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    The vise is made by Lawrence Waldron. Find more information on Hans Weilenmann's page.


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    I am really interested in the "old-time" patterns! If able please do more of this type of work.

    I am a fly tying and rod building consultant for Front Range anglers in Boulder, Colorado. Check out the shop website at ""

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    Hi my name Euan and i am a beginner at fly tying but really enjoy tying a fly then going and catching a fish with it,the reason for this comment is that i bought a dvd by Oliver Edwards and in it he uses a certain type of tying vice i could not find out what type or make of vice he uses till now.After a long search i found that the vice he uses is the Law Vice the one advertised on the virtual-nymph web site but alas i cannot find any info on where to find or purchase the vice.I have written an e-mail to the company but as yet i have had no response.PLEASE E-MAIL ME WITH DETAILS OF THE VICE MY E-MAIL ADDRESS IS Yours Hopefully Euan.

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    very nice photos Martin...

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    Great picture, beautiful eye!!

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    Yes im fishing for steelhead in ohio. can i get by with using 9ft of rio and a 20 in flcarbon tippet for a leader.

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    Thought this was a site for fly fishing ;-)

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    Looks like a flat (road kill ) carp

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    Greate site. Thank you :)

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    RE: Roadkill Warrior

    30 seconds in a Microwave on high WILL end the problem of critters living in the fur WITHOUT damage.

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    Much appreciate everything you do, makes fly tie preparing almost as much fun as fly tying.
    And how much more I learn.
    Many thanks.

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    Martin i kown the problem and if you ever find the perfect jacket pls. tell me