Friday April 29th 2005 (10 years ago)
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Re: Fantastic Spring

Published: Friday April 29th 2005 (10 years ago)
Updated: Friday April 29th 2005, 3:20PM
by Bob Petti

While on the other side of the world

Things are not quite as fantastic. My home county was subject to "100 year floods" the day after my Opening Day post. To give you a sense of how much water dropped on us, I was fishing Opening Day on the Beaverkill with water levels about 1800cfs, which was high, brown, muddy, and one would dare not take a step or two off shore. The next day, the water began to rise and didn't crest until the Beaverkill was running at an amazing rate of 48,000cfs. Where I was standing one day was completely underwater the next. Houses were flooded. Roads were washed away. A few deaths. The gov't declared my county and surrounding counties federal disaster areas so folks could get some financial relief to handle repairs.

I've fished once since then, and the damage and debris along the shoreline was pretty amazing. Take a look at this picture and notice the tree washed into the bridge abutment. That's quite a ways above that angler's head (Deryn LaCombe).

We managed one fish between us that day, in spite of pretty decent conditions. There were very few insects on the move, but it still early in the season. Recents reports have a decent Hendrickson hatch coming off in the afternoons, but no fish rising to meet them. Reports of excellent fishing elsewhere have given me hope that we may have a good season afterall.

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