Monday August 9th 2004 (11 years ago)
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Published: Monday August 9th 2004 (11 years ago)
Updated: Tuesday August 10th 2004, 8:23AM
by Martin Joergensen

The summer got hot anyway!

I was complaining about the rainy and cold weather in Denmark. I escaped from it... to Mexico...

In Mexico it was hot and wet. Hot every day, very rainy some days. Not that it was a problem: we avoided the worst heat by fishing in the morning, and the rain usually only came in the afternoon after we had returned.

And yes, I fished. Trying for tarpon again for the second time in my life, and again without catching the big one. My personal record was a 10 lbs. fish - a baby tarpon - and the record on the trip was about 50 lbs., which was quite far from the 100 lbs. specimens we had imagined and heard of.

Well, I had fun, and there will of course be a story on GFF soon. Until then you can enjoy the picture to the right here.

And need I mention that now that I'm back at my desk, it's sizzeling hot and humid in Denmark?

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