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Better Fishing Pictures
Learn to shoot better fishing pictures, casting, fishing, landscapes, flies, fish
Fly fishing knots
The best knots for fly fishing, backing to fly line, fly mine to leader, leader to tippet and tippet to fly. The strongest knots. The easiest knots.
Fly Fishing Photography
Pictures of fly-fishing, how to get better fly fishing and fly tying photos.
Fly Fishing Pictures
The best pictures of fly fishing, fly anglers, casting, streams, rivers, lakes, landscapes
Fly patterns
Our large selection of fishing fly patterns with materials lists, tying sescriptions, step-by-step photos and fly-tying videos.
Fly Tying
All about fly tying, fly patterns, fly tying materials and fly tying methods.
How to tie a squid fly pattern
Instructions, materials and pictures of how to tie a squid fly pattern for saltwater fishing for bluefish, striped bass and many other species.
Pike Flies
Large and gaudy flies for the toothy predators of the northern hemisphere.
Sea trout
The best articles about sea trout, the sea run brown trout, a very popular fish in the Baltic ocean around Denmark and Sweden
Striped bass
Striped bass AKA stripers are one of the favorite saltwater species in the US
Tarpon fly fishing
The section on fishing for tarpon in the Caribbean, Florida and other tropical saltwater destinations
Tying shrimp flies
How to tie the best shrimp fly patterns. Imitations of shrimp for saltwater fishing for bonefish, sea trout and many more fish that eat shrimps.
Tying tube flies
All about tying flies on metal and plastic tubes, bottle tubes and even more about using cones disks and other tube fly materials. Saltwarer, salmon, sea trout, bass. Tubes work for them all.
Wooly Bugger Patterns
The best and most efficient wooly buggers for smallmouth and largemouth bass, brown trout and seatrout. Palmer hackled killers for all kinds of waters.