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81. An efficient crawfish pattern - My Favorite Dad - A crawfish pattern for bass, trout, panfish and even catfish - Global FlyFisher Submitted June 30th 2006 Well done, Mike. The Skip's Dad is an awesome fly indeed. Try it in small sizes down to a size 10 or even 12 for trou... ...against spam You can see other public comments on this page If you want to submit a private comment, not for publication, use this form Did you find t...

82. FF@ Smelt '98 - Bob Petti

...PN Home] [Streamers Home] [Tie Better] MAGOG SMELT, FATAL ATTRACTION SMELT Submitted By Bob Petti MAGOG SMELT FATAL ATTRACTION SMELT HOOK Daiichi 2271... ...lled The Natural which isn't a heck of a lot different than the one I submitted as a smelt. The first time I saw his fly was in the premier issue of F... ...a fly design which lends itself to infinite variation. Since I had already submitted one standard classic pattern for the swap, I wanted to send in so... ...ON SMELT streamer pattern s submitted by Bob Petti . FF@ Smelt '98 - Bob Petti Raske's New England Streamers & Global Fly Fisher Network. A FF@ Smelt ...

83. IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher IFTS 2007IFTS 2007 - Show - Global FlyFisher First published November 18th 2007 More about: Fly tying Ifts Shows Reports <!--

84. Jan's Emerger - A buzzer floater for windy waters - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Jan's EmergerJan's Emerger - A buzzer floater for windy waters - Global FlyFisher First published May 30th 2008 - A couple of

85. Jan's Emerger - A buzzer floater for windy waters - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Jan's EmergerJan's Emerger - A buzzer floater for windy waters - Global FlyFisher First published May 30th 2008 - A couple of

86. 10 rules for catch and release - Catch, kill, release or not fish at all? A personal view on C&R. - Global FlyFisher

... to kill a Danish brown trout from a local stream. These streams are often submitted to a lot... ...comments From: Kelvin Kleinman &middot; kkrvp&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 11th 2010 diffenately a hottly debated topic... ...course From: Korrie Broos &middot; korrie&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 11th 2010 I wonder what PETA'... ... Joergensen &middot; martin&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 10th 2010 Paul, Thanks! You and I have fished together and we both ...

87. How to look good - Appearance and behavior are two very important aspects of fly fishing. Act or look the wrong way, and fellow anglers will immediately judge you as an amateur. This first chapter of two will teach you what to wear and carry. - Global FlyFisher

...&middot; malte&middot;at&middot; Submitted March 18th 2011 :-D Very cool article! From: Craig White &middot; cwhite1&middot;at&middot;maine.... ...ut to catch! : From: Glenn &middot; g.parkin&middot;at&middot; Submitted March 18th 2011 good one Martin, are we getting a little stir cr... From: KUBA &middot; jakub.vedral&middot;at&middot; Submitted March... Martin Joergensen &middot; martin&middot;at&middot; Submitted March 18th 2011 Mi...

88. Winter fishing - The GFF fly fishing podcast sound recordings for your iPod or mp3 player - Global FlyFisher

...mments From: Matthias Kaul &middot; ukaul1&middot;at&middot; Submitted March 4th 2007 Feedback: Martin, you asked for it.....I really do like y... ...cast.....why not? Cheers from San Diego, CA Matthias From: Kasper Mühlbach Submitted February 28th 2007 ... ...ew Zealand. Kasper From: Chris &middot; cadamec&middot;at&middot; Submitted February 27th 2007 Hi Martin, I have bee... Submitted February 27th 2007 Hi Martin, I also heard your request for feedback on your Winter Fishing episode and figured that it was time th...

89. The Fluff - Fish are stupid - they must be to take this simple and efficient pattern - Global FlyFisher

...omments From: David Anstey &middot; danstey&middot;at&middot; Submitted February 1st 2010 The problem with ... ... &middot; pergade&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 29th 2010 No, I haven't tried it for mullet - only trout and garfish. In both cases ... ...ferrismclaughlin&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 25th 2010 Have you tried this fly for mullet? From: vanuz &middot; gvanuz&middot;at&midd... ...k Submitted January 20th 2010 I have to correct myself. The material used for the Fluff isn't SLF - but STF Synthetic Translucent Fibre . Sorry - some...

90. Hyper-Compleat Principles of Leader Design - The most comprehensive tool for calculating classical and contemporary leaders - and designing your own formulas for knotted leaders - Global FlyFisher

...ced User comments From: jake &middot; jaalf21&middot;at&middot; Submitted November 5th 2005 Yes im fishing ... ... leader. From: Walter K &middot; free2fish37&middot;at&middot; Submitted October 2nd 2005 Dear M... ...ry much Walter K From: c. kahle &middot; kahlecel&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 14th 2005 Simply put. thank you. When ... ...teelhead. From: jim smagala &middot; jsmagala&middot;at&middot; Submitted August 2nd 2005 Terrific information on leaders. Thanks Want to c...

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