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  • Reply to: Comparadone!   12 years 4 months ago

    Thank You so Much!! I had to finish this fly for a class, and I wasn't sure how to do it, but this showed me with such precision I was able to tie the best one. Thanks again.

  • Reply to: Epoxy Miracle   12 years 4 months ago

    I experienced many times, that these sea trouts were just "nibbling" my ( SMALL ) flies ! Unable to hook them. I would think that you would get lots of mistakes in the long tails of these flies ! Do you recognise this ?

  • Reply to: Au naturel   12 years 4 months ago

    Very nice photo indeed.
    Background just a little bit "un-straight", but still a very very nice composition !

  • Reply to: Bumpy Mexico   12 years 5 months ago

    Guides are about 300 USD per day or more for a boat with room for two or three anglers. There are lots of outfitters. Try looking for guides in Punta Allen, Cancun or Boca Paila on Google.


  • Reply to: This is Denmark   12 years 5 months ago


    Lies and faults? I happen to live here, and fish here on a very regular basis (54 days last year, 66 days until now this year), and although coastal cod have been few during the last years I see no lies or faults in this text..

    And regarding the size of the sea trout, I beg to differ as my regular blog entries here on GFF also indicate. If you expect 5 to 10 kilo fish, you will be disappointed. We do catch quite a few smaller fish, but there are also some nice specimens in the lot.


  • Reply to: Bumpy Mexico   12 years 5 months ago

    How much did the guides charge per day? Web site?
    We are most likely going to Cancun on the 27/11 and we will bring the rods.

  • Reply to: This is Denmark   12 years 5 months ago

    full of lies and faults. There has not been a cod in these waters for years.
    The seatrouts are smaller than small.

  • Reply to: Lagathu's shrimp   12 years 5 months ago

    Is there a specific type of Epoxy you prefer to use for this fly? Also, what did you use to make the rings around the body of the the shrimp? I live in southern Texas on the gulf, and want to try to tie this fly before January gets here. When the cold fronts arrive, the local electric company discharge will have lots of Huge 24 to 27 inch Specks held up in the warm water, this happens usually from Jan to March.

  • Reply to: Doing the Limbata   12 years 5 months ago

    Interesting to note the times for emergence and spinner fall. Here in Northern Michigan, the emergence normally comes at around 11:00 (sometines earlier on the Manistee), and the mating flights generally around 10:00. Weather will have it's effect, of course. We also get numerous day-time emergences. Great nymph fishing then.

  • Reply to: Ad Swier   12 years 5 months ago

    Greate site. Thank you :)

  • Reply to: Realistic Flies   12 years 5 months ago


    The vise is made by Lawrence Waldron. Find more information on Hans Weilenmann's page.


  • Reply to: Classic Wet Flies   12 years 5 months ago



    I am really interested in the "old-time" patterns! If able please do more of this type of work.

    I am a fly tying and rod building consultant for Front Range anglers in Boulder, Colorado. Check out the shop website at ""