Saturday November 14th 2009 (6 years ago)
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Heads or tails

Published: Saturday November 14th 2009 (6 years ago)
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by Martin Joergensen

If this permit video trailer turns into a DVD, I'm on the preorder list!

Mad Phil. Such a nickname makes some promises. And it seems that Phil might be mad, but he is also a brilliant filmmaker.

Judging from the trailer he posted in Vimeo recently there's good stuff in the pipeline from Western Australia's Kimberley region.

In the trailer we follow a couple of anglers running along the beach hunting down permit, and the scenery and videography is on par with the most beautiful out there. And the fishing! Whoa!

I'll definitely follow the development of "Heads or Tails".

Heads or Tails {Trailer} from Mad Phil Media on Vimeo.

BC Chronicles part 3

Published: Saturday November 14th 2009 (6 years ago)
Updated: Saturday November 14th 2009, 9:37AMMore about: Salmon |
by Martin Joergensen

Well, BC is over and we've been home for a while now. And what a trip!

My original intention was to do a whole series of blog entries on our trip to British Columbia, but a lot of things kept me from doing that - a fully booked trip itinerary being one, but work and moving from a house to a flat was a couple of others.

The trip was fantastic! We hooked up with local fly angler and fly tyer Fran Friesen and were driven, carried and guided around to the best places in Southern BC, literally wading in fish and having a ball experiencing Canada, Canadians and fish in numbers beyond imagination.
We also met yup with GFF partner Steve Schweitzer and old friend Rick Ross. We had a couple of days with these guys, who unfortunately had to leave early.

2009 is a pink salmon year, and that means that some 19-20 million pink salmon will enter the Fraiser River system and scatter up through all side arms and tributaries.

That's a lot of fish!

Almost everywhere we went we'd see pinks. But we also saw king salmon (often referred to as springs), coho, sockeye, a few chums and the odd rainbow and cutthroat. The abundance of fish is impressing.

And we fished of course, but the number of pinks made it almost impossible not to foul hook them. We had several great days with fish that would take, but it's a paradox to have to say that there were too many fish to fish them properly. But that was the case in some places.

Never the less we enjoyed the fishing as well as the whole trip immensely. BC and Canada is a great place to travel with nice people and beautiful landscapes - and a lot of fishing opportunities.

We'll be back!

Fishing the BC way: shoulder by shoulder. This is done a lot by the "gear fishers" - the local term for people fishing spinning gear

Some of the pinks were quite beautiful and fresh

The typical hump is clearly visible on this pink salmon.

BC is a beautiful country and some of the places we fished were just breathtaking.

Yes, this is a fly! Simple but efficient for rainbows eating sockeye eggs

Vedder River pinks in amazing numbers.

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