Sunday September 3rd 2006 (9 years ago)
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First autumn day

Published: Sunday September 3rd 2006 (9 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

We've had an extremely warm June and July and an extremely wet August. Now it's turning autumn

After a summer of pretty extreme heat for these parts of the world, we have just endured an August with twice as much rain as we usually get. Now we're a couple of days into September, and the weather seems to be set on autumn with wind and clouds.

That is probably very good for the coastal fishing! The water has been very warm all during the last couple of months, and it needs to go down if we want to see sea trout back in. Yesterday we went on the first real coastal trip for se trout in almost three months, and lo and behold! We both saw and caught fish!

A very nice day with perfect weather and really nice water. What more can you ask? We saw fish jump a few times, whihc very typical for the season, and I released one small fish while my friend Henning took one and lost one.

The season has started!

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