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141. Small Fry: The Lure of the Little - Chapter 8: Scaled-down Gear - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Small Fry: The Lure of the LittleSmall Fry: The Lure of the Little - Chapter 8: Scaled-down Gear - Global FlyFisher First

142. Confessions of a Mad Epoxy Tube Tier - Bob Kenly is reknown for his redically different epoxy tube flies. This article recaps his experience with epoxy - and adds advice on coloring eopxy. - Global FlyFisher

...sense . The best results are achieved putting a darker color into a lighter color, I have done the reverse but the darker colored base seems to swallo... ...xy at odd angles at times and didn't reflect light, in fact they appeared as dark spots. Reinforce or not reinforce Conventional wisdom says that any ... reading about a new epoxy that is cured in about 10 seconds using a LED light. The idea sounds promising but as of yet I haven't worked with this p... ... method for tube flies, everything I've seen is for hooked flies. I keep a box of alligator clips on my table for clamping also, they are handy also f...

143. Rudi?s little gems - Fly-fishing in Bavaria - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Rudi?s little gemsRudi?s little gems - Fly-fishing in Bavaria - Global FlyFisher First published March 18th 2008 More about:

144. (picture) - Portrait of an asp - Portrait of an asp - Global FlyFisher

...entertainment Better fishing pictures: Glorious light Another round of good advice for getting better fishing pictures. This time about the few moment... ...rticle tells you how to get the most from these often few minutes of great light. May 24th 2006 First Podcast Fish It finally happened. GFF ... ...never used it and for years a yellow and orange fly was missing in his fly box...

145. South Patagonia on a Budget - The Rivers - Rivers, browns and sea trout - Global FlyFisher

... Despite the fact that we arrived with lost luggage GPS and most of my fly boxes in it! we were lucky meeting Andrius – a Lithuanian living in Buenos ... ...a sound of engines and through the tent we could clearly hear and see that lights coming ... ...t scenario. Two Toyotas stopped some 15 meters or 45' from tent with their lights directly into our faces. I quickly jumped out of the range of the li...

146. DIY Epoxy Rotor - Build your own epoxy-drying rotor out of some scraps and a disco mirror ball motor - Global FlyFisher

...ror balls hanging under the ceiling, casting their magic, moving spots of light on the walls? Well, that's where we're aiming. Not the disco, that is,... a DJ back then, you might even have one lying around... You just need a light one, for the smallest possib... ...ater flies, you need thicker and sturdier foam. My basement is full of old boxes from computers and electronics, and some of these are stuffed with fo... ...t of all because it's a light tube fly, second because it's very durable. They saw in it not only the cod fly that I had made, but also a pike fly, a ...

147. Tube Fly Styles and Patterns - There are as many tube patterns out there as you can name in a lifetime, and there are so many different styles of tying. But this article still tries to bunch them into some common groups. - Global FlyFisher

...f cold spate rivers. Poppers and foam flies Tubes are perfectly suited for light and floating flies, and many popper style flies for bass and saltwate... ...ven larger, and you have different options of tube materials – plastic for light flies like deer hair poppers or Dahlberg-style divers, brass for deep... ... the fly or the junction tube. Generally it's a good idea to keep the hook light and not too large. Even large flies can be equipped with small hooks ... ... Hook boxes Martin Joergensen Hook color is another variable that you can fool around with. Most traditional tube hooks are japonized black, but today...

148. Duck's extended body - Going Au Naturel to catch wise trout with extended bodies and a special natural hackle style - Global FlyFisher

...ger Duckworth 2. Rotate the needle while coating it with silicone. Place a light coat of silicone on the needle starting from the mandrel tip to just ... ...or. 6. Coat the body lightly with silicon or with water based head cement if desired, and rotate the mandrel to do final shaping and smoothing with yo... light while holding the wing in position - nails it! 5. Take 2 to 4 turns of hackle placing the hackle forward between the thorax and hook and ba... ...rch 17th 2013 WOW! This is thinking outside the box---I can't wait to give this a try VERY COOL Want to comment this page? Fill out the form below. Co...

149. Our first mullet(s) - But hopefully not our last - Global FlyFisher

... First tied to the end of the tippet. Later they just casted everything, boxes, rods, backpacks etc. on the ground in frustration... Mullet Mugil chel... ...r Mühlbach Mullet Shrimp, white Materials Hook Kamasan B170, #10-12 Thread Light grey, 8/0 Tail Ultra hair, clear, 2-4 strands Body Wool from a badger... ...ith light olive hares ear. Eyes Melted nylon Green Revenger Kasper Mühlbach The Green Revenger Materials Hook Kamasan B170, #8-12 Thread Bright Green,...

150. Things to do around Denver - Global FlyFisher

...assport. He looked at it, looked at me, and then said - You are travelling light?! - Yes you are by nature obliging , eh, no, my friend has got all my... ...added 3X tippet to my leader and was about to tie on a new Red Tag. But my box was empty. No more Red Tags. I could feel my heart skip a beat. I tied ... ...treams near the lakes are… refreshing. All in all this means you fish very light. Trout Gear A 3 weight 9 foot rod suited me well on this tour. When u... ... in a dark and a light variant, size 16. Madame X or a large hopper turned to be a good indicator luring an occasional fish. Foamhead CDC&Elk Martin J...

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