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81. At long last - The GFF fly fishing podcast sound recordings for your iPod or mp3 player - Global FlyFisher

...start User comments From: Pike · pike007·at· Submitted October 4th 2007 Czechoslovakia, it is long long time ago. Vanuz,... world:- From: Nick Hunt · nick.hunt·at· Submitted October 4th 2007 Hi Martin, glad to hear the po... ...ddot;at· Submitted October 3rd 2007 Martin nice podcast, interesting point on the hook keeper, I started building my rods a few years ag... ...z · vanuz·at· Submitted October 3rd 2007 Appologies accepted, no Danish-Slovak war declared. Anyway, gr8 podcast, good sou...

82. Kola on a Budget - Challenging your dreams of Russia - Global FlyFisher

... comments From: Alan Petrucci · uppahdam·at· Submitted April 4th 2007 Outstanding, an adventure of a lifetime. Beautiful f... Austin · Leslie·at· Submitted April 2nd 2007 Wow! Les From: Ripley Davenport · ripleydavenport&mi... ...ot; Submitted April 2nd 2007 Where is my passport and my plane ticket, this is a serious fly fishing adventure. I'm sure the second tri... ...itfalls. From: vanuz Submitted April 1st 2007 I was supposed to leave for Kola late July, I will probably reconsider my plans : Want to comment this p...

83. FF@ Smelt '98 - Bob Petti

...PN Home] [Streamers Home] [Tie Better] MAGOG SMELT, FATAL ATTRACTION SMELT Submitted By Bob Petti MAGOG SMELT FATAL ATTRACTION SMELT HOOK Daiichi 2271... ...lled The Natural which isn't a heck of a lot different than the one I submitted as a smelt. The first time I saw his fly was in the premier issue of F... ...a fly design which lends itself to infinite variation. Since I had already submitted one standard classic pattern for the swap, I wanted to send in so... ...ON SMELT streamer pattern s submitted by Bob Petti . FF@ Smelt '98 - Bob Petti Raske's New England Streamers & Global Fly Fisher Network. A FF@ Smelt ...

84. My Wading Boot Blues - None of the wading boots I owned fit my bill for a perfect pair of wading boots - Global FlyFisher

...ddot; klesch3·at· Submitted September 8th 2005 The best boots ever were the old Danner's. I go out 35-40 times per year on ... ...d to another. This is an expensive solution but they last. From: Anonymous Submitted September 4th 2005 You haven't tried L. L. Bean aquastealth ... ...studded? From: Scott W. Nelson · swn·at· Submitted September 4th 2005 I am a Yank who lives and fly-fishes the western... ... Stephen Asher · sasher1·at· Submitted August 31st 2005 I have travelled the same road. Perhaps 20 pairs later, I h...

85. How to look good - Appearance and behavior are two very important aspects of fly fishing. Act or look the wrong way, and fellow anglers will immediately judge you as an amateur. This first chapter of two will teach you what to wear and carry. - Global FlyFisher

...· malte·at· Submitted March 18th 2011 :-D Very cool article! From: Craig White · cwhite1·at·maine.... ...ut to catch! : From: Glenn · g.parkin·at· Submitted March 18th 2011 good one Martin, are we getting a little stir cr... From: KUBA · jakub.vedral·at· Submitted March... Martin Joergensen · martin·at· Submitted March 18th 2011 Mi...

86. Jan's Emerger - A buzzer floater for windy waters - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher Jan's EmergerJan's Emerger - A buzzer floater for windy waters - Global FlyFisher First published May 30th 2008 - A couple of

87. What we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher What we read right nowWhat we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher <!-- Please help us! Check that this page

88. The Fluff - Fish are stupid - they must be to take this simple and efficient pattern - Global FlyFisher

...omments From: David Anstey &middot; danstey&middot;at&middot; Submitted February 1st 2010 The problem with ... ... &middot; pergade&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 29th 2010 No, I haven't tried it for mullet - only trout and garfish. In both cases ... ...ferrismclaughlin&middot;at&middot; Submitted January 25th 2010 Have you tried this fly for mullet? From: vanuz &middot; gvanuz&middot;at&midd... ...k Submitted January 20th 2010 I have to correct myself. The material used for the Fluff isn't SLF - but STF Synthetic Translucent Fibre . Sorry - some...

89. What we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher

The Global FlyFisher What we read right nowWhat we read right now - List of all reviews - Global FlyFisher <!-- Please help us! Check that this page

90. Brown Spinner - My old favorite - Global FlyFisher

...iddot;GMAIL.COM Submitted June 23rd 2010 Good work Kasper!! Could work on the Lima Stream!! From: Glenn &middot; g.parkin&middot;at&middot; ...t, Thank you From: Ddevil00 &middot; Ddevil00&middot;at&middot; Submitted June 1... ...omment From: Kasper Mühlbach &middot; kasper&middot;at&middot; Submitted June 19th 2010 Thanks guys. It's always nice to get feed-back.... ... From: kelvin &middot; pugetsoundflatwing&middot;at&middot; Submitted June 17th 2010 VERY NICE TIE! From: Alan Petrucci &middot; uppahdam&m...

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