Tuesday March 4th 2008 (7 years ago)
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Spring, snow, stress and flu

Published: Tuesday March 4th 2008 (7 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

Officially spring has started. So of course it started snowing!

But what do I care about the weather? I have been under -- and still am under -- with a serious flu, all repercussions included.

Today I have been up-and-about, doing nothing, but have crept back under the blankets trying to recover. A day of doing nothing after a week of fever, blocked sinuses, coughing, headaches and sore knees and shoulders is like a whole week outdoors. I'm wasted!

I've been running myself hard latey as have the GFF partners. My general workload was a factor in bringing me down, I'm sure.

The activity levels on GFF has reflected this. Publishing has gone slow here due to both my stress and my recent malade as well as all the partners wanting to take care of families, work, studies and life as a whole. Add to that a server almost as Ill as myself...

That's the way of a large, busy, non-profit web site such as ours. We'll be back up at full speed.

Well, I would much rather be fishing anyway! It's March, and the calendar says SPRING, but of course the weather here is exactly as it has been since November - just with snow. Not much, but it hasn't snowed all winter. Just today it did. Beautiful as seen from my bed, but not a good way to celebrate the coming of spring.

Oh, well. Such is life. It'll all get better.

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