Sunday September 21st 2008 (7 years ago)
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Moving... again

Published: Sunday September 21st 2008 (7 years ago)
Updated: Sunday September 21st 2008, 1:44AM
by Martin Joergensen

Yes, it's time to get GFF to a new and better server

Oldtimers on The Global Flyfisher will recognize this type of post. Yes, it's time to move server again.

You guys are simply killing us with all the traffic you generate! Don't mind our whining, please keep it up!

But not only does it cost us money, but it also stresses our server, and we are now moving to greener pastures with a higher traffic ceiling and hopefully a more stable database.

As you might know, such a move is not always without hassles. GFF is now about 3-4 gigabytes worth of files, 200 gigabytes of traffic every month and thousands of visitors each day.

All that has to move to a new physical server, and we do expect a few glitches in the move, so please forgive us. Hopefully you won't feel anything, but there might be hiccups.

Wish us luck.

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