfish
A trip to the Danish coast in May means garfish. This particular day was quite windy but sunny and nice most of the time. Perfect weather for garfish. It started off as an orgy with so many fish that we lost count, but slowed down later on.
Go to Bornholm 2006
Bornholm 2006
GFF partner Martin Joergensen's annual trip to Bornholm! A highlight in his fishing calendar and always a great trip no matter how lousy the fishing is. This year fishing was fine and the trip a success in spite of troublesome wind and a late and cold spring.
Go to Tool turning
Tool turning
Dutch Henk Verhaar finds that producing his own tools is just as satisfying as tying flies or building rods. Follow his small course in woodturning here and learn to turn hair stackers, bodkins and other beautiful tools in exotic woods
Go to Fish art
Fish art
All the artists in the Fishy Art series.
Go to The Mango
The Mango
The Mickey Finn is one of the first streamers many beginning fly tyers learn to tie. Kasper Mühlbach never used it and for years a yellow and orange fly was missing in his fly box. Last year he was inspired to tie a replacement.
Go to Creative Fly Tying
Creative Fly Tying
While there are only 12 chapters in the book, each chapter is a gold mine of fly tying information. Each chapter takes us along for a ride on the development of the pattern, the genesis often being some frustrating fishing trips which make for some enjoyable reading.
Go to First Podcast Fish
First Podcast Fish
It finally happened. GFF partner Martin Joergensen got the first fish while recording a podcast. The fish was a large sea trout and you can hear the whole incident plus more on this recording from the coast of Southern Sweden,
Go to Fishy pictures
Fishy pictures
We want to capture our fish in two ways: first on the hook and then in the camera. Once the fish has been hooked many of us already envision the poster on the wall, the image in the online gallery or just a print to show to the fishing buddies.
Go to A New Generation
A New Generation
The book opens with a biography of Scott as it pertains to his involvement in the fly fishing industry. To this desk jockey - his life seems pretty darn cool. I mean - who doesn't dream of working in a fly shop, 100% immersed in fly fishing on a daily basis?
Go to Driving podcast
Driving podcast
This podcast was sparked by extreme gas prices, lots of driving and three guys going in each their car on the same fishing trip. It touches on different aspects of angler's relation to their cars.
Go to Bring it!
Bring it!
One of the most common reasons for not getting the really good fishing images is that people simply don't bring their camera. Either they leave it at home - which is really stupid - or they leave it on the bank - which is just moderately stupid.
Go to South Africa
South Africa
South Africa has a rich variety of fishing opportunities from saltwater over stocked reservoirs to streams in the mountains. Brown trout, rainbows, yellowfish, tigerfish and numerous saltwater species seem to be readily available in beautiful, lush nature.
Go to Yellow Fever
Yellow Fever
Imagine a fish that takes a fly as readily as a trout, whether it is nymph, a wet fly, or a dry fly. Czech nymph style, wet fly swing, North Country style or upstream dry fly. Now magine that, pound for pound, at least twice as strong as a trout
Go to Rackelhanen
It will form legs, wing, body and the perfect silhouette of a caddis. It's a great floater and superb for fast water or as an indicator tied on above a seductive nymph.
Go to Classic Wet Flies
Classic Wet Flies
Wet flies have been around as long as fly fishing itself. Are they starting to see a renaissance? In fly tying circles at least, that may be the case, as tyers look for new challenges and new sources of inspiritaion.
Go to Strange X-Mas
Strange X-Mas
Minnow, sand eel, fry. This little fly will imitate most small, transparent fish. Based on a now-classical Danish sea trout fly with an added zonker strip, there is little new under the sun. But it does catch fish as pictures in the article will show you.
Go to Strange X-mas
Strange X-mas
Martin Joergensen talks about the fly that broke a straight row of 19 skunked trips. Nothing ingenious, nothing really new and nothing exceptional, but obviously a producer.
Go to Perfect Camera
Perfect Camera
If you're on the lookout for a new camera to take with you when you go fishing, there are a few things you need to consider before diving for your wallet. This article aims to point out some issues regarding size, facilities and accesories.
Go to Czech Nymphing
Czech Nymphing
The principle of nymph-fishing with Czech nymph is short-distance fishing, practically under the tip of the rod. The flyline is hanging under the tip of the rod and its end often does not even touch the water level.
Go to The measure tape
The measure tape
10-20-30-40 meters? 30-60-90-120 feet? How long can you cast with a one hand rod? And how long does and average fly-angler actually cast? GFF partner Martin Joergensen has done some research and talked to some experts.
Go to Tribute to MOM
Tribute to MOM
The flies Mary documented were, invariably, ornate wet flies. They were, and are, the legacy of centuries of British salmon fly design spiced by the natural resources and original thinking available to their American interpreters.
Go to Windy casting
Windy casting
Since Martin Joergensen was fishing in quite a wind whis past weekend he thought that a small talk about casting in the wind was in its place for a podcast. Contrary to most fly anglers he actually prefers some wind when fishing in the ocean.
Go to Use a fill flash
Use a fill flash
More ways to improve your fishing photos. This time about using your flash in bright daylight - even in sunshine.
You might think that the flash on your camera is for taking pictures when it's dark.
Go to New forum
New forum
We did it! We exchanged our trusty old and lagging forum with a new and better one. Now, the forum isn't the busiest place on GFF, but this new software might do the trick and lure a few more people to share the fishing secrets with the rest of us.
Go to Packing
A small podcast from Martin Joergensen while he's packing for a weekend fishing trip. Thoughts about various preparations, practical advice about packing, getting rods, reels and lines ready and bringing fly tying stuff. Including coffee brewing and the whole works!
Go to Go low
Go low
One of the most common errors we see when we see people taking pictures is that they are looking down on their subject. If you want pictures, which grab attention and have impact a good way is to lower your stance. Bend, kneel, sit even lie down to get below your motif.
Go to Go close
Go close
This is the first little article in a small series on taking better fishing pictures. The first chapter is about going closer to your subject when you photograph. The closer you go, the better you get the picture focussed and the viewer's attention.
Go to Material shopping
Material shopping
Another podcast featuring GFF partner Martin Joergensen, this time pondering about the absurd prices of some fly tying materials - particularly synthetics, which can often be found on doll's heads, in craft stores and other places at a lot less than in your local flyshop.
Go to Dogma framing
Dogma framing
Framed flies can be pieces of art - both the flies and the framing. But creating your own framed flies is not that difficult. Follow these instructions and frame your first fly with few tools and few demands on routine and skill. You can develop it into art later.
Go to Angel Body
Angel Body
Shiny tubing materials are widely used as body material on streamers. So is ordinary tinsel. Here is a new way of making glittering, but more volumnious, pulsating and living bodies for your streamers using Angel Hair or a similar material.
Go to My Eyes!!
My Eyes!!
Painting eyes on streamers is nothing new, but as with any other tying procedure, there are some tricks that can help, and some pitfalls that should be avoided. This article shows you how to do it on-the-cheap with readily available materials.
Go to La Muerte
La Muerte
You need luck, a good guide and skills to catch a tarpon. We can't supply the luck. You'll have to go there to get a good guide. The skill... well, you'll have to hone that yourself. But a good fly pattern, that's something we can help with.
Go to Patagonia
It is a stunning and mouth watering experience to let your fingers run through and your eyes run over this book. Not only are Francisco Bedeschi's images fantastic, but the landscapes and rivers they depict are nothing short of amazing.
Go to Shooting head talk
Shooting head talk
Shooting heads give a couple of advantages, which GFF partner Martin Joergensen will try to explain in this podcast episode. You can join him on the Danish coast in his usual pursuit for sea trout while he introduces you to the world of shooting heads.
Go to The Cautery
The Cautery
Martin Joergensen writes: "I always wanted one of these tools. I have seen them used at fly tying shows and by a few tyers elsewhere, and found the tool to be an excellent companion for the lazy and sloppy fly tyer. Just my kind of tool!"
Go to PeeMew Midge
PeeMew Midge
In the vise, this pattern may not look exciting, but when wet, this fly takes on a whole new personality! It's a simple pattern for complex trout. Be sure to read Steve's "Tips for the Curious Fly Tier" which explains how this pattern came about and
How many of your flies work both in salt and fresh water? How many of these actually look like something real? The Deep Diving Shrimp is such a fly. Oliver Edward's allround Gammarus imitation works equally well everywhere you find this very widespread animal.
Go to Wading podcast
Wading podcast
A trip to the southern coast of Sweden inspired Martin to do a podcast about wading on slippery surfaces in still and running water. Unfortunately the recorder broke down (drowned!) after a few minutes of recording, so most of the podcast is actually recorded in the harbor of Copenhagen.
Go to Surf Candy
Surf Candy
Experimenting with epoxy might glue you to the tying bench for hours, days, weeks. You can make highly durable, translucent baitfish imitations using synthetics and epoxy. Some years ago Bob Popovic's book "Pop Fleyes" introduced Kasper Mühlbach to the Surf Candy.
Go to Trout and Fly
Trout and Fly
This is not a book you give to your rookie nephew who just took up fishing. If you're a pragmatic type of angler you might also find it a bit too much. But if you really want to learn about trout fishing, this is a book definitely worth reading.
Go to Flexible bench
Flexible bench
German Jan-Ole Willers wanted to be able to clear his vice, tools and materials off the dining table for such unimportant events as lunch and dinner. That made him think out and build his own inexpensive portable fly tying bench. You can do the same.
Go to Tying Station
Tying Station
A tying station is a small, mobile board where you can set up your vise and your tools, making it quick and easy to move your favorite tying spot around: from the dinner table to the TV to the office to... the bed? This article gives you some ideas on how to make one.
Go to The Tabou Caddis Emerger
The Tabou Caddis Emerger
Made with only two materials, this highly effective caddis emerger pattern will take only minutes to tie and allow you to load up your fly box with Global Fly Fisher's hottest new pattern.
Go to Cold but no ice
Cold but no ice
Another winter outing for sea trout. It demands patience to corner those silver bullets in the winter, and for the listeners who have that, Martin Joergensen has recorded another session from the Danish coast where a dull and overcats day turns sunny.
Go to Danish winter
Danish winter
When King Winter and the Ice Queen reign over the waters the fishing slows down. What better to do than to get out your camera and snap some pictures of the beautiful landscapes, icy hardship and the rare but well-deserved fish.
Go to The Junior Mysis
The Junior Mysis
A fly tied for sea trout in the Baltic area. It proved to be efficient in other places too. Translucent and yet colored. Tie it in olive, rusty or tan and you can imitate any camouflaged mysis - and it will stand out from the crowd. Can be tied by seniors too...
Go to Winter walk
Winter walk
Since the winter has covered most of the coastal water with ice in the Baltic and fishing is near impossible, GFF partner Martin Joergensen has taken a walk in an area near Copenhagen, where a stream usually attracts large sea trout during the winter.
Go to Fish Fights
Fish Fights
This is a first! GFF partner Martin Joergensen read many books, which he had a hard time putting down, but never a fishing book. Not until this one at least. Bob "Bubba" Rich has managed to spellbind him with the story about the quest of getting into the Met Hall of Fame.
Go to ZipCast
When the bottle came in the mail, I got out an old hankie and wet a small bit and ran the line through the hankie a few times. Out to the yard to see how it cast. Hmm ... it was noticeably slicker and flowed through the guides with ease. Nice.
Go to First GFF podcast
First GFF podcast
This first ever GFF podcast takes you with GFF partner Martin Joergensen to the Danish coast on a cold January day. Listen to the waves. Meet his dog Divus and hear him tell you why it might be a very silly idea to go fishing for sea run brown trout in water, which is almost freezing.
Go to Podcast intro
Podcast intro
Go fishing with Global Flyfisher on your mp3-player, your iPod or just download our podcast to your computer and listen. The first test is up, and you can enjoy 20 minutes on a cold Danish January-coast with GFF partner Martin Joergensen and his dog.
Go to Limestone Streams
Limestone Streams
Charles Meck is no stranger to fly fisherman as he's been writing books about fly fishing since the 1960's. His latest book tackles those most special of trout waters where hatches can be intense, the fish can be grow large, and the catching can be difficult.
Go to GFF podcasts
GFF podcasts
Section: The sound of The Global FlyFisher
Go to Sören and Sara
Sören and Sara
Senior pike fisher Sören Essebo invited junior pike fisher Kasper Mühlbach for a day of... pike fishing at the South Swedish coast. Besides fishing they talked about Sörens web site, publishing on the internet and why he has fallen in love with White Pike Sara.
Go to Bassin'
The book contains the information you would expect from a book on fly fishing for bass - bass bug tactics, water types, seasonal changes, but what separates this book are two chapters - one dealing with the fly fishing for bass, and one dealing with "bassin'".

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