Sunday April 12th 2009 (6 years ago)
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The BC Chronicles part 1

Published: Sunday April 12th 2009 (6 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

The first steps towards a two week BC trip in October

Just a couple of weeks ago I signed up for an October trip to British Columbia together with my good friend Henning.
We have been planning on doing something like this for a few years now, but never did get around to go through with the plans. But this year once again the Danish Sportsangling Society offered an inexpensive trip, and we decided to strike.
So now we're starting the planning. These chronicles will be the place where I try to gather our thoughts about the trip, and air different ideas and plans. We will be more than happy to get feedback. So if you have any experience, suggestions or comments, just write them in the comment field to each of these posts.

The trip will just be two weeks and we're aiming for both some tourism stuff and some fishing and we don't want to over-plan the trip, and make improvisations impossible.

Our first dilemma is one of transportation and accommodation. The trip includes a rental car, but no accommodation, so we need to think about places to sleep. We plan on driving around, so it would not be a single place.
The problem could be solved by bumping the car to an RV transport and accommodation in one but on the other hand that might limit us a bit regarding mobility. I recently drove around in Florida with my family in a large RV, and the sheer size of this monster did offer some challenges when it came to driving and not least parking. On the other hand it was very convenient to just park, eat and sleep almost wherever you wanted.
We have also thought about just using cheap hotels and Bed&Breakfasts. That in combination with a 4WD would be the ultimate in mobility. It would of course require us to find somewhere to sleep every night, but add the bonus of clean sheets, warm showers and nice breakfasts.
Regarding price, it seems to be almost the same whether we choose an RV or a 4WD and B&B's. The RV is quite expensive and will add not only about 3-400 USD to the price for each, and also require an extra night spent in the US in a hotel. There seems to be a rule requiring a night in a US hotel before you pick up the car. This does not go for a standard car or and offroader.

RV fun

This evening Henning and I will stick our heads together and start planning in detail. We will try to get an idea about what we want to see and decide on the transportation issue and make a budget for all likely transport/accommodation scenarios just to get an idea of the costs of each.

I have been to BC a couple of times before and to other parts of Canada while studying, but for Henning it will be a first.

BC impressions

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