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51. Tube Fly Styles and Patterns - There are as many tube patterns out there as you can name in a lifetime, and there are so many different styles of tying. But this article still tries to bunch them into some common groups. - Global FlyFisher

...t User comments From: GRWilt · jerryw653·at· Submitted August 24th 2010 I tie tube flies for warm water species such as ... ...ddot; Submitted February 14th 2009 Excellent article, I've been trying to figure out how to tie some patterns on circle hooks and this gives me... ...ks! From: Larry Krumpelman · papuidaho·at· Submitted June 24th 2008 I've just recently started tying tube flies on Fro... ...elp this thred gives. Thanks............ From: Anonymous Submitted June 24th 2008 ive always wanted to tie tube flies but never knew how to get starte...

52. Rio Gallegos - Nice footage from South America, - fly fishing video channel - Global FlyFisher

... Web site: Submitter: Martin Joergensen Average: Select rating Poor Okay Good Great Awesome Give it 6/6 Your rating: N... ...From: Ernesto Guevara · amigodoernesto·at· Submitted June 6th 2011 Argentina is a very com... ... and his wonderful fishing in the best possible way. From: Heiko Schneider Submitted Ju... ...From: Ernesto Guevara · amigodoernesto·at· Submitted June 4th 2011 Heiko, I do not blame the Loop for...

53. A story about beginning a sea trout fishing career - The bad beginning - ...or The Sonsequences of the Second Cast - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher A story about beginning a sea trout fishing career - The bad beginningA story about beginning a sea trout fishing career - The

54. Fishing trip sandwich - Long ago we had a blog thread here on GFF about the World's Greatest Sandwich. I'm not saying that this sandwich is it, but it has gone down well on many a fishing trip. - Global FlyFisher

...rtin Joergensen · martin·at· Link Submitted N... ...sty! ;- Martin From: Gail - Full name and email anonymized Link Submitted November 22nd 2012 I'm thinkin that the ham should be snuggled right up next... ...tes. From: Edward Null · e.null·at· Link Submitted November 20th 2012 I take my first trout trip the day after Thank... ...rtin Joergensen · martin·at· Link Submitted November 2...

55. Flyfishing for bonefish, tarpon, sharks and much more in the Bahamas - Bahamian Rhapsody I - Let's chill… Paul's intro - Global FlyFisher

...middot; Submitted February 22nd 2007 Good people, Tomaz sent me a couple of mp3's from the Island Jams Vol. 2 album, which obviousl... ...c here Martin From: Matthias Kaul · ukaul1·at· Submitted February 18th 2007 Hi Paul, How about posting that oooone song fr... ...eople are a bit shabby looking, but the fish look fine. ;- From: Anonymous Submitted February 14th 2007 JOHN!!!!!! I was looking for you for couple of... : Tom From: John O'Hearn · jpohearn·at· Submitted February 13th 2007 Tomaz,...

56. Salty dreams and glassy shrimp - The S.L.S. shrimp - a realistic shrimp pattern - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Salty dreams and glassy shrimpSalty dreams and glassy shrimp - The S.L.S. shrimp - a realistic shrimp pattern - Global FlyFisher

57. Martin's Mundane Fly Project - This is the Mundane Fly Manifesto: Few and cheap materials, easy to find in the shops. Simple tying methods. Mundane flies. - Global FlyFisher

...n read more about submitting patterns in this article . Recommend this page to a friend Add comment Go to article start User comments GFF staff commen... ...t· Submitted February 9th 2012 Bob, I'm really, really sorry about going simple! I know that these flies will be simpler tha... Martin Joergensen · martin·at· Submitted February 9th 2012 Niel, It's not difficult. I did a qu... ...ick writeup of the process of submitting one or more patterns , and any further questions can be directed to me as a comment or via mail as mentioned ...

58. Derek DeYoung - Vivid colors and breathtaking close-ups - Global FlyFisher

...Rod Sutterby Diane Michelin Derek DeYoung <br Recommend this page to a friend Go to article start ^ User comments From: Nick &middot; garlock_n78&midd... ...d great article! From: natasha &middot; roseluker&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 14th 2007 This work is fabulous!! I have... choose yours! it given me lots of ideas! thanksx From: Randon B. Johlph Submitted January 14th 2007 I never imagined anything could be more... thing! From: Matt Zudweg &middot; matt&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 13th 2007 As a col...

59. Fly Reel Blues - I have always wondered about fly reels. On one hand many anglers describe them as simple line containers. On the other hand most fly reels cost an arm and a leg. - Global FlyFisher

... Submitted September 11th 2010 Right on the money, Martin. Reel prices ridiculous. My most expensive reels are a Martin 72 multipler and a Kamikaze 9-... ...: Arne &middot; arne.malzahn&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 13th 2010 All easy: It really hurts to spend lot's of money for tackle. But the ... ...From: Tony Stevens &middot; keepingafloat2000&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 7th 2010 With the current move ... ...s a real bargin. From: Ed &middot; e.null&middot;at&middot; Submitted July 28th 2010 I agree that flyfishing gear in general is overprice...

60. The Charlie Fly - Fur from the originator's Chocolate Lab inspired this sea trout producer - Global FlyFisher Submitted April 1st 2009 I had a black labrador. She kindly donated several batches of her hair, for my rather ugly patterns, in return for a go... Martin Joergensen &middot; martin&middot;at&middot; Submitted... either. Martin From: kelvin &middot; kkrvp&middot;at&middot; Submitted April 1st 2009 Nice fly, looks a little like his Omoe brush 2 que... ...he dog cast? From: dik &middot; pinchthebarb&middot;at&middot; Submitted March 31st 2009 This is a great story and a great fly. My wife would...

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