Thursday April 2nd 2009 (7 years ago)
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Rügen bound

Published: Thursday April 2nd 2009 (7 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

I'll be leaving for the first real spring fishing tomorrow - four days on German Rügen

A bunch of the German anglers that I know sometimes fish on the Baltic coast of Germany, and the name Rügen has popped up a few times.

Rügen is an island in the northern part of Germany located close to the mainland in the Baltic, and to a coastal angler as me it looks like a paradise. It's full of little nooks and crannies and has shelter for almost any wind direction and an endless variation in its coastal line with beaches, cliffs, rocks and whatnot.

So when my good friend Hans-Jacob (known by GFF Summit participants) called and asked whether we should plan a spring trip down there, I was all ears. So tomorrow morning we leave for Germany and four days of fishing. The weather seems to be agreeable and the timing is fine regarding the progression of the season.

So hopefully - knock on wood - I'll be having a ball with the Baltic sea trout the coming weekend. Rügen is usually known for its pike fishing, but the pikes are protected in April, so we can't target them. We have on the other hand rented a boat Sunday and might target some cod. We'll see.

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