Tuesday June 28th 2005 (10 years ago)
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I asked for it

Published: Tuesday June 28th 2005 (10 years ago)
Updated: Tuesday June 28th 2005, 10:44PM
by Martin Joergensen

Long time contributor Chris Del Plato reacted to my challenge

One of our long time contributors returned to me on the "link challenge".

Chris wrote:

Now you've asked for it... ;-)

Competely agree with your inclusion of Hans' page (of course) and Sexyloops (which I think is super and would have suggested had you not listed it).

Some others to check out:

For all the pretty photos:

For the forum/posts/personal fly galleries/new online mag:

For the history:

For the tutorials:

And for the massive amount of icthy-info (which I might suggest you investigate the ability to incorporate into GFF):




Chris, your list contained a couple more of my personal favorites, which are the excellent Swedish site Rackelhanen and FishBase. I also know Shmookler and Sils' page which extends their fantastic Rare and Unusual books.

The rest I know by name or reputation and might even have visited a time or two, but I would not claim knowledge of their content let alone call myself a regular visitor.

But inspired by your list I might expand my horizon.

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