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131. Confessions of a Mad Epoxy Tube Tier - Bob Kenly is reknown for his redically different epoxy tube flies. This article recaps his experience with epoxy - and adds advice on coloring eopxy. - Global FlyFisher

...sense . The best results are achieved putting a darker color into a lighter color, I have done the reverse but the darker colored base seems to swallo... ...xy at odd angles at times and didn't reflect light, in fact they appeared as dark spots. Reinforce or not reinforce Conventional wisdom says that any ... reading about a new epoxy that is cured in about 10 seconds using a LED light. The idea sounds promising but as of yet I haven't worked with this p... ... method for tube flies, everything I've seen is for hooked flies. I keep a box of alligator clips on my table for clamping also, they are handy also f...

132. The Gladiator - Global FlyFisher portability. When I fish for salmon I take a big bunch of flies and the boxes... ...ide and since no one volunteered to be a porter I had to either leave some boxes behind or think of something different. My only form of high tech fly... ...baggies filled with flies and a small box for my hooks. I don't ever think I'll solve the eternal stuff problem but tube flies are a step in the right... ...hor Robert E. Kenly's company Nordic Way Tube flies HCR 5, Box 374 E, Reeds Spring, MO 65737 USA Phone: 417 739-3152 E-mail: Tube...

133. Fishy photographer: Mark Lance - The visual stories around fly fishing are worth telling. - Global FlyFisher

...pher whose beautiful and varying images can be found on his web site River Light Ima... ...ding fly fishing. Getting a shot of that decisive moment or of spectacular light drives me just as much as... ...utral density filter Contact Marks work can be found on his web site River Light Images and he can be contacted through email . Depending on where I a... ... Patagonia Storm Front pack, Arcteryx Arrakis 50 backpack, various Pelican boxes. I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to manage my stock im...

134. Small Fry: The Lure of the Little - Chapter 8: Scaled-down Gear - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Small Fry: The Lure of the LittleSmall Fry: The Lure of the Little - Chapter 8: Scaled-down Gear - Global FlyFisher First

135. Kola autumn - Horses, bears and fly-fishing - With the fly rod in the Kola Peninsula - Global FlyFisher

...e shaken so much that any doctor would easily diagnose brain concussion or light body contusion. After a while I realized, ... ...o fall out, together with that I was pressing the box of food to the floor with my leg as I wanted to preserve our food supply of the week. Believe me... ... unusual that night comes in Kola. When coming to Kola in the summer it is light all da... was hissing in the steam-room, lightness filled the chest, heat percolated to the bones. I was lying on the bunk and my mind was flying above the...

136. Small Fry: The Lure of the Little - Chapter 8: Scaled-down Gear - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Small Fry: The Lure of the LittleSmall Fry: The Lure of the Little - Chapter 8: Scaled-down Gear - Global FlyFisher First

137. Global Fly Fisher, Bahamas bonefish, "Trust me Mon!", Part 1

...ttom has grass on it; it's much darker and interspersed with lighter patches. If anything, the fish will be harder to see. Oh Great! He also explained... He went into my kit bag and came out with a box of flies, some tippet and my camera. We started slowly walking. The bottom was firm, white coral s... ...a sudden a light switched on in my brain and I realised I was looking at a whole shoal of bonefish, hundreds of them, lazily feeding, heads down in th... ... our right the low, forested coastline of Andros. We passed the lights of Lowe Sound, then Knolls Landing and as we slowed into the put in at Morgans,...

138. Chasing Gold - Stillwater fishing for Golden Dorado - Global FlyFisher

...kilo or 10 lbs. bite tippet. Jerk which you are, how you dare to fish such light tackle!? Bea... an surprisingly light solution: it even floats tied on a 5/0 hook attached to 10 kg bite tippet! It just needs a strip on the line to get it down w... ... weight tackle big fish stalker” when it comes to use my smaller flies and lighter #4 or # 5 weight rods. And therefore i usually prefer homemade knot... ...It makes your fly box look great and keeps you away from the TV. Fly patterns Section: The best fly patterns from all over the globe A few random arti...

139. Shooting heads DIY - 1st section - preparing the lines - Global FlyFisher

...heavier - than the belly of a WF line, and the running line is thinner and lighter and at times smoother than the thin part of a WF line. The... ...hese advantages: - it will cast longer with the same effort because of the light, often low friction running line - it will facilitate line speed gain... ...s. If it's too light you need to go up a line class. You do not want any of the running line as part of the shooting head as it adds too little weight... line type if you can afford it. It's the easiest line to use out of the box. Second I'd recommend the braided line, which will g...

140. Muddler mania Tying a muddler - Global FlyFisher

...dense and have little underfur. The single natural hair should be dull and light at the base, slightly waved at the root, and have a s... by the stacker Measuring hair length Remove stray hairs Tap the stacker lightly against a hard surface using the right hand. Til... ...he final shape of the head. The first four cuts should just form a conical box and will leave a lot of hairs both in the front and back of the head. T... ...d as 1 on the drawing bwlow Start by cutting the underside of the head Cut lightly from the front of the fly avoiding the collar. This should be fairl...

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