Monday January 5th 2004 (11 years ago)
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GFF on a new server

Published: Monday January 5th 2004 (11 years ago)
Updated: Sunday January 11th 2004, 1:00AM
by Martin Joergensen

GFF has moved - not that you should feel any difference

We have long been plagued by slow service from our previous web space provider Communitech/Interland, and wanted to do something about it.

I have also complained about the lack of available disk space on our server and the ridiculous prices providers charge for the cheapest ressource in hardware at all.

Now we have done something about it and moved the whole site to a new server, which we only share with a few other sites, all of which I control fully, because the server is mine. Or at least rented by me in a server camp.

So now we're in control of everything and have all the disk space we want at our hands.

Basically you shouldn't feel a thing other than faster response times and better service.

Anyhow: welcome to the new server!

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