Book theft!

Thursday June 7th 2012
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Book theft!

Published: Thursday June 7th 2012 (3 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

One of my all time favorite shops and definitely my favorite bookshop and its owner Paul Morgan were robbed this weekend.

One of my all time favorite shops and definitely my favorite bookshop and its owner Paul Morgan were robbed this weekend. I know there's little to do about these things and I just hope that Paul is kept reasonably damage free through his insurance. But I still want to spread the word just in case that some one hears about a load of fishing books (or old steel for that matter). This took place in Wales, so it might not concern everybody, even though you never know how wide things spread in these days with the international nature of a lot of crime.

Paul wrote of Facebook:
“Over the weekend bandits stealing old steel shelving from my warehouse also took a trailer full of books. The stock from the Dutch Fly Fair had been stored there, ready for the BFFI. I can't imagine what a West Midlands scrap dealer is going to do with half a ton of fly-tying books, even if it does include some of our beautiful leather editions. Reckon they'll just get dumped in the rain somewhere. However, on the outside chance that anyone out there gets offered some cheap fishing books…”

I have a very soft spot for books and for Paul's shop, and just yesterday I got another bag of books from his shop in the mail, so this definitely made me angry. The thought of these nice books ending up in the hands of some one who will have no idea of their value makes me sad.

Paul followed up with further details:
“The steel was a lot of second-hand pallet racking (painted orange and green), and some new unused green fencing. I had a lead (scrap-dealers who wanted to buy this some months ago - they were the only people who knew of its existence) which I gave the police. Their "intelligence" people said the address didn't exist. 30 secs on Google showed that it was a scrap-yard in Wolverhampton owned by a family of travellers. So the police haven't even bothered looking. “

I know it's a long shot, but if anybody hears or sees anything, let Paul know. His contact information is on the Coch-y-Bonddu web site.

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GFF staff comment
From: Martin Joergensen · martin·at·  Link
Submitted June 7th 2012


Exactly my fear. Not knowing the value will most likely just stamp the books as "old books" and they will be trashed rather than sold or "recycled" through a book dealer.


From: David Edwards · david·at·  Link
Submitted June 7th 2012

Martin even worse is the thought of these being discarded in the rain or burned!!!

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