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Published Jan 1st 2009

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Go to Atlantic Salmon Magic
Atlantic Salmon Magic
Quite an amazing book. Great overview of the skills and techniques used to fish for Atlantic Salmon. Great DVD on Russian salmon rivers in the back. Another winner from Wild River Press.
Go to Essential Saltwater Flies
Essential Saltwater Flies
A very nice book with a great selection of traditional saltwater patterns, richly illustrated with step-by-step photos. Not a coffee table book in any sense, but an excellent beginner's title.
Go to Jim Warner Swap
Jim Warner Swap
Jim Warner has been one of the most influential fly tyers in New England, especially for those who spend their time trolling and fishing streamers in the many lakes and ponds of the region. The gang of the streamers@ list recently had a swap of his great fly patterns.
Go to A hundred places...
A hundred places...
A review of the two Fifty Places to Fly-fish Before You Die books from Crish Santella who seems to be a book factory. Each dream location is covered with a brief text and a few facts, and many even without any images. I wonder how these books can become bestsellers. I'm not impressed...
Go to Carrie Challenge II
Carrie Challenge II
Back in 2002 a bunch of guys on the streamers@ mailing list decided to tie some flies "in the hand" without the benefit of a vise. This year a new crop took up the challenge with a different fly - Carrie's Favorite - and tackled the Look Ma, No Vise challange.
Go to Book couriers wanted
Book couriers wanted
Is there any GFF readers who travel between the US an Europe, maybe even Scandinavia or ideally Denmark, who would be willing to bring books over now and then and mail them on to Martin in Denmark?
Go to AD Maddox
AD Maddox
"She's a Ducati riding, Wyoming roaming, fly fishing girl born in Tennessee... " This is how fly fishing artist AD Maddox is introduced on her web site, and an introduction that has exactly the effect that I suppose was intended: I gotta know more about her!
Go to Stepping into the Stream Q&A
Stepping into the Stream Q&A
We had the chance to ask Barbara Klutinis - the woman behing the video "Stepping into the Stream" a few questions regarding her film about fly fishing women.
Go to Stepping into the Stream
Stepping into the Stream
A video about women fly fishing, and not just about fly fishing, but also about connecting with nature and themselves.
Go to Facts about GFF
Facts about GFF
The Global FlyFisher is a web site for fly fishers and fly tyers - and to some extend for outdoors people in general. The site has a very long history, dating back to the beginning of the Internet era in 1994, and our oldest articles are from that period.
Go to The bag trick
The bag trick
It's a very simple trick, which will make your life a lot easier. Put your feet in plastic bags before you stuff them into the waders. Simple as that!
Go to Heads or Tails
Heads or Tails
The number of permit and the accessibility to them seems to be on par with anything you can find anywhere on the globe... and then some! You will see dozens if not hundreds of fish, heads and tails inside the waves, permit going for surface flies and much more in this Australian DVD.
Go to Authors, filmmakers, artists, publishers!
Authors, filmmakers, artists, publishers!
Share parts of your work with our readers. Maybe you should consider letting us bring an extract, a sample, an interview or an article about your work. We get content, you get free marketing.
Go to A Backyard in Nowhere Q&A
A Backyard in Nowhere Q&A
The DVD "A Backyard in Nowhere" is something else. Fly fishing, sure, but also a different experience traveling, fishing, hunting and meeting people by the Innoko River system in Alaska. The team behind the video is Danish, and it was quite natural to grab a hold of them and get them to talk a bit about the background for the whole project.
Go to A Backyard in Nowhere
A Backyard in Nowhere
Lo and behold! A fishing DVD that warns about profanity, nudity, drugs and alcohol on the cover! And actually features it all inside along with some really well produced large pike fishing from Alaska and some portraits of people, locals, not-so-locals and strangers, who all have their characteristics and opinions. Heehaw!!
Go to The Blitz
The Blitz
Tracking the annual saltwater migration from north (Maine) to south (Carolina) has all the hallmarks of a daunting task, but McDonald and Brown do it justice.
Go to Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink
We only had a few takes and caught nothing - but we had a wonderful sunrise, saw a seal and three porpoises hunting close to the beach. The best way to get away from stress and daily routine and do nothing else than relax. What a morning!
Go to Fishing Season
Fishing Season
I was a third into the book already the first day I had it, and finished it in just a couple of days, which in itself tells how much I liked it. I rarely give the Global Class score to other books than coffee table books with large, glossy pages and lots of snazzy and stylish photos, but this one easily earned our maximum score.
Go to A new look
A new look
GFF has been looking the same for almost a decade, and even though we haven't changed anything radical, there are changes in appearance.
Go to Casting At Shadows
Casting At Shadows
The video is filmed in exquisite quality and with all the hallmarks of good photography and filming: great composition, great angles, nice rhythm and of course the kind of stunning images you get when filming large and beautiful fish in perfect, tropical conditions.
Go to Plu Stiniog
Plu Stiniog
The subtitle is "Trout Flies For North Wales". These flies may come from Wales, but look like they can be used anywhere! Very systematic and thorough with lots of patterns each with a small description, list of materials and photos of the flies.
Go to Musky Country
Musky Country
"A different class of fish here!" as Brad Bohen says during his fighting the world record musky (any tippet, so it's large!). And a different class of anglers I say. A nice video portrait of "the musky tribe".
Go to Fly Fishing the World
Fly Fishing the World
Featuring John Barrett fishing different very attractive locations with celebrities like model Niki Taylor, musician Huey Lewis and actors Liam Neeson, Henry Winkler and others. Nice fishing, but a typical TV-show, including commercial breaks! But two entertaining DVDs with 3+ hours of video for less than 10 bucks is pretty hard to beat.
Go to Kai Nolting
Kai Nolting
Kai is German fly fisher and fly tyer based in Sauerland in Germany and a very good friend of GFF.
Go to When lightning strikes
When lightning strikes
The odds of getting hit by a lightning are very small. So are the odds of getting a disease that makes it difficult or even impossible to fish. But both things happen sometimes, and GFF partner Martin Joergensen was not hit by a lightning...
Go to Rivers of a Lost Coast
Rivers of a Lost Coast
If documentary style is one tendency in fishing video, this is the ultimate example. A deep and profound look at Northern California's fabled and once fabulous steelhead fishing seen through historic pictures, film clips from then and now and the spoken word of a large number of experts.
Go to Vision and Refraction
Vision and Refraction
It's been a long time since I spent any time in a classroom studying the concepts of refraction - how a wave (in our case a light wave) changes direction as it crosses the boundary layer between two different media. In "Trout Vision and Refraction" - the third entry in Ozzie Ozefovich's "Underwater World of Trout" series of DVDs - we get a much deeper understanding of the importance of air/water boundary.
Go to Don't wade, you idiot!
Don't wade, you idiot!
Why do many anglers stomp into the water and spook every fish in close distance before they even lay out their first cast? GFF partner Martin Joergensen recommends staying on land.
Go to Car rod holders
Car rod holders
The idea behind the rod holder is simple: it's a special made device, which allows you to strap the rods on the outside of the car, and drive while the rods are mounted in this way. The rods are strapped down fully rigged and assembled with reels, lines and even flies in place.
Go to A South African fly tying journey
A South African fly tying journey
This first DVD, in a series, is a documentary journey of the history of fly fishing in South Africa, providing lovely insight to the first trout that was introduced to the streams of South Africa and the evolution of fly tying in South Africa.
Go to I've Never Met an Idiot...
I've Never Met an Idiot...
Henry Winkler is best known via TV as Fonzie on the popular American 70's sitcom Happy Days. Through his newest book, I've Never Met an Idiot on the River, Winkler accounts about his life with the love of his life, Stacey, mistakes made in life, raising children and of course fly fishing. The book is a quick and joyful read that leaves you feeling like you're just like a TV star - at least in a few very important habits of life.
Go to Major Traherne's flies
Major Traherne's flies
Back in 2000 the Danish Fly tier, Kim Rasmussen compiled all Major John Popkin Traherne's beautiful salmon fly dressings into one poster, and now, more than 10 years later The Global FlyFisher can show all these beautiful flies.
Go to My Time on the Mountain
My Time on the Mountain
Gaining 2,500 feet in altitude and hiking over 28 miles wasn't the tough part of this trip of a lifetime for first time GFF author Shane Murphy. It was resisting the temptation to fish every inch of the abundance of trout-filled water in the 4 days he spent in the Colorado backcountry. If you decide to fish the Colorado high country, Shane offers his description of the trip and shares 
Go to Bastard Crab
Bastard Crab
Yet another impressionistic crab pattern that includes materials providing a lot of movement. This an Aaron Adams pattern that is often eaten as it drops to the bottom.
Go to Tying with CDC
Tying with CDC
Dutch Hans Weilenmann tells the history of the use of CDC feathers in fly tying, covers the different types of feathers and their use and lists both CDC tying tips and a bunch of CDC patterns.
Go to Dick Brown
Dick Brown
Dick Brown has stalked bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, and other tropical saltwater species for over 30 years and he's fished extensively for bones in the Bahamas, Caribbean, Pacific, South America, and Florida Keys.
Go to Meko Special
Meko Special
Omeko Glinton created the Meko Special in an attempt to come up with a single fly that you can fish over any color bottom so you don't have to waste time changing flies as you move from flat to flat.
Go to Sunray Shadow Variant
Sunray Shadow Variant
A simple version of Sunray shadow
Go to Autumn Gallery
Autumn Gallery
Martin Joergensen's favorite time for coastal fishing has always been in the autumn. Only a few things will in his opinion beat a nice September or October day on the coast.
Go to The Trout Diaries
The Trout Diaries
"Yous fellas fishin'?" a Maori guy asked on the shore of Lake Otomangakau. I said we were having a look. "Plenty a fish here, bro. Big bastards, too. But bloody hard to catch, ay."
Go to Fishing a bubble
Fishing a bubble
Even though you might not be able to use a flyrod, you can fish with a fly anyway. Use a spinning rod and a casting float, and you will be able to cover a lot of water, fish in harsh conditions, cast large flies and even fish dries or nymphs in a stream.
Go to Patagonian salmonids
Patagonian salmonids
The fascinating story of the introduction of salmonids into Argentina and the Patagonian waters told by local guide Heiko Schneider. Without the work done by people a century ago, Argentina would be a very different fishing destination... if any at all.
Go to Bonefish Fly Patterns
Bonefish Fly Patterns
Dick Brown has made a good book much better by updating his classic 1996 title, and Bonefish Fly Patterns must be considered mandatory reading for bonefish anglers - rookies and oldtimers - on line with Randall Kaufmann's Bonefishing! and Brown's own Fly Fishing for Bonefish.
Go to Equilibrium
Another fishing-slash-documentary DVD from Bristol Bay in Alaska telling about the fantastic fishing and nature and its future. Made in the form of a classic documentary - and a good one of the kind. A close to perfect mix of environmental consciousness and fishing action, but way too short.
Go to Destination Trout - NZ
Destination Trout - NZ
A varied and thorough introduction to trout fishing in New Zealand, and a very appetizing guide to many destination on the two islands. Lots of specific information and lots of fishing action - 3 hours actually! Some years old, but still well worth the watch.
Go to Sea Trout Gear
Sea Trout Gear
This article will try to point you in the right direction when choosing equipment for coastal fishing for sea trout in Denmark and the Baltic.This kind of fishing usually involves a lot of casting. A lot! So the gear has to be easy to cast with - time and time again.
Go to The Source - Iceland
The Source - Iceland
For people who don't know Iceland this is a fabulous introduction to this fairyland fishing destination. For the rest of us it's a testament to how good the fishing can be on the volcanic island in the Atlantic.
Go to 2K+!
Sorry about the confusing headline, but our article database reached 2000 entries (and then some) during the past week. As you know, we don't let any reason for celebrating ourselves pass unnoticed, and of course we want to write about ourselves on this happy day!
Go to Cast Alaska
Cast Alaska
A very fine video from the stunning Alaska where avid anglers chase rainbow trout under all kinds of conditions - from excellent to not so good. Beautifully filmed and with some really interesting anglers portrayed. This DVD has definitely stimulated my urge to go fishing in Alaska sometime in my life.
Go to The CDC & Elk family
The CDC & Elk family
Hans Weilenmann's CDC & Elk is a fly as good as they come. Still a lot of people - including Hans himself and the author - have made variations. This article covers a whole bunch of CDC & Elk variations.
Go to The Terrible Muddler
The Terrible Muddler
This is the lazy man's muddler, the sloppy tier's muddler, the beginner's muddler. It's actually quite close in style to some of the first Muddler Minnows tied by Don Gapen back in the 30's.
Go to Hitlist
A page listing the most visited pages on GFF for the latest day, week, month and year.
Go to Close to the surface
Close to the surface
Shooting pictures close to the surface can give an exciting perspective that will enhance the feeling of being near the water... literally! This is yet another chapter in our long series about taking better fishing pictures.
Go to Lake fishing in Sweden
Lake fishing in Sweden
Hans Jacob, a good friend of mine, has been going to some lakes in Sweden for many years, and asked whether some of us wanted to join him on another summer fishing trip. I wasn't late to return with a confirmation. Sure I wanted to fish lake rainbows with him! Sounded like a lot of fun. And it was! 
Go to The Source - New Zealand
The Source - New Zealand
The Source DVD's are growing into a series with chapters on Tasmania, New Zealand and Iceland. This is the middle chapter in the series on the goal of all trout angler's pilgrimages: New Zealand.
Go to Modern fly fishing
Modern fly fishing
In this series of DVD's Johan Klinberg takes us on different kinds of fly fishing with internationally renown anglers or local experts, Mountain Media has reached both new heights in their productions as well as a potentially very large audience. Czech nymphing, dry fly fishing, wet fly fishing and streamer fishing.
Go to DIY brushes and combs
DIY brushes and combs
These are some of the least expensive and most useful fly tying tools you can make yourself. A Velcro stick, a brush and a comb made from strips of Velcro, pieces of wood, hair combs and even ice lolly sticks!
Go to Mayfly Madness
Mayfly Madness
Very nice and cozy video journey together with Swedish anglers Johan Klingenberg and Ulf Börjesson in the pursuit of brown trout in the streams of southern Sweden during three seasons of mayfly hatches.
Go to Robin Armstrong
Robin Armstrong
Robin Armstrong is a British painter based in Devon in the UK, whose lifelike watercolors have been featured in magazine articles as well as in books by himself as well as other authors.
Go to Tapâm Q&A
Tapâm Q&A
I have just reviewed the exciting tarpon fishing DVD Tapâm by Danish Jan Bach Kristensen and German Daniel Göz, and I thought I'd approach the two adventurous anglers with some questions regarding their unorthodox fishing and stunning video production.
Go to Tapâm
Fantastic video about tarpon fishing from float tubes. Yes, float tubes! Beautifully filmed and very exciting. Winner of the Drake Magazine annual fly fishing video Festival and winner of a Global Class rating right here.
Go to Ken's Cuteling
Ken's Cuteling
A small, soft baitfish imitation that will do a very good job standing in for a sculpin, but can be adapted to look like almost any small fish. Learn to tie it here using easily available materials - 
Go to Easy Fishing Florida Keys
Easy Fishing Florida Keys
Seven family members from various cities across the U.S. got together for a vacation this spring in Key Largo, Florida. The author is the only avid angler of the bunch and alerted the others that he wanted to get some fishing in while we were there, and they were welcome to fish along.
Go to The Killer Shrimp
The Killer Shrimp
The Killer Shrimp hardly looks like anything. It's gray and translucent, sparsely dressed and inconspicuous. But it catches fish. It's a great fly for those bright and calm days where sea trout seem to be unwilling to take any fly.
Go to The Bloody Zonker
The Bloody Zonker
This fly is a bright and tasty looking bite of feathers and fur that can sometimes be the key to luring a big trout. It's a variation of a variation of the Bloody Butcher.
Go to Kelsongasm!
If you are into classical salmon flies, great writing and excellent fly photography the book The Essential Kelson is a very good reason to set yourself back Ł35.-. Terry Griffiths and Marvin Nolte have outdone themselves.
Go to My book obsession
My book obsession
Martin has always been very fond of books, and fly fishing books have almost become an obsession with him. In spite of having a pretty good stock of titles already, he still buys a bag full now and then.
Go to Vatnsdalsá
The Icelandic salmon river Vatnsdalsá river is famous for its large fish. Many anglers get a big surprise when they see the monsters showing themselves in this rather small river. But it is more than that. This was the first full catch & release river in Iceland and is a role model for other rivers.
Go to Better Fishing Pictures
Better Fishing Pictures
Become a better fly fishing photographer. Tips, examples and our best articles on shooting anglers.
Go to Squid patterns
Squid patterns
How to tie a squid fly pattern. Decapods and squids are high on the menu to some saltwater species. Learn to tie them here.
Go to Fly fishing knots
Fly fishing knots
The most useful, easiest and strongest knots for fly fishing. How to tie them and when to use them.
Go to Pike Flies
Pike Flies
Large and gaudy flies for pike and musky. All our best pike patterns and how to tie them.
Go to Tube flies
Tube flies
Flies tied on metal and plastic tubes fished with loose hooks for salmon, trout, saltwater fish. Tying techniques and patterns.
Go to Shrimp fly theme
Shrimp fly theme
A Global FlyFisher theme page about how to tie the best shrimp fly patterns. All o8ur best articles on shrimp fly patterns.
Go to Tarpon fly fishing
Tarpon fly fishing
Fishing for large tarpon on the fly. Our best tarpon articles on gear, methods, patterns, destinations, tips, videos and much more.
Go to Wooly Bugger Patterns
Wooly Bugger Patterns
Woolly Buggers, Baby Buggers, Wooly Worms - one of the most common, popular, effective. easiest and widespread patterns in the world. All our best articles on Woolly Buggers.
Go to Bloody Butcher
Bloody Butcher
Originally this was a classic style wet fly with a feather wing, but it's easily transformed into an excellent sea trout fly. Black, red and silver are perfect together and makes the fly very visible. See tying steps and lots of pictures and 
Go to The Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree
This fly is primitive close to being embarrassing. It's even ugly. It uses one material only and a crude and synthetic one at that. But... and there's a but... GFF partner Martin Joergensen has to admit that it's an efficient fly. It catches a lot of fish.
Go to The Clouserish
The Clouserish
Very inspired by the Clouser style as well as the Thunder Creek, but not tied quite as any of the originals. The Clouser-ish will still go in the Clouser Deep Minnow category, and as all these flies it's an excellent and easy-to-tie fly.
Go to Soulfish
Adventurous search for the soul of fly fishing featuring fishing in all corners of the world with a bunch of fly anglers all with an interesting opinion about the game.
Go to Sea Trout Secrets 1-4
Sea Trout Secrets 1-4
The lack of English material on coastal sea trout fishing changed dramatically when Danish film maker Niels Vestergaard released his four DVD's on the subject in English. Many more now have access to some of the finest material on coastal sea trout fishing, 
Go to Clouser Deep Minnow
Clouser Deep Minnow
Only a few patterns are as generally useful and widespread as the Clouser Deep Minnow. Only a few patterns have their own entry in Wikipedia, but the Clouser Deep Minnow is up there with the Woolly Bugger, the Muddler Minnow, Grey Ghost, Royal Coachman, Diawl Bach and a few others.
Go to River Academy
River Academy
Three DVD's reviewed as one: A set of delightful introductions to different approaches to different types of stream fishing. Presented by fly fishing actor Dean Andrews and fly fishing instructor John Tyzack in an entertaining and educating style. Very nicely filmed in some beautiful UK locations.
Go to Rise + Drift
Rise + Drift
Two DVD's that take us around the world with fly fishers and fly fishing. A really nice, easy flowing collection of fishing advetures. Beautifully filmed and with lots of thoughtful and entertaining content. Fishing adventures galore from Confluence Films. Filmed in 16mm and produced in HD.
Go to Trout with bacon
Trout with bacon
This is not your ordinary fly fishing article, but anyways... we have brought you recipes before, but this one is more in the GFF style with lots of step-by-step pictures. From fishing location to your table.
Go to Minni
Medium sized spring fed stream, crystal clear water and brown trout reaching the 20 lbs./10 kilo mark.
Where do you find this?
Just over one hour's drive from Reykjavik in Iceland in the Minnivallalaekur river.
Go to Fish Eye 4
Fish Eye 4
A video magazine style DVD with a lot of varying types of video of a lot of varying types of fishing. Trout and bass as well as some more exotic species.
Go to Craig Bertram Smith
Craig Bertram Smith
The first time Korrie Broos saw one of Craig Bertram Smith's works of art was a pencil sketch he'd made to commemorate a trophy giant kingfish he'd caught, posted on a fly fishing forum. The sketch was magnificent, and Korrie immediately sent Craig an email 
Go to In search of Dinosaurs
In search of Dinosaurs
Follow Heiko Schneider and Carolina Perez as they go fly fishing for Wolf Fish or Tararira, Hoplias malabaricus, an ancient looking South American fish that can be found in murky waters full of weed, branches and other obstacles.
Go to Black Ghost Tube
Black Ghost Tube
Believe in ghosts? How about a black one? If you're fishing sea trout or brown trout, or even salmon, there is no way around the Black Ghost. It has caught thousands of fish around the world. This is an all time classic that has proven itself.
Go to Tom Biesot
Tom Biesot
Angler and reel maker.
Go to Tom's reel
Tom's reel
This is a first! Rod building is common, but how about making your own fly reel? Dutch Tom Biesot takes us through the process of making a beautiful home made fly reel, step by step and in meticulous detail with tonnes of pictures.
Go to Spider NJ
Spider NJ
Once again, simple is good!
Once again, black is good!
Once again, rubber legs are good!
Once again a tube fly from Nils Jorgensen.
This little tube fly is so easy to tie that you can easily fill a box in no time.
Go to Heiko Schneider and Carolina Perez
Heiko Schneider and Carolina Perez
Argentinean guides and outfitters Heiko Schneider and Carolina Perez.
Go to Spring 2011
Spring 2011
It has become almost a tradition for Martin to do a small gallery of images from the different seasons in his own fishing, especially the spring, and this year he has done it again in keeping with this tradition.
Go to Where to fish
Where to fish
You may be under the impression that finding a good place to fish is difficult and that the best spots are secret and far away from everything.
Read this article and learn how to find the best and richest fishing locations. They nearby, easy to access and so full of fish 
Go to Barrel Full of Bucktails
Barrel Full of Bucktails
Some of these flies are among the most well known of any genre of fishing flies others are a little on the obscure side. Some are simple and some are a bit complicated. I like 'em all. They all have their place on the water, and they all have a story to tell.
Go to Klympen
Klympen is a simple and efficient fly for sea run browns, which should be able to catch many other kinds of fish. Originated by Henning Eskol, this fly has seen many variations since its birth.
Go to Red Tag
Red Tag
Few flies are as classical as the Red Tag, which was originated as a dry fly for grayling, but has been adapted to many other kinds of fishing. The fly dates back to the 1850's where it came out of the vice of Martyn Flynn. This variation is for sea run browns.
Go to Raven NJ
Raven NJ
Simple things somehow often seem to work and this has also been the case for one of Nils Jorgensen's absolute favorite salmon flies, the Raven NJ. It has proven itself many times.
Go to Nils Jorgensen
Nils Jorgensen
Nils is born Danish but moved to Iceland where he has been living, fishing and guiding for a very long time now.
Go to PET Blue NJ
Black and blue colors are great no matter where you are fishing for salmon or sea trout. The PET Blue is just one of several colors of Nils Jorgensen's PETs. They are great in all sizes and easy to tie on the new Pro Tube System.
Go to Korrie Broos
Korrie Broos
He started fishing, from when he can just about start to remember, and living in Africa, gives him opportunities, to fish for "exotic species" unique to this continent.
Go to How to act right
How to act right
Looking and behaving right on the water matters. Act or look the wrong way, and fellow anglers will spot you as a helpless beginner right away. This is the second chapter of two, and it will teach you what to do in order to get some stream cred.
Go to How to look good
How to look good
Appearance and behavior are two very important aspects of fly fishing. Act or look the wrong way, and fellow anglers will immediately judge you as an amateur. This first chapter of two will teach you what to wear and carry.
Go to Sailfish on the Fly
Sailfish on the Fly
Tom Gorman admits that he's brought a 12-wt. outfit along on fishing trips to various parts of the world where sailfish are present, but the opportunity for him to present a fly to a sail just never seemed to happen. Until during his recent trip to Guatemala.
Go to Casts that Catch Fish
Casts that Catch Fish
If you want to hone your casting skills before the upcoming season, this is a very good place to start: a concentrated, to-the-point instruction video as good as they come. Featuring Carl McNiel showing all essential casts.
Go to A long winter
A long winter
This winter has been a long one. We're in the beginning of March, and still the ice is covering much of the coastal water, many lakes and even streams. But Martin usually don't long for spring. Don't worry: It comes no matter what!
Go to New GFF book
New GFF book
Another book from the hands of a GFF partner. This time on fly fishing one of the most beautiful places in the US west: Rocky Mountain National Park. It's written by GFF partner Steve Schweitzer who has hiked, fished and photographed extensively in the park during the last decade
Go to Yellow Marabou Special
Yellow Marabou Special
While tying up a batch of streamers for a fly swap, GFF partner Bob Petti remembered an old tinsel trick that reduced some of the hand cramping thread wrapping that is all too common with long shanked streamers.
Go to Favorite Streamer Swap
Favorite Streamer Swap
There's nothing like a good fly swap to get the fly tying knuckles cracked, the creative juices flowing again. The reasons for joining a swap are many - but for me it's fun to tie flies for something other than my fly boxes, and I truly enjoy the friendship and comraderie that comes with participating in a swap. It's not about who ties the best flies or who has the best feathers.
Go to Waterscapes
Capturing the essence of the environment in which we fish can be tough. The vistas, the beauty, the clarity or the wildness of the water. How do we get all that into our cameras? This article in our Better Fishing Pictures covers the subject.
Go to 2010 on GFF
2010 on GFF
We have passed yet another New Year's evening, and can now write 2011. So how was 2010 for GFF? We celebrated our 16th birthday in 2010. We served 12 million pages to 850,000 people. We published 66 articles. We added more than 500 videos. Still we think we're lagging a bit.

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