Wednesday August 8th 2007 (8 years ago)
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Mullets and cows!

Published: Wednesday August 8th 2007 (8 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

Some fishing day - large mullets and rods broken by cows!

We had one of these fishing trips a few days ago... one of those that will never be forgotten.

First of all we ran into a large school of mullet. We have done so many times before, but contrary to all previous times these fish were not spooked by leaders and splashing flies, but just milled around and took the flies willingly. We were three guys fishing for them, and we each had at least 20 serious takes, which is more than I have had all my life I think. I hooked four fish and managed to land one. The remaining three rushed off and either broke me off or spit the fly. One of the others landed a fish too, while the last angler broke several flies when striking.

To hook a 3.5 kilo (7 lbs.) mullet like these is like setting your fly in a log - weight and toughness is about the same. But once they are hooked, they become little speed boats (or submarines) that want to go back to where they came from. I saw more backing than I have seen in many years, and a couple of the fish took at least 30-40 meters on me (120'). No trout has done that for me.

So we had a lot of fun for a few hours. The fishing died as darkness came.

But when we returned to our stuff, which we had left on the beach, a bunch of young cows had had their fun with it. Everything was stepped on, eaten or just covered in cow-slime. This little incident cost us two rods, a polarizing filter and an mp3-recorder - plus almost all food and drinks. One rod was in a tube, but the tube was bent to an impressing Z-shape, and that rod will never come out of its tube again!

So watch out for the cows... and the mullet!

Happy me!

Happy Henning!

Unhappy Nils!

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