Sunday October 10th 2004 (11 years ago)
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My GFF cap gone!

Published: Sunday October 10th 2004 (11 years ago)
Updated: Sunday October 10th 2004, 10:39PM
by Martin Joergensen

I sacrificed my trusty olive GFF cap to the mighty Skeena

I recently returned from a fishing trip to British Columbia - a lot of experiences richer but one irreplaceable GFF cap poorer.

I had had this cap since we first made them and tried to sell them here on GFF. We had a bunch made up, but honestly had a very hard time selling them. I passed out a few amongst good friends as did the other GFF partners, and took a great looking olive one for myself. I have been fishing with this cap during the last many years and it has rarely left my head when I was on the water.

Well, it did leave my head back in BC. We were sailing upriver in the Casiks Ė a tributary to the mighty Skeena Ė doing 20 MPH in a jet boat over very shallow water Ė maybe about 10Ē or 25 cenimetres.
Phlafff! And my cap was off and in the water behind us.
But... when sailing over water that shallow in a jet boat you donít wanna stop! If you do so the boat settles firmly on the bottom and will probably not come loose before next spring. So we continued full speed upstream and my cap drifted slowly downstream.

I slowly realized that my old, trusty, beaten, sweat soaked cap was gone! For good!
And that cap had been places!

I have a spare. A not quite as cool gray and blue one, but that is also my absolutely last one. It fits me poorly, the rim is too stiff and it has absolutely no soul or patina. And I donít like the color much...
I donít really know what to do. Maybe weíll have a new batch made. Maybe Iíll get used to the blue and gray. Maybe Iíll use something completely different.

No matter what Iíll miss my olive GFF cap.

PS: should some Skeena steelhead angler find an olive cap like this one, please donít hesitate to contact me. A brand new blue/gray one might be the reward.

PPS: You can see some video from that trip by clicking here. The file is 4 megabytes in size and has 1 minute of blazing upstream jet boat sailing.

PPPS: I'll do an article on the trip ASAP.

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