Friday June 14th 2013 (2 years ago)
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Published: Friday June 14th 2013 (2 years ago)
Updated: Sunday June 23rd 2013, 8:29AM
by Martin Joergensen

I did my usual trip through on Paul Morgan´s Coch-y-Bonddu book site, and found more great offers than I usually do. I thought I'd share some of them with you.

I just did as I do once in a while: go through the tempting pages of Coch-y-Bhondu's bargain books. I always find something I want and mostly order a whole bunch of books.
But this time I also found quite a bit that I already have, but at very good prices, and I thought I'd share it with you. If you are into books, here's a list of really inexpensive books, which I can all warmly recommend. They are all in my bookshelf, and could be in yours at the click of a mouse.

Just to set things straight: I am not in any way affiliated with the bookstore. I know Paul, the owner well and love the store, but I pay for my books and get no kickback for recommending these titles – even though Paul has sent me various review copies over the years.
I just think these are good books at a good price, and found it suitable to send the fruit of my browsing on to you.

Pattern books
Flytyer\\\'s Masterclass -
Flytyer's Masterclass
The World\\\'s Best Trout Flies -
The World's Best Trout Flies
Featherwing & Hackle Flies -
Featherwing & Hackle Flies
Oliver Edwards' Flytyer's Masterclass
Oliver Edwards
9.95£ (15.50 US$, 11.75 Euros)
One of the real classics in fly-tying with some great fly patterns and exquisite illustrations, both drawings and photos. A must have for any stream fisherman. The GFF review is found here.

The World's Best Trout Flies
John Roberts
9.95£ (15.50 US$, 11.75 Euros)
An excellent book with lots of great patterns from tyers all over the world and some really pretty and useful drawings. Read our review here.

Featherwing & Hackle Flies for Salmon
A Comprehensive Guide for Anglers & Flytyers
Chris Mann
7.95£ (12.50 US$, 9.50 Euros)
A beautifully illustrated pattern book in Chris Mann's series of salmon fly books. These books are usually priced at 20-50£, so this is a bargain. We reviewed another volume here.

Photo and destination books
Casting Illusions -
Casting Illusions
Streams of Dreams -
Streams of Dreams
Friends on the Water -
Friends on the Water
Casting Illusions
The World of Fly-Fishing
Tom Rosenbauer
7.95£ (12.50 US$, 9.50 Euros)
A coffee table book in the true sense of the word. Large format and with lavish and beautiful photos and some text to describe each of the locations.

Streams of Dreams
A Guide to the Best Fly Fishing Around the World
John Ross
5.95£ (9.50 US$, 7.- Euros)
Another mesmerizing journey around the world with beautiful pictures of various fishing destinations accompanied by explanatory and informative text.

Friends on the Water
Fly Fishing in Good Company
R. Valentine Atkinson
7.95£ (12.50 US$, 9.50 Euros)
Atkinson's books contain some of the best fly-fishing photography to be found, and this book is no exception. Add to that the prose written by some of the greats in fly-fishing and you have a real hit.

Novels, short stories
Trout at Ten Thousand Feet -
Trout at Ten Thousand Feet
Fly-Fishing the 41st -
Fly-Fishing the 41st
Trout at Ten Thousand Feet
Reflections of a Passionate Fisherman
John Bailey
4.95£ (7.80 US$, 5.85 Euros)
A pensive and entertaining book about the experiences of a fly fisherman who has been fishing many places in the world.

Fly-Fishing The 41st
Around the World on the 41st Parallel
James Prosek
7.95£ (12.50 US$, 9.50 Euros)
A really excellent book by renown painter James Prosek who is also a very good writer. Engaging and entertaining. Our review.

So there you have it, a little more than 60 £, 100 US$ or about 75 Euros worth of great books and enough to start a very nice fly-fishing and fly-tying library - or a cheap way to supplement the books already in your shelves.

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