Wednesday October 10th 2007 (7 years ago)
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Great little roadshow

Published: Wednesday October 10th 2007 (7 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

I attended a nice little fishing show yesterday

Sometimes a shop, club or other outfit sets up a venue, which deserves some applaud. This was the case with the roadshow I attended yesterday night here in Copenhagen. A cooperation between the Danish tackle shop Go Fishing, the Fyn Sea Trout Project, video-producer Niels Vestergaard and various other forces had announced the show. Their people had taken an evening out of the calendar and set up a very nice exhibition school nearby where we were having our traditional Tuesday night coffee anyway. It was obvious that we had to attend.

There were fly tyers, booths, video shows, magazines and other things to look at, and a lot of stuff to buy at very reasonable prices.
As it often is the case at these shows, I spent my time talking to people rather than buying stuff or watching videos. Networking is what makes my world revolve, and these places are great for networkers like myself.

Other people were spending money and watching both tyers, videos and what else was displayed, and they were catered well for with goodie bags and nice prices.

Kudos to the arrangers for setting up the event! I admire people who – paid or not – take out a whole evening to pack down their stuff, travel across the country, set it up again, spend an evening chatting and being friendly, pack down and travel back home.

The show will be on again a couple of times the coming days for anybody who's in the neighborhood of Kolding or Århus in Denmark.
Århus October 11th. Gl. Gasværk, Hougårdsvej 52, DK-8220 Brabrand
Haderslev October 12th. CVU Sønderjylland, University College, DK-6100 Haderslev.
Both places from 17.00 to 21.30.

At the same time I picked up a copy of Niels Vestergaards new DVD on sea trout fishing on Fyn. Niels's previous DVD's were great, and even though this one "advertizes" Fyn fishing it is very informative at the same time. I will try to find time to review it later.

Here's a trailer from the DVD, which is available in Danish, English and German.

For those too remote to attend, here's a few pics from the event yesterday.

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