Thursday March 17th 2005 (10 years ago)
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Published: Thursday March 17th 2005 (10 years ago)
Updated: Thursday March 17th 2005, 11:43PM
by Martin Joergensen

I just picked up Fly Fishing Mexico by Daniel Beilinson and Juan Pablo Reynal in the post office. That is some book!

I am working on a theme on fly fishing for bonefish, and have been hunting around for suitable books and videos to reveiw and add to a few new articles on the subject.

In that hunt I stumbled over "Fly Fishing Mexico" by Daniel Beilinson and Juan Pablo Reynal. I honestly had a hard time locating it, and could not find any information on the publisher online.

I finally found a used copy in the online bookstore and ordered it.

It arrived today.

And I was right in my initial judgement of this book: it's a gem! I have rarely seen anything like it.

Excellent layout.
Good text (in Spanish and English).
Stunning photography.

A fine book, which I will review in detail ASAP.

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