Monday November 24th 2003 (12 years ago)
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100 days! 10 years!

Published: Monday November 24th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Wednesday December 10th 2003, 10:59AM
by Martin Joergensen

The GFF Blog passed its 100'th day

Time really does fly!

Yesterday the GFF Blog passed it's 100th day. Amazing! I remeber installing this new feature just a short while ago, and now we're already closing in on our first quarter.

That's one thing we have learned doing GFF: time really flies when in good company. As it has been mentioned several times already, the rune stones for The Global FlyFisher were carved almost 10 years ago, and we are still considering ways of celebrating that. in the coming year.

GFF is an OLD site. A decade on the Internet is a long time. We reach almost back to the beginning of Internet times - back when Microsoft still thought that the proprietary Microsoft Nework would gain world dominance, dial up connections were the order of the day and Mosaic was the only web browsers around.

If you want to see what GFF was like back then, you may want to read this little piece on GFF.

Notice the couple of links in the right hand column. They point to some ancient articles by Bob P and myself.

I have been preparing a small history of GFF for a while, with some pictures of the old looks, but still haven't finished it. I will see what I can do about it, now that 2004 gets closer.

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Re: 100 days! 10 years!

Published: Monday November 24th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Tuesday November 25th 2003, 7:37AM
by Bob Petti

The old stuff

Ah yeah - the black and white scans. I liked 'em!

I remember wondering why Martin did all his pictures in black and white. I thought he was so smart he just wanted to reduce the overall bandwidth expense for an article. With dial-up connections came horrible load times. Remember browsers that had "do not load graphics" options? I do. I once worked on an IBM prototype browser intended to be bundled in a classroom internet tool package (remember "gopher" and "finger"?). I often shut off images when using it because load times were so slow on an analog dial-up line.

How funny to learn later on that the b&w was not for the reader's benefit, but rather 'cause Martin's scanner didn't do color!

My, how times have changed.

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Morning coffee, winter waders and Christmas tree lights

Published: Monday November 24th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Monday November 24th 2003, 8:15AM
by Steve Schweitzer

I just use my old breathables, layered underneath with lots of good warm stuff!

I awoke yesterday to 4" of snow and crisp of my friends reported minus-11F although my thermometer seemed to be stuck at a flat, balmy 0F. I poured a cup of joe, turned on the Christmas tree lights (yes, I'm early and on the ball this year), sat back and pondered the art of snow stalking winter Colorado trout.

I went fishing last weekend, finally, while it was still warm (45F) and caught a nice 16" brown on top using one of my better-winged olives. It felt good to bend the rod for once. But now, while it is too cold out...too cold where the ice will form on your guides...I just sit back in the dimly lit flickering shadows of the holiday tree, watch the sun rise and sip the morning joe.

We partners in GFF are big-talking the idea of getting together next year for GFF's 10-year anniversary. I wish they were all here today...the skies are clear, the sun promises to shine, there's plenty of DANISH coffee brewed (yes DANISH coffee) and the house is festively lit, ripe for conversation, planning and dreaming for that next big trip. Now, only if I can find the woolies that go under my breathables...then I'd be ready to fish the winter in Colorado. For sure there are midges and BWO's about to hatch this morning...and I'm missing it.

But, there's still more coffee left...

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