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71. Book review policy - Global FlyFisher

...always look for the best in everything. Putting pride aside is a must when submitting items for review. We do not accept any advertising at... ... any time. . Putting pride aside is a must when submitting books and publications for review. Click here to obtain more information regarding how to m... ...ese few guidlelines when submitting books or publications for review: Take extra caution in packaging your material prior to sending. Remember, we sca... ...aphic for use on our website. Damaged publications make for poor graphics. Submit exactly what is marketed to the public. Nothing more, nothing less. ...

72. Bumby Mexico - A bumpy trip to Punta Allen, Mexico for bonefish and tarpon. - Global FlyFisher

...llowing email exchange took place in the beginning of 2004 after a comment submitted on GFF as a reaction to my article on Belize : Lutz Schepers subm... ...· martin·at· Submitted November 22nd 2005 Guides are about 300 USD per day or more for a boat with room for tw... ... Google. Martin From: Anders · pigdog·at· Submitted November 19th 2005 How much did the guides charge pe... ...ail Submit my comment All comments will be screened by the GFF staff before publication. No HTML, images or links , please - we'll remove it anyway......

73. Tigerfish in South Africa - Tigerfish from my Verandah - Where are the days when tigers where tigers? - Global FlyFisher

... start ^ User comments From: NiC · nic·at· Submitted January 24th 2007 WOW, great photos : From: Kasp... Mühlbach Submitted January 20th 2007 Fantastic pictures and a great read! From: Leonard · Leonard·at· Submitt... ...hose Tigers From: Vilmos Varga · flyfish·at· Submitted January 19t... ... From: Ripley Davenport · admin·at· Submitted January 19th 2007 Spectacular! Truly enl...

74. Kola on a Budget - Challenging your dreams of Russia - Global FlyFisher

... comments From: Alan Petrucci · uppahdam·at· Submitted April 4th 2007 Outstanding, an adventure of a lifetime. Beautiful f... Austin · Leslie·at· Submitted April 2nd 2007 Wow! Les From: Ripley Davenport · ripleydavenport&mi... ...ot; Submitted April 2nd 2007 Where is my passport and my plane ticket, this is a serious fly fishing adventure. I'm sure the second tri... ...itfalls. From: vanuz Submitted April 1st 2007 I was supposed to leave for Kola late July, I will probably reconsider my plans : Want to comment this p...

75. The Ugliest Flies - Commercial flies can be fairly good - sometimes. This bunch is about as bad as they come. - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher The Ugliest FliesThe Ugliest Flies - Commercial flies can be fairly good - sometimes. This bunch is about as bad as they come. -

76. My Wading Boot Blues - None of the wading boots I owned fit my bill for a perfect pair of wading boots - Global FlyFisher

...ddot; klesch3·at· Submitted September 8th 2005 The best boots ever were the old Danner's. I go out 35-40 times per year on ... ...d to another. This is an expensive solution but they last. From: Anonymous Submitted September 4th 2005 You haven't tried L. L. Bean aquastealth ... ...studded? From: Scott W. Nelson · swn·at· Submitted September 4th 2005 I am a Yank who lives and fly-fishes the western... ... Stephen Asher · sasher1·at· Submitted August 31st 2005 I have travelled the same road. Perhaps 20 pairs later, I h...

77. At long last - The GFF fly fishing podcast sound recordings for your iPod or mp3 player - Global FlyFisher

...start User comments From: Pike · pike007·at· Submitted October 4th 2007 Czechoslovakia, it is long long time ago. Vanuz,... world:- From: Nick Hunt · nick.hunt·at· Submitted October 4th 2007 Hi Martin, glad to hear the po... ...ddot;at· Submitted October 3rd 2007 Martin nice podcast, interesting point on the hook keeper, I started building my rods a few years ag... ...z · vanuz·at· Submitted October 3rd 2007 Appologies accepted, no Danish-Slovak war declared. Anyway, gr8 podcast, good sou...

78. Skunked - The GFF fly fishing podcast sound recordings for your iPod or mp3 player - Global FlyFisher

...Submitted March 27th 2007 Taking your dogs along when you are fishing obviously reveals new sides of the nobel art. The other day I was fishing a tiny... ... dogs. Hans Jacob From: Taff · paul·at· Submitted March 27th 2007 Martin, Had a close one with one of my dogs on the ... ...port · ripleydavenport·at· Submitted March 26th 2007 I wish I could the same about my black lab. She's been fir hooked, t... Martin Joergensen · martin·at· Submitted March 26th 2007 Bob, He is a very ...

79. 10 rules for catch and release - Catch, kill, release or not fish at all? A personal view on C&R. - Global FlyFisher

... to kill a Danish brown trout from a local stream. These streams are often submitted to a lot... ...comments From: Kelvin Kleinman · kkrvp·at· Submitted January 11th 2010 diffenately a hottly debated topic... ...course From: Korrie Broos · korrie·at· Submitted January 11th 2010 I wonder what PETA'... ... Joergensen · martin·at· Submitted January 10th 2010 Paul, Thanks! You and I have fished together and we both ...

80. IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher IFTS 2007IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher First published November 18th 2007 More about: Fly tying Ifts Shows Reports <!--

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