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131. Fly Fishing Mexico – the Yucatan Peninsula - Book and video reviews - Global FlyFisher

...872054614 Pages 140 Price US$60.00 GFF rating: 5 Excellent The photo work is just stunning in this book. Reviewed by Martin Joergensen This is a fanta... ...I like from a book: large format, exceptionally beautiful and high quality photos, nice drawings, good print quality, simple and good looking... ... views of the locations, and both these views, the action pictures and the photography in general is Global Class. Francisco Bedeschi, who obviously i... ...t comes to fishing photography, has taken most of the pictures. His panoramas create the foundation for many of the fantastic spreads in the book. His...

132. Slideshows - series of the best pictures from GFF right on to your screen - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Slideshows - series of the best pictures from GFF right on to your screenSlideshows - series of the best pictures from GFF right

133. Midnight Special Nymph - In this video I bring you a simple yet flashy nymph sure to catch you lots of fish, the Midnight Special. This is another example of adding some flash and bang to your nymph setup. Don't forget you can get all your fly tying needs at - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher

...d dry beetles and get out in the calm August evenings. July 6th 2013 Fishy photographer: Jonas Hoholt Jonas is a young Danish photographer i... ...n pursuit of a career as a freelancer. His photo of a trout rising towards a small frog brought him in line for our fishy photographer questions. June... ...ings that could be construed as work, but he still shoots a lot of fishing photos. We asked him our usual set of photography questions. May 31st ...

134. Tying Flies with CDC - The Fisherman's Miracle Feather by Leon Links - Global FlyFisher

...ding to tyer and specific fly. If you flip through the book - you see many photograp... ...hs of specific flies, but relatively few step-by-step instructional photos that will help you tie them. There are step-by-step photos, of course, but ... ...e some photos show a single fly enlarged enough to show details, other photos show groups of several flies where the reader must guess at the methods ... ...lso often the case that the pattern recipe is on a different page from the photo of the fly, which leads to plenty of page flipping. The book may have...

135. From Feathers to Bits - Global FlyFisher

... Article Intro Photo Digital Scan Edit Save More Summary Calibrate Programs Formats Background Links Gallery Fly pics Classics First published before ... ...rmat can be as important as taking good photos and scanning them correctly. Scale with care. Use an anti alias scheme if available followed by a gentl... ...ou can use plug in filters. But notice that most standard functions in the photo-editing programs are not adequate for t... ...s, which are useful for the web: GIF and JPEG. A rule of thumb is JPEG for photos, GIF for graphics and logos. None of these are particularly good for...

136. Tube Flies - A Tying, Fishing & Historical Guide by Mark Mandell & Les Johnson - Global FlyFisher

...ier wanting to try tying tube flies there are well written and beautifully photographed tying sequences. For the be... ...ons, including photographic illustrations, for Atlantic salmon tube flies, Streamer tube flies, Slider tube flies, and Popper tube flies. There are se... points of the book are the photographs done by Jim Schollmeyer. Jim clearly understands the color photographic medium as well as the color-printing... ...ustrations. Each photograph is clear, focused, well lighted, and pleasing to look at. The high quality of the photography even overcomes the use of a ...

137. Donald A. Wilson - Glimpses of Maine's Angling Past - Book review - Global FlyFisher

...hing and in particular, fly-fishing. The book is a compilation of very old photos, postcards and advertisements from a bygone era. Each ph... ...oto, or set of photos, in the book includes additional written insights provided by the author. Many of the pictures are of fishermen and their guides... ...nging from it sure to make any true C&R proponent cringe . The bulk of the photos and ads are from the late 1800's through ... ...the early 1900's. Maine's Angling Past's ten chapters provide a photographic history of each of the major fishing areas in Maine - Sebago, Belgrade, R...

138. The Visitors - Day 1 - A gallery for the emailers - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher The Visitors - Day 1The Visitors - Day 1 - A gallery for the emailers - Global FlyFisher First published March 22nd 2008 - A

139. Classic Salmon Fly Patterns - Over 1700 Patterns from the Golden Age of Tying - Michael D. Randencich - book review - Global FlyFisher

...over price. After two pages of introduction there 300 plus of patterns and photographs, those photogra... ...every fly has a photo, nor was every fly shown tied by the author. The contributors span the spectrum from noted professionals to accomplished amateur... on display here. While it is true that not every pattern has a matching photograph, it's not like... ...lacking. I did not count them all, but the inside cover suggests over 1000 photographs are included. I believe it. There are plenty of full page posed...

140. GFFpix - share your best flyfishing pictures - Global FlyFisher

... First published August 1st 2005 More about: Photography Pictures Share your best fly fishing pictures Start Submit Gallery Hitlist Photographers Sear... ...t we expect, please read about GFFpix and our rules before you upload your photos. There is also a user guide . Apart from that it's very easy... you ... ...llery of all pictures Most viewed pictures Highest ranked pictures List of photographers Locating Search in the picture... ... this service Go to pattern list New pattern Start Submit Gallery Hitlist Photographers Search Guide Rules A...

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