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  • Reply to: Angler in the mist   12 years 2 months ago

    I like the power illustrated by using B&W in general.The picture becomes more real! Want brand of film do you use and the ISO rate. Photography is a hobby of mine,but due to lack the lack of knowledge in taking b&w I use Velvia (slide) most of the time.
    They are all great pictures!

  • Reply to: Sunset casting   12 years 2 months ago

    very nice photo, really, great

  • Reply to: LeaderCalc2007   12 years 2 months ago

    Simply put. thank you. When I tookup the sport of flyfishing, I knew absolutely nothing about it, but knew I had to try it. Leaders and how to build an effective one were a complete mystery. Needless to say, your article gave me an understanding that no other source could have given me. The leader calc software has given me fool-proof leader formulas, whether I'm fishing for little brookies, river small-mouths or lake erie steelhead.

  • Reply to: The flyfishing still life...   12 years 2 months ago

    thank you Martin :-)

  • Reply to: Beginner's Buzzer   12 years 2 months ago

    I tied up a few of these flys and it was non-stop action in the great Canadian North where I'm from. you wouldn't have any more patterns like these would you ?


  • Reply to: Pike in the Danish freshw...   12 years 2 months ago

    Even though it's an 'acquarium shot' - the composition could not be better than a Sports Afield cover painting, exposure is spot on, colours are great. Great shot of a great fish.

  • Reply to: Danish Seatrout in the wa...   12 years 2 months ago

    Definitely nailed it with this one - it's got detail, vibrant colour, clarity, nicely framed - and a nice trout! It would make a nice calendar shot!

  • Reply to: Lago Fonck brook trout.   12 years 2 months ago

    Could have been Global class - wonderful lighting, fish is beautiful, good composition, but the head particularly disappears into the blackness of the background and it makes hard to see.

  • Reply to: The longear sunfish is of...   12 years 2 months ago

    Could have been excellent - pity about the grass covering the fishes head! Done the same thing myself in the rush to get the picture taken...

  • Reply to: A decade with GFF   12 years 2 months ago

    I only wish that this information technology was available when I started fly fishing 50 years ago. Books, fly fishing, fly tying gear & materials were just not available in Australia back then. Was introduced to GFF by a search for "furled Leaders" & come back every week for a look.

    Congratulations & keep up the good work.

    Regards from Dave Cook

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    I'm from the UK and mainly tie flies but do a little fishing when I get the time. Raskes streamer page started my interest in Carrie Stevens patterns, and advice from him helped me along. There is a massive amount of information regarding patterns etc on here. Only wish I had more time to explore. So many thanks to all for the information and the work you all put into the site. Congratulations on your 10th and may it continue for many moons to come.
    Tight lines to all and happy tying
    John Williams

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    A most beautiful still life. Very well done!