Monday August 1st 2005 (10 years ago)
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Too many fish...

Published: Monday August 1st 2005 (10 years ago)
Updated: Saturday August 6th 2005, 10:24AM
by Martin Joergensen

...but too little fishing. The story of my holiday.

I just returned from a short trip through Denmark with my family. A very nice trip with visits to family and friends and a suitable amount of outdoors life, campfires, ice cream cones and museums. But with all too little fishing.

I had packed a couple of rods. Never be without gear and flies! But when I unpacked the car I found them exactly where I put them in the first place. Tucked in, deep down below all the other stuff that we had in the car. Untouched through the whole week.

Not that we didnít see any fishing water - or fish for that matter. We saw lots! But there just werenít any opportunities to swing a rod. So it goes...

We actually saw quite a few more fish than I usually see on a fishing trip, mostly because we visited a couple of the many Danish marine and freshwater museums. We managed to go to Aqua - a freshwater museum in Silkeborg - and the North See Museum - a saltwater ditto in Hirtshals. Both were great experiences and well worth visiting for anybody. Of course they were particularly interesting for me since they put on display all the fish species that I am constantly trying to catch - and then some.

But all those fish and no fishing has left a big hole in my stomach. I desperately want to go fishing now! Usually that would be no big deal: Iíd just go. But right now the weather is lousy and work has slowly crept in on me again, so Iíll probably have to do with some browsing through my fish pictures from the trip.

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