Monday May 19th 2008 (7 years ago)
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Fly Fair

Published: Monday May 19th 2008 (7 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

If I weren't going to Ireland to fish I'd be going to the Netherlands to have fun

I have had the great pleasure (and honor) to participate in the reknwon Dutch Fly Fair a couple of times. The Fair has had a turbulent few years, but this coming weekend it's back and in full bloom.

For those of you who haven't made plans for the coming weekend, fill a car and drive towards Utrecht and locate Fort Altena where the Fair will be held the 24th and 25th of May.

The program is stuffed with interesting names and events, and as a previous attendant I can assure you that it's a lot of fun, very educating and extremely entertaining.

Highly recommended!

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