Moving day... again!

Saturday July 9th 2011
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Moving day... again!

Published: Saturday July 9th 2011 (4 years ago)
Updated: Saturday July 9th 2011, 7:18AM
by Martin Joergensen

Well it's obviously that time of the year or whatever time it is because we are moving the site to a new server.

It's all in a day's work for Bicycle Repair Man as Monty Python says, and it seems that this Bicycle Repair Man is a Server Repair Man.
We've had some trouble lately with the server we're running on at Hostgator, and they keep on shutting down the site, much to our own frustration and the dismay of our visitors who meet a short and ugly notice that they are not allowed access to the site!
Well, they are! And more than welcome at that!
But Hostgator sees it differently and regularly sends us kind but unwanted mails about server shutdowns, and this is getting too much.

So we are moving again. GFF gets its own virtual server in stead of sharing the space with others, we have a playing field of our own and can do whatever we want without disturbing others.
That all sounds dandy, but unfortunately includes work and expenses.
So the coming days there might be irregularities in the service from GFF while we copy the content over to the new server and activate it.

I'm glad I've just been fishing for four days, and feel loaded with energy, because this is one of the tasks I hate most about running a large web site: server work! Yuck! I wish it would just run, and I could spend my energy on creating content in stead.

Such is life.

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User comments
From: Jan - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted August 2nd 2011


the donation button sounds like a good idea for me. Just do it.

All the best


GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted July 18th 2011

Guys, GFF vsitors.

I really appreciate these couple of comments! We have many years ago pledged that GFF will stay non-commercial, and intend to stick to that. We have had some detours with banner ads and Google ads, but the work involved is way more than the payment rewards, and it's become a principle that we don't want to involve money in the form of sponsors or ads.

But a voluntary donation from the visitors sounds like a viable way of recouping a bit of the expenses involved. I will not bore you with amounts, but just say that running a site with 5-6000 visitors on a good day an a hundred gigabytes of traffic a month isn't cheap. I certainly don't want to try to calculate what GFF has cost us over the years, but just cherish the fond menories of all the good that this site has brought us.

I will seriously consider adding a Donate button! I have a PayPal account that supports this kind of thing, and it seems an easy task tos et up.

Thanks again!


From: Tom Biesot  Link
Submitted July 18th 2011

I think it is a pretty good idea to offer a Donate button to show our appreciation by donating money to help running the site of Globalflyfisher. I buy a lot of flyfishing magazines to keep up with all the news and products and that is a lot of money each month. But the most interesting I find on this site, so why not give a donation to keep up the good work, And it is a lot of work that people don't know about. I hope that all the readers will think about it , so we can enjoy this site for many years to come. Maybe a little advertising can help also !

Keep up the good work,

Tom Biesot.

From: DP - Full name and email anonymized  Link
Submitted July 9th 2011

Happy to hear you have taken the big step to a virtual server. You mentioned the extra work and expense of the changeover. Here's a suggestion...there are probably thousands of us who enjoy stopping by Globalflyfisher for videos, fly tying, forums etc. and we appreciate your dedication to making Globalflyfisher available, so why not offer a "Donate" button where we can show our appreciation by donating $$$ to help with you with the expense of running Globalflyfisher. For example, see the website

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