Saturday December 20th 2003 (12 years ago)
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First snow in DK, First skiing in CO!!

Published: Saturday December 20th 2003 (12 years ago)
Updated: Saturday December 20th 2003, 10:43PM
by Steve Schweitzer

Not so bad out here in the mntns...

Well, Denmark got it's first snow and I went skiing for the first time this year...a great day at Breckenridge; 26" base, not much, but enuf to ski. I got my ski legs back after 2 runs and only "garage-sale'd" twice! No, not really, but I fell twice and popped up like nobody's business :)

Another note, the streams were still mostly clear of ice and nicely fishable in the riffles, although that's not the place this time of year to get fish.

So Martin...can you buy me one of those reels as a "gift" too?!

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