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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Go to A new breed
A new breed
Fly fishing videos have gone through an amazing development during the last five years. Once the recipe was simple: get hold of a couple of seasoned anglers, hook up with some upscale lodges and some guides needing some marketing and... action!
Go to Videos on GFF
Videos on GFF
We're entering the online video age. The plan is not to produce our own feature length DVD's in HD quality, but to expose the best online videos from other sources. So browse our first videos here and help us make this new feature better by pointing us to great online videos.
Go to GFF Video Channel
GFF Video Channel
The Global FlyFisher video channel features the best online videos from the whole world.
Go to Global Flyisher Videos
Global Flyisher Videos
OK, we know... it's not totally original, but since every other site out there seems to have a video page, we decided to have one too. After all our user's image gallery has been a huge success, so why not a video gallery? So, what we essentially do is gather the best fishing videos from all the different sources on the web. We don't host them, we just embed them and link to them, so this is really kind of an index. But that can be OK too, can't it? It's also a desperate measure to get some content to the site. We've been all too busy this year with tonnes other things than publishing on GFF... but that's a whole other story. For now we invite you to add fishing videos to this new part of the site. We'll review them as we do with all user submitted contributions. It filters out the worst spam.
Go to Para-Hackle Emerger
Para-Hackle Emerger
Effective anglers carry a myriad of emerger-style flies to take picky trout during hatches. While there are many styles of emergers to choose from, para-hackle style flies may not come to mind first. Tying emergers para-hackle style is a forgotten technique not often taught and even fished less. We at GFF can't understand why!?! Read along as GFF partner Steve Schweitzer walks you through the
Go to Fly Tying Videos
Fly Tying Videos
The best online fly tying video clips in our fly fishing video channel. Step-by-stpe tying of popular fly patterns, tricks for better flies and much more.
Go to 1000!
Here at GFF we don't hesitate to celebrate any occasion, which marks a milestone in the the history of this site and its progress. And here's another such milestone: this very article is actually entry number 1000 in our list of entries in the sitemap. A really sharp corner.
Go to Carlos R. Heinsohn
Carlos R. Heinsohn
I'm probably one of the first addicts of GFF since the beginnings. Most of my virtual fishing has been made on those "waters" for the last ten years. I live in Bogotá, Colombia, on the northern corner of South America.
Go to Lake Champ
Lake Champ
Many years ago, when Colombian Carlos Heinsohn began to tie flies, he didn't have more than a few basic materials and not more than three models of hooks. He wanted a huge dragonfly nymph, so he made one almost entirely with black and brown marabou on a #6 hook with a few wraps of copper wire.
Go to Salmon Fly Directory
Salmon Fly Directory
This is a massive and impressing work by Chris Mann whose books we hold in high esteem here on the GFF. With more than 1,800 fly patterns listed, each meticulously illustrated in Mann's superior style, this is probably THE title you want as a reference to salmon flies.
Go to Gear pictures
Gear pictures
Martin maintains an archive of fly-fishing images together with a bunch of fishing friends. Nowadays it contains almost 12,000 images, and of those about 1,253 or more than 10% are tagged "gear". They take a lot of gear pictures.
Go to Once in a Blue Moon
Once in a Blue Moon
After having seen and loved the latest year's large crop of "grunge" movies, it's a blessing to see something, which holds the flag of visual aesthetics high, and uses both editing, sound and commentary to keep you glued to the seat, not because you're afraid to fall off, but because you're spellbound.
Go to Internet Flies
Internet Flies
All of a sudden, the new season or a spontaneous fly fishing trip with your best buddy is imminent. At that stage, you may think about ordering flies through an online shop. Selling flies through the Internet is a growing business. There is a vast number of private and commercial suppliers of flies and a large range of prices and qualities.
Go to The White
The White
The White is a stable pattern in originator Rasmus Hansen's coastal sea trout flybox, He uses it as a provocation (read: attractor) or as a shrimp imitation, and prefers it for turbulent water and autumn fishing. The fly is simple, one color only, and one of these universal flies that can catch anything.
Go to The Copper Bully
The Copper Bully
No sea trout box should be without a small Gammerus imitation, and the Copper Bully is one of the most efficient and easily tied ones. Consisting of very few materials in this version, it hardly gets any easier. It can also be a scud or a cress bug in a tight spot.
Go to Bent Rods
Bent Rods
This might be considered a strange and kind of exotic photography subject to write a whole article about, but looking at the images that my fishing friends and I shoot, I can see that it's a very popular thing to shoot. As soon as a fish is hooked, we rush to the scene, and get quite a few bent rod pictures.
Go to Baskets, trays, buckets
Baskets, trays, buckets
Sometimes you want to make sure that your line doesn't tangle and sometimes you want to make longer casts. A line or stripping basket, bucket or tray may be the solution. This article covers a bunch of types from rigid plastic buckets to ingenious contraptions with spikes and hooks.
Go to Shark's Caddis Larva
Shark's Caddis Larva
This is a very simple fly imitating the caddis larva. Some may call it realistic fly, some will say impressionistic, but no matter what, the originator says with 100% certainty that it's a killer pattern and he has caught lots of fish with it in many different places.
Go to The Simplest Fly
The Simplest Fly
"What is this"
"A fly!"
"What kind of fly"
"Well, this is a fly that imitates a beetle"
The fly that he showed me then was really huge one, may be about 2 - 2,5 centimeters or almost and inch in diameter.
"Wow, why is it so big?"
"Because I am an old man, I can not see well"
Go to The Charlie Fly
The Charlie Fly
The Charlie Fly was inspired by the underfur from the originator's Chocolate Lab. Ken Bonde Larsen's dog has unwillingly become the material manufacturer for this great sea trout producer. As it often is with Danish with sea trout flies it's a small, generic pattern.
Go to Shark's Wasp
Shark's Wasp
Bulgarian fly tyer and fly angler Radoslav Kiskinov takes another stab at imitating a terrestrial insect - this time the wasp - and with usual skill he manages to produce a very life-like fly. Bulgarian anglers and Bulgarian fish love it.
Go to Humminbird Smartcast 35
Humminbird Smartcast 35
Despite its diminutive size, this innovative wrist-watch display and remote sonar sensor gives float tubers and kayakers a truly portable way to find fishy water faster. And at a MSRP of $80 USD, the price point is wallet friendly too. Read GFF's review of this handy (pun intended) device which may
Go to Domestic Fly
Domestic Fly
The common housefly is indeed... eh.... common, and an obvious insect to imitate. Bulgarian Radoslav Kiskinov has made a simple but very efficient pattern imitating Musca domestica using foam, raffia and peacock herl, which will catch several species when fished dry.
Go to Radoslav Kiskinov
Radoslav Kiskinov
Bulgarian fly fisher and fly tier Radoslav Kiskinov.
Go to The Barbell Tube
The Barbell Tube
Steve Egge has been spending some time lately playing at the vise with some interesting bottle tubes.Here is his latest, which shows how varied you can be with tube tying. Tying behind the tube, on the tube body and in front of the tube.
Go to Neo-Classic - instructions
Neo-Classic - instructions
Step by step instructions for a classic salmon fly.
Go to Classics
Tying flies not meant for fishing sounds odd to some but dragging others into the world of advanced techniques. Anders Ovesen takes us into his cave of threads and feathers and reveals some puzzles needed to tie da old school style. Hang on to this detailed description and fly to the 
Go to Kola autumn
Kola autumn
After a famly vacation to Turkey, Lithuanian Mindaugas Banelis decided it was high time to go fishing somewhere in the North. The target was salmon. He decided that the Kola Peninsula was the ideal place to travel to. So he set off.
Go to South Patagonia 2
South Patagonia 2
Follow Rolandas and his friends on this second part of their trip to Patagonia. This time concentrated on steelhead and huge rainbows from a famous and clear lake with the Hollywoodian name: Jurrasic Lake.
Go to GFF on Twitter
GFF on Twitter
The Global FlyFisher can now be found on Twitter.
Go to Clear Water
Clear Water
We all love these shots of stunningly clear water. Streams, lakes even the ocean can appear almost ethereal in the way that the bottom is visible in your shot. How do you best shoot these images, which let's the freshness and clarity of the water come out in the final picture?
Go to Make 'Em Swim
Make 'Em Swim
Swedish Michael Frödins newest DVD about his FITS tube fly system and the new turbo discs, which make the flies vibrate, pulse and move more water than using a traditional cone. The fly comes more alive, but are they more fish catching? At least eye catching.
Go to Muskie on the Fly
Muskie on the Fly
It's been a long time since pike angler Mark Dysinger has been so invigorated after reading a flyfishing book. But he was when reading "Muskie on the Fly" by Robert S. Tomes, which is the first complete work ever composed and dedicated to the pursuit of muskellunge with a fly.
Go to Sean Seal
Sean Seal
"I really can't pin down exactly when I started doing artwork. I've always done it." These are the words of Sean Seal when presented with the question "how did it start?". Based in Bay City, Michigan, which is not exactly "a fly fishing paradise" as he says, he has still taken on fly fishing as a subject for his art.
Go to Whipfinish video
Whipfinish video
This short video shows you how to whip finish with your fingers rather than using a tool. It's quite easy, looks cool and saves you trying to localize that whipfinisher on your messy tying table - that is if you are like the rest of us...
Go to Magnus
If one particular fly was to be celebrated as the Mother of all the typical Danish, gray, nondescript hackle flies it would have to be The Magnus. Originated in 1973 in Denmark it has become a goto-fly for Many Danish as well as foreign coastal anglers.
Go to Big Hole Demon
Big Hole Demon
A classical pattern originated back in the sixties - here adapted for Scandinavian sea trout fishing, but probably also useful for bass and other species as well as the brownies it was originally tied for. The fly is fairly easy to tie and we have made it even simpler.
Go to Polar Perch
Polar Perch
Perch and Shad are tasty baitfish that warmwater game fish love to snack upon. Modifying the classic Deceiver-style pattern yields a tasty fly that is easy to cast and won't tangle upon itself. Find out from GFF partner Steve Schweitzer the key steps required to tie 
Go to G-String Eyes
G-String Eyes
If you play guitar and tie are wasting some valuable tying material every time you change your strings. Old guitar strings have something to make flies land softly on the water and jig just enough to tease fish into striking. Learn from GFF partner Steve Schweitzer what to keep from old strings and how to tie
Go to Fly Fishing for Bonefish
Fly Fishing for Bonefish
This classical bonefish book from 1992 has now been totally revised to reflect the most recent development in bonefishing and has had a well deserved visual overhaul with more color photos and a very nice layout. The book is very hands on and practical in its approach.
Go to The Search
The Search
Five NZ friends have obviously been surfing Google Maps too much, circling small spots in French Polynesia indicating probable bonefish spots. In spite of the improvisational philosophy of this project, the chances taken and the somewhat random events that are chained together in this film, it's become an excellent production.
Go to Mr. Hardy
Mr. Hardy
Anybody who's into fly fishing will know Hardy. If you haven't heard about this famous British company, you must have grown up on a different planet - as a fly fisher, that is. This fantastic DVD entitled "The Lost World of Mr. Hardy" makes sure this world and its story is not lost.
Go to GFF heartbeat
GFF heartbeat
The rhythm of articles on the Global FlyFisher. How many articles we published every month since way back, and an option to see he articles of each month.

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