Saturday October 20th 2007 (7 years ago)
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A dumb move

Published: Saturday October 20th 2007 (7 years ago)
Updated: Saturday October 20th 2007, 1:57PM
by Martin Joergensen

Sometimes you make some silly decisions while fishing. We did that yesterday.

My good friend Henning and I were fishing yesterday, and had decided to try a new spot. The wind was north, which we consider pretty bad for sea trout fishing - both because it seems to keep the fish down and because i leaves most of our favorite spots unfishable.

Well, we decided to go anyway, and this new spot that we visited, was just perfect in spite of the wind. But we saw nothing and felt nothing. So after a couple of hours we began to doubt our decision. We had had a fabulous trip to one of our favorite places just last week, and we were drawn to the same spot. But in northern wind? Not really... but we went anyway. A dumb move!

We moved from a perfect spot to one unfishable spot after the other. Stupid, stupid., stupid. As most sea trout anglers know, the fish move around, and most days they will be gone some of the time and there some of the time. I and also a big advocate of walking, and that was what we should have done. In stead we drove far too long and gained nothing from it.

What can we learn?

Walk your way to better fishing.

It's healthy for you, more ecological and often a better solution than driving to new water.

This was what we had:

This was what we got:

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