Friday September 5th 2003 (12 years ago)
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Rainbows galore

Published: Friday September 5th 2003 (12 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

The first autumn day was a feast!

As promised I went off on the first coastal trip of the autumn today. And it as as good as expected!

The weather was just perfect and there were fish in the water.

A lot of fish!

Unfortunately they were mostly rainbows, which in Denmark means escaped fish farm fish, blown out of their cages during the last few weeks of very hard wind.

These fish are not beautiful. They are overly fat and often without tail, but they weigh in at 4-6 lbs. and give a very good fight. And we do kill them and eat them. Ridding nature of these misfits is doing a good deed. They are not supposed to be living in the Danish waters, and even though nothing has been proved, I fear that the vast number of rainbows introduced during a storm will effect the natural habitats severely.
We literally saw hundreds of rainbows and one single natural sea trout - plus a school or two of mullet.

Well, I will do what I can to remove the rainbows. I'm going again Sunday.

Another new book

Published: Friday September 5th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Friday September 5th 2003, 8:58AM
by Bob Petti

Neversink, by Leonard M. Wright

Ok - I will admit. I'm hooked on ebay. It is as if I have access to every used book dealer on the planet. I've found some GREAT deals on out-of-print books, and I can't seem to resist a good deal. I have a particular weakness for books written about the Catskills - the rivers, fishing, and tying. There are more than I thought!

The latest is "Neversink", by Leonard M. Write. This is cool, 'cause the Neversink is now sort of my home river. It's only 20 minutes from my house, the closest of the major Catskill rivers. Although the book is about the private areas upstream of the reservoir, it is still quite an interesting read.

Gotta be careful when a new book arrives in the mail, however. I almost burned dinner 'cause I was paying more attention to the book than the stove.

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